I was going to sit here and type out a long involved post about what a long couple of years it’s been, how I’ve struggled with my writing and with confidence in my writing and with knowing where I was going and what the hell I was even doing trying to be an author anyway. I was going to, but you know what? I’ve officially cracked open the champagne—figuratively and literally—so now all I want to do is kick back with this glass of bubbly and relax.

Why? Because I can finally announce that I have signed another contract.


My firemen and their lady Erica are finally going to be published. Samhain has contracted Erica’s Choice. No details on release dates or anything yet, but I wanted to share the news and bask a little. And while I’m at it, offer up a special thank you to the rest of the divas for lending me support and encouragement when I sorely needed it, and a kick up the ass when I needed it too.

Hope everyone else has a great weekend. I plan to,