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I’m too lazy to write a blog today. (Ok, I’m too lazy everyday to write a blog, but let’s not talk about that.)

What I thought I’d do instead is post this hilarious clip of a ventriloquist and her “grandmother.”

I promise it’s good for a laugh.


To all our American readers, have a very happy Thanks Giving!



Ready to Suck? And Blow?


Guess what? It’s almost here. Suck and Blow, Book One of the Party Games series releases TUESDAY!! (Well, Wednesday for all you Aussie/Kiwi visitors). Yay!!!

Do you know what the Party Games series is? No?

Remember the parties you went to when you were a teenager? The complete abandonment of inhibitions as you played games like Truth or Dare? Spin the Bottle? Suck and Blow? Strip Twister? Remember how free you felt? How hard you laughed and how you wished you never had to grow up, like really grow up?

Now, imagine if you got to experience that kind of party again? Just one night, forgetting you were a responsible adult complete with all the baggage a responsible adult carries with them every day. Imagine, for one night, at one amazing party, you got to play those games again.

Party Games, a four book series from me and Rhian submerges the reader in the interconnected stories of nine adults and the party that sees their lives change forever.

So, what is Suck and Blow all about?

Let the games begin…

Party Games, Book 1

Talent agent Frankie Winchester is a hellion. Her motto is all a girl needs is a fun time, a fast car and an awesome masseur on speed dial. There’s only one person who could beat her at anything. Alec. Bane of her high-school existence, a kid whose parents were as working class and loving as hers were rich and distant.

When celebrity landscape architect Alec Harris spots Frankie at an exclusive Sydney house party, everything comes rushing back. The memory of being the “cheap-money” kid, trying and failing to prove himself—and impress his dream girl, Frankie Winchester.

Unexpectedly partnered in a wildly sexy game, the delicious friction ignites a scorching sexual tension. But there’s more than a playing card trapped between them. Frankie refuses to admit that kiss shook her to the core. Alec wants nothing less than her full surrender.

Game on!

Product Warnings
C’mon, the book’s called Suck and Blow. What more warning do you need?
Wanna excerpt?

Oh God.

Her heart leapt away from her, the soft pressure of his fingers at her waist making her head swim. Or was it the fact she was holding her breath? Holding her breath with the goddamn ten of hearts stuck to her lips?

Do something, woman!

She didn’t have to. Alec did it for her. With a gentle push and pull on her hips, he turned her around to face him, his blue, blue eyes holding hers, his dimples flashing as the sides of his mouth curled. “So, who’s going to win this one, Frankie?”

The question was asked on a low chuckle, each word making her sex constrict.

She stared at him. Watched him lower his head to hers. Watched him draw closer. Closer. Her lungs burned. Her head swam. The room fell silent.

And her breath ran out just like that, the card slipping from her lips at the loss of suction a mere second before Alec’s mouth pressed to hers.

Explosive heat shot through Frankie, like she’d suddenly and inexplicably grabbed a live wire on an electrical fence. Except it wasn’t electricity charging through her, singeing her nerve-endings and making her nipples pinch hard but arousal. Instant and undeniable. A wicked ribbon of warm tension unfurled through her belly and into the junction of her thighs, and before she could stop it, a low groan vibrated deep in her throat.

His lips were warm, soft. They melded to hers with perfection, slightly parted, his intake of breath drawing her exhalation into his mouth.

He’d expected to feel the playing card pressed to his lips now, of that she had little doubt, but instead of pulling away as she thought he would, his lips lingered on hers. Slanting over them as his fingers on her hips curled a little more firmly against her body, tugging her closer to his body with an insistence that made her head swim just as much as her earlier oxygen deprivation.

She stiffened, for the first time in her wild, uncontrolled life she was utterly and completely bamboozled as to what she should do next. Her feet stumbled over each other, her lurching forward momentum halted by Alec’s hard form.

And he was hard. Very hard. All of him. Hard and big and impressive.

His stomach pressed against hers like a sculpted plane of marble. His chest was hard and smooth under her palms.

Her palms? Frankie’s already rapid heartbeat kicked up a notch, thumping against her breastbone like a bloody sledgehammer. When had she put her hands to his chest?

Who cares? The brazen thought whispered through her head at the very moment Alec’s lips parted against hers and his tongue dipped into her mouth.


He tasted of sinful paradise. Pineapple and coconut and rum. It was intoxicating. She wanted more.

Snaking her hands up over his shoulders, she tangled her fingers in his messy crop of blond hair, opening her mouth wider to his kiss and stroking her tongue against his. She rose onto tip-toe, the elevation aligning her hips to his, the hard heat of him nudging at her groin.

Oh. The single word was nothing but a soft sigh in her mind—a mind furiously trying to remind her just who in the bloody hell she was kissing. Alec Harris. Alley Cat, Francesca, you’re kissing Alley Cat.

And he was kissing her back. And doing a superb job of it.


You can buy Suck and Blow at just about everywhere, but here’s the link for Samhain, Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Rhian’s Truth or Dare releases on January 17th and you can already check out the blurb and excerpt here at Samhain’s site AND preorder it there or at Amazon. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to…



What Were You Doing?


Tomorrow is the official beginning of schoolies week on the Gold Coast here in Queensland. This is a week (actually three weeks) during which students who’ve now completed high school party like there’s no tomorrow, a teenage romp probably not dissimilar to what readers in the US might know of as Spring Break. This is a festival which always attracts much media attention, most of it negative, but all in all one where kids from several Australian states get together and have a great time celetrating their newfound freedom from the tyranny of high school–before they’re required to enter the workforce or plan for University or college.

If there was such a thing as schoolies week when I left school, I hadn’t heard about it. I lived in a relatively small beachside town, so our celebrations amounted to bonfires on the beach, parties at the cool kids houses (to which I was rarely if ever invited), and the school formal—something much like a prom. Now, I left school in 1988. Yes, that long ago. I thought it would be fun to think back on what was going on back then—the things that made up the soundtrack of my young life.

Fashion: By 1988 we’d moved on from fingerless gloves and glow in the dark GO GO Tshirts. We were somuch cooler. We’d discovered SHOULDERPADS

Song I remember dancing to most often: “I’ve had the time of my life” from the Dirty Dancing Soundtrack

Album that absolutely everyone owned: Kick by INXS (and yes it would have been on record or TAPE)

Band I locked myself in my room with most often: U2

Must watch weekly watch: Miami Vice, Dallas and Cheers

Guiltiest must watch pleasure: Days of Our Lives. I just loved Bo Brady!

Movie everyone saw at the cinema: Cocktail with Tom Cruise, Elizabeth Shue and Bryan Brown

Movie I wish I hadn’t seen in public: Beaches (cried like a baby at the cinema watching it with my best friend)

Movie I loved then but still love now: Die Hard the original

Movie I loved then but am embarrassed now to admit I loved: Twins with Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Movie whose title didn’t seem inappropriate at the time but now does: Working Girl

Movie that was the best for ogling: Tequila Sunrise (Mel Gibson AND Kurt Russell, oh yum)

Books I was reading:

A Brief History of Time by Steven Hawking (okay so no I’ve never gotten past the first 3 pages but it was published in 1988)

What I was really reading: Books by Sydney Sheldon, Jackie Collins, Leigh Nichols (who later turned out to be a pseudonym of Dean Koontz), LaVyrle Spencer and many and various category romance novels which I’d discovered only the year before.

So it seems a lot of my memories revolve around movies and books. That much hasn’t changed. So what were you reading/watching/listening to the year you left school?


Tuesday’s Teaser – SSS


It’s my day on the blog and it’s a Tuesday which means teaser day! Woot!

Here’s a taste of my current wip (which, by the way, I sent the proposal for to my editor less than 30 mins ago). SSS is kind of a sequel to Bondi Beach Boys. Let me know what you think. Enjoy! 🙂


“Open it.” She frowned at the rude tone of her voice. “Please.” The tacked-on courtesy did nothing to soften the demand.

Rand chuckled as he twisted off the bottle cap and handed the open beer back. “You really are in a foul mood.”

Sunni didn’t answer, there didn’t seem to be anything to say. She was in a foul mood and although she wanted to, she couldn’t lay complete blame at the feet of her rat bastard date. No. This evening’s debacle was just the last in a long line of disastrous attempts to find the man of her dreams. Her chest rose and fell on a heavy sigh as she slumped back against the lounge.

“It couldn’t have been that bad.” Rand bumped his shoulder into hers. “Wanna tell me what happened? It might help.”

She closed her eyes. “I’m not sure I want anyone to know the circumstances of this one.”

“Oh, I know. The guy arrived naked with a one inch dick hanging between his legs.”

Beer fizzed up into Sunni’s nose as she snorted with laughter. Covering her mouth so the rest of her mouthful didn’t come spilling out she tried to swallow. Humor quickly turned to distress when she choked on the drink. Rand plucked the beer from her hand and placed it on the table beside the couch while thumping her on the back in an attempt to help clear her airways. Managing to gulp down the beer, she gasped for breath.

“Jesus.” Her chest heaved as she coughed out her words. “Way to kill me, Rand.” With her breathing under control she spoke easily. “Not an image I wanted in my head Brandon Davis.”

“At least it made you laugh. Before you choked.” He continued to pat her on the back. “You really should stop drinking, Sunshine. You can’t handle booze at all.”

“Hey!” Sunni punched him in the arm. “I can handle a drink just fine, it’s the nosy, annoying so-called friends that upset me.”

“Ha!” He chucked her under the chin with his fist. “You love me and you know it.”

“Of course I do.” Sunni reached over and grabbed her beer. She carefully took a sip and allowed the cool liquid to soothe her raw throat. “Doesn’t mean I won’t kill you in your sleep.”

“Why are we killing Rand in his sleep?” Z asked from the doorway.

“Because he tried to kill me. Twice.”

“Twice? How?”

“First he tried to fry my brain with my own imagination and when that didn’t work he relied on the tried and true method of choking.” Next to her, Rand shook with the laughter he was unsuccessfully concealing behind his hand.

“I see he failed in both attempts. Do you want me to ring the police and have him carted away?”

Sunni eyed a now openly laughing Rand. “Mmm…no, I think a suitable punishment would be for him to order and pay for pizza.”

“Hey! It’s not my turn.”

“Shoulda thought of that before you tried to do me in.” Sunni poked Rand in the ribs with her index finger.

“Paying for pizza seems a fair price for such a terrible crime.” Z walked over to the couch and offered her his hand. “And it just so happens I picked up some of your favorite flavor of ice cream while I was shopping. Come and help me put the food away while Rand organizes dinner.”

“You bought food?” Sunni allowed Z to pull her to her feet.

“Sure did.” He curled his fingers through hers. “I’ve been making a list of what we’ve used in the last two weeks so that I could replace it. I know how it pisses you off to find the cupboards empty.”

“Aw, my hero.”

“That’s fine. You steal my girl with your promise of sweet desert but she’ll be mine again the minute the pepperoni pizza gets here.”

“Now, now, no need to fight over me. I’ll let you share.” Sunni slammed into Z’s back as he stopped dead in his tracks.

Z looked over his shoulder at Rand with raised eyebrows.

“She’s tipsy, she doesn’t mean what she said.”

“What? What don’t I mean? What did I say?” Sunni swiveled her gaze back and forth between her two friends.

“Christ.” A shudder rippled down Z’s spine. “Come on, let’s get this food put away before it goes off.”




What Happens When A Sleep Deprived Writer…


….is working on three books at the same time all from different genres?


Letting out a ragged breath, he withdrew his keycard and shoved the handle down, ready to enter the silent refuge of his room.

And saw the butterfly. A damn red bellied swallowtail. Fluttering past him, its wings tiny instruments of colourful flight.

Instantly, his body remembered her. All of her. Her naked perfection, her sensual smell, her talented mouth, her hungry, demanding, masterful hands.

And he was horny again.

Damn it.

How was he to survive the mating fire, how was he to survive the incinerating sex with the woman if he couldn’t control his damn dragon’s libido?


Now here’s the thing. The “he” in this excerpt is a man called Luke Beasley. He’s one of the heroes in Sunset Heat, my next Bandicoot Cove book. He is human. Sunset Heat is a contemporary menage tale. The “he” from Damn it down is Ryan Conley. He is the hero in Crouching Tigress, Horny Dragon, my next Fire Mate book . He is a dragon shifter. Crouching Tigress, Horny Dragon is a paranormal rom-com.

But my overworked, over tired brain stuck ’em both together and now apparently I’m writing a contemporary menage dragons shifter rom-com with a multi-personality hero. How’s that for mixing it up?


(By the way, the above lady is not me. But damn, I know how she feels.)

At Last!


I was going to sit here and type out a long involved post about what a long couple of years it’s been, how I’ve struggled with my writing and with confidence in my writing and with knowing where I was going and what the hell I was even doing trying to be an author anyway. I was going to, but you know what? I’ve officially cracked open the champagne—figuratively and literally—so now all I want to do is kick back with this glass of bubbly and relax.

Why? Because I can finally announce that I have signed another contract.


My firemen and their lady Erica are finally going to be published. Samhain has contracted Erica’s Choice. No details on release dates or anything yet, but I wanted to share the news and bask a little. And while I’m at it, offer up a special thank you to the rest of the divas for lending me support and encouragement when I sorely needed it, and a kick up the ass when I needed it too.

Hope everyone else has a great weekend. I plan to,


I’ve played all my cards


Okay, so maybe I didn’t play the cards exactly. Maybe my characters did. But last week I sent the galleys for Three of A Kind back to Samhain and I’ve been nostalgic ever since.

For those of you who don’t know, Three Of A Kind is the print anthology of Raising The Stakes and Full House.

Reading through both stories for the galleys reminded how much I enjoyed writing the books and how much I loved the characters. I’d forgotten a lot of Raising the Stakes especially. No, not the overall story or the characters, but some of the things those characters had said or done. And I figured if I’d forgotten it, well, I’m pretty sure readers had too.

So I thought I’d post a little excerpt from the book as a reminder.


Raising the Stakes: An excerpt

Play out the hand her way…or fold?

(Do not read if you are under 18! Got it?)

Without releasing his mouth, she lay back against the table, pulling him down with her. Cards fluttered to the floor as he shimmied them into a more comfortable position. After that, Megan registered nothing besides the storm building below her belly.

Alex plunged into her relentlessly, each stroke a delicious caress of torture.

This, now, was everything she needed. Alex was everything she needed.

She gripped his shoulders, digging her nails into the thick muscle layered beneath his skin, and held tight as he took her on the ride of her life.

It didn’t take long. Within minutes the storm became a tornado, a windstorm that ripped through her, blowing her control to pieces. She climaxed around his cock, clutching him rhythmically as he pounded into her. Thunder clapped in her ears, a roar of noise. It was her, screaming her release, screaming out her love for Alex.

“Megan—” Alex’s cry was cut short by his own orgasm. The impetus of his explosion and the beating of his cock as he emptied himself inside her agitated her sensitized channel, and she came again, her pussy a concentrated bundle of nerves and sensation.

Alex buried his head in her neck, gasping for air. He waited until the last flutters of her orgasm died away altogether before withdrawing from her. While she struggled to find her breath and her bearings, he lifted her off the table and carried her to his bed. Instead of tucking her tenderly beneath the covers as she’d expected, he ducked down, slipped his head between her legs and licked her pussy.

It took all of ten seconds under his clever tongue and Megan convulsed again.

Dear God, how had he known to do that?

She must have asked the question out loud because Alex answered her.

He chuckled as he disposed of the condom. “The last time I tried it, you had four orgasms in a row.”

“Ahh.” She nodded, breathless, quite unable to say any more.

Alex slipped into bed with her and pulled the doona over them both. With the last ounce of energy she possessed, she rolled over and snuggled into his chest.

He wrapped an arm around her and kissed the top of her head. “I love you, baby,” he whispered into her hair.

Megan’s heart filled to bursting. She smiled a tired, satisfied, happy smile and before she gave in to the tempting tug of sleep, she whispered back, “I love you too, Desmond.”



Creepy Crawleys

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I’m over at the Samhain Blog today talking about fears and creepy crawleys and one of the most horrifying experiences of my recent life. Do stop over there and say hi.

Wishing everyone a crawl-free weekend,


A smashing old time of things


See this image? Well, I’m not gonna say this happened to me on Saturday. Because it didn’t. I never had a Lotus wedged under my car.

It was a Holden Barina.

Fortunately for me, the Barina is a small car. So small, that as the car behind it smashed into its bumper, it was gracefully sent sliding beneath my car.

Okay, I may be exaggerating the graceful bit. It slammed into me with an almighty thud and crumple. (Yeah, you’ve heard that noise. You’ve felt that bump. You know what it’s like when your heart both sinks and goes into overdrive at the same time.) It was only when my hands and legs stopped shaking long enough for me to get out of the car, and help a shocked Mr 7 from the back, that I realised I’d been involved in a four car pile up. A ute (SUV) had neglected to break for a traffic light, and slammed into the car in front of it, which in turn slammed into the Barina, which in turn visited the underbelly of my car.

Things got real exciting after that initial thud. Within minutes traffic was backed up for kilometers, and the place was overrun by police cars, ambulances and firetrucks. Firefighters were in the road, pouring sand over leaking oil and brake fluid. Police officers were taking statements from all the drivers and passengers (even Mr 7 made a statement) and ambos were walking up and down seeing if anyone was hurt or required hospitalization.

I was lucky. And nope, I’m not saying that with even the slightest note of sarcasm. I really was lucky. Both Mr 7 and I escaped without a scratch, and I was able to drive the car home afterwards. (Although it’s headed off to the insurance agents to be looked over now.) The other three cars weren’t so lucky. Every one of them was towed away – 3 smashed up messes. And it seemed, apart from shock, only one person was injured, and she suffered whip lash.

Mr 7 stood there with eyes agog the entire time. Me, well, my hands are still a little shaky just thinking about it five days later. (Writing down the details of the other drivers for insurance purposes was close to impossible. You should see what my hand writing looked like.)

What can I say? It’s been an…interesting month. Broken legs, operations, DVTs, injections and now an accident.

I’d like to say things can’t get any worse. But I already said that. And then a car drove into mine. So I’ll just quietly take a deep breath and hope everything settles down soon. In the mean time, anyone have a stiff drink for me? Or some valium maybe?