I cannot believe we’re in the final few days of October. I swear it was April just yesterday! In the last few days I’ve looked at what I’ve done this year and decided I really need to lift my game. I haven’t produced anywhere near the number of words I’d wanted. *sigh* Guess I better get to it then. Before I go I’ll leave you with a tease of my current wip. As usual it’s unedited but enjoy anyway. 😉


With a swing of her arm, Sunni slammed the front door behind her. The force sent a gust of hot air down the hallway, lifting the hem of her dress.

“Stupid fucking prick!” Sunni pushed her skirt down with one hand and threw her purse and keys in the general direction of the side table with the other. “Fucking bastard.”

“Hey, Sunshine, date not go so well?”

Fuck! What the hell was Rand doing home? He and Z were supposed to be out tonight. Dammit, she’d wanted to lick her wounds in peace and quiet. Alone. Maybe she could ignore him and slink off to her—.

“No point avoiding me. I’ll just come out there and fetch you,” Rand called out from the living room.

With a sigh, Sunni kicked off her high heels and cursed herself a fool for going to so much trouble with her outfit. “Fucking rat bastard!”

“What was that?” Rand yelled.

Shit! She wasn’t going to be able to hide. Rand would follow through on his threat to come get her if she didn’t show her face and making a run for her bedroom wouldn’t help. He’d just come and bash on the door then pick the flimsy lock to get in. It wouldn’t be the first time he or Z had picked a locked door. That was the problem with sharing a house with your two best friends. There was no privacy.


“Stop calling me that!” Sunni stomped down the hall. Her bare feet made little impact against the hard tile surface but it was worth the effort just for the release of frustrated energy.

“Uh oh. The date was that bad?”