….is working on three books at the same time all from different genres?


Letting out a ragged breath, he withdrew his keycard and shoved the handle down, ready to enter the silent refuge of his room.

And saw the butterfly. A damn red bellied swallowtail. Fluttering past him, its wings tiny instruments of colourful flight.

Instantly, his body remembered her. All of her. Her naked perfection, her sensual smell, her talented mouth, her hungry, demanding, masterful hands.

And he was horny again.

Damn it.

How was he to survive the mating fire, how was he to survive the incinerating sex with the woman if he couldn’t control his damn dragon’s libido?


Now here’s the thing. The “he” in this excerpt is a man called Luke Beasley. He’s one of the heroes in Sunset Heat, my next Bandicoot Cove book. He is human. Sunset Heat is a contemporary menage tale. The “he” from Damn it down is Ryan Conley. He is the hero in Crouching Tigress, Horny Dragon, my next Fire Mate book . He is a dragon shifter. Crouching Tigress, Horny Dragon is a paranormal rom-com.

But my overworked, over tired brain stuck ’em both together and now apparently I’m writing a contemporary menage dragons shifter rom-com with a multi-personality hero. How’s that for mixing it up?


(By the way, the above lady is not me. But damn, I know how she feels.)