RC:- Please welcome S.L. Carpenter to the Diva Couch. I asked S.L. to give as a little insight into what it’s like for him being a male writer of erotic romance in what is traditionally a female dominated industry.

S.L.:- A lot of people have asked me how I got into writing Erotic Romance and how writing from a man’s POV is different.

Most of the romance books I used to read were by women. I didn’t read a lot but when I did a few things did stand out as being a little off. Dialogue and perspectives were the biggest things. I’m an average guy so I tend to read and write the males in my books as men that act like I do.

The fun part of writing Erotic Romance and being a male is describing different things. Saying what a man feels during a sexual encounter is easy for me because I can talk about him thinking about baseball or fighting the urge to make a goofy face as he climaxes.

Trying to describe what a woman feels at her peak of desire gets tricky. That’s why I tend to ask a lot of questions from readers and other women in my life. It also gets me in a lot of trouble.

My appreciation for women helped me look and treat them as equals in the story. But I love spoiling the characters a little because books are an escape so why not be pampered a little. I have been very well trained.

When I started writing Erotic Romance it was always with a twist of humor. I looked at the genre from the side of reality and you have to admit, sexual situations are pretty damn funny.

Most of what I write is contemporary romances with characters that people can relate to. I have delved into a few different areas but tend to stick with what I know. Couples meeting and falling for each other, of course there is an abundance of sex.

The main thing I try to do when writing any story is to keep it real. Not all women are perfect and not all men have 10 inches of meat between their legs, can have sex for hours on end and never have gas or morning breath. Except me.

RC:- I know you’re not just a writer so where can we find out more about you and your various artistic talents?

S.L.:- To find out more about me stop by my website for details on my books, art, and upcoming contests!

I have 2 new books coming out – one this month and another in January. I will also be doing a  “Kindle” contest to kick off my new blog and celebrate the new releases. So stop by and leave a comment for your chance to win a Kindle or several other great prizes.

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So let the fun begin!

S.L. Carpenter

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RC:- A big thank you to Scott for popping in to sit on the couch with the Divas today.

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