The Sexy Dragon Contest


To celebrate Ty the Sexy Dragon’s release on Wednesday, I’m throwing a little contest. It’s easy to enter and the winner will receive TWO Lexxie Couper ebooks: one, Ty the Sexy Dragon and two, the winner’s choice from my backlist.

How do you win this awesome prize?

Simple. Tell me here in the comments the title of my other already released dragon shifter book and your favourite dragon in film or literature. Come Wednesday morning one lucky commenter will win an ARC of Ty the Sexy Dragon. How’s that sound?

Ready? Go!


Going Retro


But why doctor? I came in about my broken toe.

A little while back I blogged over at my place about the return of Loveswept books, some of which have been rereleased as ebooks. In that post I mentioned my fondness for those books, as well as the Harlequin Temptations I used to devour back in the ’80s and ’90s (Harlequin Temptation changed my reading habits for life). I recently discovered that Harlequin has also established a Treasury line, e book rereleases of some ’90s classics. This has probably been around for ages but I can be completely oblivious at times. Whereas Loveswept has updated their covers for the ebook market, Harlequin hasn’t and I’ve been so enjoying going through the collection.

When I was a teenager it was well understood the seventies was a daggy decade. In the nineties we laughed at how big our hair was in 1985. Somewhere along the way, the nineties

Aye, me lusty wench, wanna see the inside of me bedchamber? Arrrrgghh

got daggy too. Still, I’d love to read some of these oldies. Some of the ’90’s romance writers remain my favs today. Shame the cover art hasn’t stood the test of time quite so well.

I’m heading off to watch the movie remake of the retro ’80s classic TV show, the A Team. I’m quite certain it will be bad, but Bradley Cooper’s in it, so I may survive the experience.

Have a great weekend,





A not so dreamy holiday?


So, there we were, the whole Dee family, having what could only be described as a perfectly dreamy holiday.

We’d taken a cruise through the Caribbean, spent days entertaining the kids at Disney World and Universal Studios, bought more Harry Potter paraphernalia than we can ever possibly carry home, walked the streets of New York from one side of Manhattan to the other, and enjoyed the company of close family we hadn’t seen for a very long time.

Then came the famous ‘ripstick’ incident.

Incident, you ask?

Yep. Incident. This is how it played out.

Dee B-I-L: My son got a ripstick for a present.

Mr Dee: (Pointing proudly to himself and beaming.) I can ripstick. I’m bloody good.

Dee B-I-L: Cool. Let’s go outside. We’ll shoot some hoops with the boys and you can show me how to ripstick.

 And off they go.

Three minutes later:

Entire Dee family and extended family: Jess!!! Come outside. Quick! JESSSSS!

I run outside. There is Mr Dee (remember him? The bloody good ripsticker?) lying on the ground, white as a sheet, his foot lying at an angle no foot should ever lie at.

Mr Dee: AARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which is how, three days ago, we landed up in hospital, an hour outside of Toronto, and haven’t left since.

Mr Dee didn’t just fracture his leg. He broke it in 14 places. I am no doctor, radiologist or radiographer, but when I saw those X-rays, I didn’t need any of those qualifications to see just what a fine job Mr Dee had done on that ripstick.

So, here we are now, a four hour surgery later, lots and lots of drugs and pain killers being mainlined into Mr Dee, and we ain’t going anywhere.

We’ve had to cancel the rest of our trip, and are now stranded in Canada, waiting for word from the doc about when we can fly home.

At least it happened when we were with family. The kids haven’t really noticed their dad is absent. They’re too busy enjoying their cousins. And I have in-laws looking after my every need. (Which I gotta say, is really quite nice.)

It’s just poor Mr Dee who ain’t doing so well.

Doctor’s advice: Stay away from ripsticks and skateboards…for the rest of your life!



Feelin’ Fine


I woke up with the flu today. Then I went for a root canal. My face is still swollen my throat is sore and I generally feel like crap. So I’m too shattered to even attempt to be witty or interesting. I need to be cheered up, so here goes:


Yes, I found a new website www.malemodelus. Sigh. Now I feel better.


See You In My Dreams: A Teaser

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There’s less than a month to go before See You In My Dreams (Book 1 in the brand new Speed series) releases! Woot, I’m so excited, and yet I haven’t spoken much about this book at all.

But now that I have a brand new sparkly cover, I can’t hold back any longer. So here you a go. A little teaser from the book.

And please note – if you are not 18, DO NOT READ!

See You In My Dreams: A Teaser

Her familiar gaze trapped his, and for endless seconds they stared at each other. Just stared. The air shimmered between them. No words were spoken. They weren’t necessary. They’d talked for ages inside, formed a bond Nathan had forgotten was possible with a woman. And now, without words, the silence of their communication spoke volumes. Something special was happening between them. Something unexpected.

A million times he’d felt the connection in his dreams. In real life? Never.

In that single moment Sophie became a part of him. No matter that they led different lives, no matter that they lived worlds apart, he would never forget her. Never forget those eyes, which finally, finally had a face to go with them. Never forget the emotions she brought out in him: hope, anticipation, tenderness. Never forget how—

She licked him again, and he forgot everything. Everything except the way her glossy pink tongue looked against his straining shaft. And then his eyes rolled back into his head and he couldn’t think at all. Sophie’s mouth closed around him, sucking him deep inside. Heat, hot and wet, encased him.

Holy shit. He’d died and gone to heaven.

He caught her head in his hands, slipped the silken strands of her hair through his fingers and held on for dear life as her mouth performed tricks he’d dreamed about. She sucked and suckled, licked and nuzzled. She grazed the tip with her teeth and then drew a testicle gently between her lips before sucking his full length back into her mouth and bobbing her head up and down. She bewitched him and bewildered him, until his balls drew back into his body, his spine stiffened and the world grew black.

“Sophie…stop,” he gasped.

She didn’t.

“Soph—” Fuck. He couldn’t talk. Couldn’t think. Could only focus on her mouth. And the way the base of his spine tingled.

Her velvety cheeks tightened around him.

Lights exploded behind his eyelids, the tingles spread, fingers of electricity snaking up his spine.

He fought it off. Damn, he fought.

Didn’t help. Those lips. That tongue. Her mouth…


See You In My Dreams releases on Nov 1st, and is available now for preorder at Samhain Publishing


Five of My Fav Romance Book Heroes…

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I’ve been making some little lists of late of favourite things. TV shows, desserts, romance tropes, songs, heroes, sex positions, that kind of thing. Let’s have a look at one of them, shall we?

1/ Zoe Archer’s Gabriel Huntley (Warrior)

A week ago, this would have been Karen Marie Moning’s Barrons, but a week ago, I started reading Warrior, and fell so deeply, wonderfully, irrevocably in love with Gabriel Huntley I get funny little pains in my heart when I think of him. He’s strong, funny, dangerous, powerful, noble, tender, fierce…oh, Lord, I could go on and on. Trust me, if you haven’t read Zoe Archer’s Warrior, do so. Now. You won’t regret it, I promise.

2/ Karen Marie Moning’s Jericho Barrons (Fever series)

Okay, I know there are people out there who think Barrons is a douche. An arrogant douche. But I’m not one of them. Yes, he’s arrogant. Yes, he’s condescending. Yes, he treats Mac like a little child at times, but he’s also utterly mysterious, completely enigmatic, thoroughly menacing and totally sexy. And when you finally get to see the softer side of him….oh, boy, all the doucheness is forgiven.

3/ Julia Garwood’s Lord Baron Duncan of Wexton (Honor’s Splendour)

A brooding gentleman knight who could have gone the whole “rape-the-heroine” route of so many historical romance novel of the 80s, but instead, in Garwood’s inevitably sweet way, protected the damsel-in-distress, fell in love and did the right thing of marriage, all before taking her virginity and then defying the king to stand by his love. And he has a dimple. Gotta love a knight with a dimple.


4/ Jennifer Crusie’s Phineas Tucker (Welcome to Temptation)

A small-town mayor who just wants to play pool. He does everything he can to a/ not fall in love with the duplicitious heroine, Sophie, and b/ turn a blind eye to what said heroine is doing in his small town. But when the chips are down, he steps up to the challenge…with some very sexy, very droll, very dry humour.

5/ MaryJanice Davidson’s Sinclair (the Undead series)

Holy moley, this vampire king. Powerful, arrogant, controlling, sarcastic, intelligent…with a blade-sharp sense of humour and a killer smile. And he puts up with the woman he loves regardless of how bloody annoying Queen Betsy gets. Yeah, I love Sinclair. He reminds me a hell of a lot of my husband…


Sooo….who are your favourite romance book heroes?


Catching Up


I finished a book last week–or should I say I refinished it since I was doing rewrites. What I like to do to celebrate each little (or big) submisison I make is to catch up on all the reading and movie watching I put off while all my spare time is funnelled into creating a story. I take a day or two (sometimes it stretches to three or four :)) to veg out, not write at all, and I spend that time reading and watching the movies I haven’t yet gotten around to seeing.

So this last week I read Flirting with Forty by Jane Porter, which I loved, plus a host of ebooks from writers like Erin Nicholas and Maya Banks and Lexxie Couper (oops, how did she get in there?), and Shelli Stevens and Cat Johnson. Believe me when I say that’s a lot of reading for me. I hired out a bunch of movies; Up in the Air (liked), Easy A (loved), and Sherlock Holmes (fell asleep in). And I’ve rewatched several of my old fav episodes of the Gilmore Girls. Yes, that in particular is a dorky habit, but a pleasantly mind-numbing, smile inducing one.

I love to do these things because they help recharge my brain when it feels completely fried from the creative stress of seeing a big project like writing a novel through to the end. I have started another story, but for the first week I took it easy on myself and just got to know the characters. Next week I start in earnest with the early rising and daily goals and all that crap, which I welcome and dread at once.

So what do you do when you feel you need to restart your brain?


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