It was Australia Day yesterday, the 26th of January. To celebrate the Divas are hosting an Australian extravaganza in the Samhain Cafe from 7-9pm US time tonight the 27th. Hope you can join us for some fun and maybe a few freebies too :).


 An Australian invented the notepad. For 500 years, paper had been supplied only in loose sheets. Then a stationer from Tasmania named J.A. Birchall decided that it would be a good idea to cut the sheets in half, back them with cardboard and glue them together at the  top. And where would we writers be without notepads?

Australians eat 260 million meat PIES a year, around 13 per citizen. That sounds about right

Australia was the second country to grant women the right to vote. The first was New Zealand in 1893.

It has been reported that the first European settlers in Australia drank more alcohol per head of population than any other community in the history of mankind.

Australia’s first police force was a band of 12 of the most well behaved convicts available.

The Australian Lyre Bird is the world’s best imitator; able to mimic the calls of 15 different species of birds in their locality and string the calls into a melody. Also been known to mimic the sound mobile phones.

 In 1832, 300 female Convicts at the Cascade Female Factory mooned the Governor of Tasmania during a chapel service. It was said that in a “rare moment of collusion with the Convict women, the ladies in the Governor’s party could not control their laughter.”

Rebels, the lot of us.

Hope to see you in the cafe later tonight!