Thought I’d tease you all with a little snippet of something in my wip folder. Anyone up for a sneak peek at the next coyote book? 🙂


Kat Monroe jerked to her feet. Desire exploded in her belly and her pussy grew moist. Her breath quickened—shallowed. Perspiration broke out on her skin and goose bumps shimmered over her body like a ripple in a pond. She glanced around the storeroom but no one was in here with her. Squeezing her eyes tight, she took a deep breath and tried to focus. It was there, a scent foreign but familiar somehow. Her head cocked to one side. He knew she was here, she could feel him searching for her.

A shudder raced down her spine. It was a stranger. No man in Whispering Springs had ever called to her coyote. She’d lived all her life here, never setting foot off the mountain, never wanting to. Kat swallowed, her dry mouth and the lump in her throat making it difficult. A stranger in town wasn’t necessarily a bad thing but she wasn’t ready to welcome her mate with open arms. Not until she knew who he was. Besides, mate or not, Kathren Joy Monroe was not going to allow her inner animal to dictate who she spent the rest of her life with.

Shaking herself, Kat bent down to retrieve the box of straws she’d come in to collect. It was no use putting it off, she’d just march out into the restaurant area and see who her supposed mate was. Only her legs wouldn’t work properly. Her knees shook and she wobbled out of the storeroom like she was about to collapse. Frustrated at her lack of control, she tossed the box onto the workbench and leaned against the wall. Kat had always prided herself on her self-control and to lose it so quickly made her angry.

But anger was good. She could use that emotion, channel it and focus on the person responsible. Nothing and no one made Kat’s decisions for her. Her sister, Gordie, said she was a control freak but Kat just liked to make her own choices. See had a clear goal when it came to her life and she was well on her way to achieving it, there was no way she would let some stranger derail her just because their animals were meant to be together. For the first time in her life she cursed her coyote genes.


Rhian Cahill