1/ Disney Does Mean Girls

How awesome is this clip? How sad is it that Lindsey Lohan never made anything as awesome as this again (and by this I mean the original Mean Girls. Such a wasted talent. But damn, how awesome is this??

2/ Walt Disney Present Sin City

Good golly molly, I love this. I mean, I love the movie Sin City, but I would pay big time to see the entire movie remade like this trailer. Good money. Really good money…

3/ Donald Duck Says F*ck You

See? He really did! From this point onward I’m blaming Donald for my foul language.

4/ Disney and the Deathly Hallows

This makes me want to do two things: watch Harry Potter from movie one, and watch the funky, mythology-ignoring Hercules. Yeah, I’m so easy to influence…

5/ Easy A Via Disney

And now I have to watch Easy A. I’m never going to get a word written on my latest WIP at this rate….*sigh*