Today I’d like to welcome to the Diva Couch a lady I met back in 2007 at my first ever Romance Writer’s of Australia conference. I’d just sold my first two books to Samhain Publishing and Rachael was an aspiring writer dreaming of the day she too could get that coveted ‘first sale’ ribbon. Well I’m so happy to say Rachael is now a Carina Press author! Please join me in welcoming Rachael today. 

Your first book One Perfect Night, was published by Carina Press in December 2011. Tell us what it’s been like transitioning from aspiring writer to published author.

BUSY!! Crazy busy in fact. One thing I thought about but didn’t completely grasp the hugeness of before selling was the work that comes AFTER a book gets accepted but prior to publication. I had planned on being 60k into a new book by the end of January, instead I’ll hit 30k if I’m lucky. Because in the time when I anticipated writing, I had rewrites for one book and edits on JILTED (which will be out in June – yes, tiny little plug)! In terms of transition, I’m not sure I still quite believe that I’ve actually achieved the first step in my dream (next step is to publish more books), so I have to keep talking to myself and telling myself that this is SERIOUS BUSINESS and it’s okay to be selfish about taking time out to do it.

 How many full manuscripts did you write before you finally hit paydirt with One Perfect Night?

Oh golly, now you’re asking! I wrote about four diabolical single titles and wrote five (I think) full novels aimed at Mills and Boon before FINALLY selling the sixth category-length attempt to Carina. I had a crazy belief that if I kept going, one day I’d make it.

Sami: and write you were (I do so love a pun)

Tell us a little about the book, and show us that gorgeous cover!

ONE PERFECT NIGHT is about Cameron and Peppa who are both wounded by their pasts. Cameron lost his beloved wife and Peppa is recovering from the most hellish of break-ups. But what I love most about the book is that Cameron  (a seemingly strong hero totally in control of his world) is so broken that he has night terrors and therefore is too scared to ever spend the whole night with a woman. When he finally wakes up at Peppa’s house, he’s freaked by the intimacy between them! And he backs away, until fate steps in and makes keeping his distance pretty much impossible!

(Sami: Here’s where you can buy One Perfect Night)

What are you working on right now?

I have two things on the go. A single title called MAN DROUGHT, about a city girl who buys a rundown country pub and ends up reviving the whole town as well as winning the heart of the frosty hero. And a shorter romance called HOLLYWOOD DREAMS, which is the second in a series I’m hoping to sell to Carina.

I’m fond of grouping my favourite things into groups of five, so I’m going to ask you do do the same

Top 5 Movies of all time:

Love Actually

Mary Poppins

How To Lose a Guy In Ten Days

The Sound of Music


*in no particular order*

Sami: Er, I’m with you on Love Actually but the others… not so much

Top 5 Foods you can’t live without:




This is really hard, can I say Chocolate again?


 Top 5 Authors:

Lisa Jewell

Jennifer Crusie

Sarah Mayberry

Susan Wiggs

Janet Evanovich

Sami: Now that’s a great list

Top Five drinks (can be alcoholic or not):

Diet Coke x FIVE! Seriously.

Okay, I like Milo and Moscato as well 🙂

Top 5 Celebrity free passes (famous hot dudes on your ‘infidelity wouldn’t count’ list, and yeah you know what that means :))

LOL!! Grant Denyer (Aussie weatherman for our international readers)

Prince William (it’s leftover from my teenage years)

Matthew McConaughey

Jude Law

Andrew Lincoln – particularly his character in Love Actually!

Sami: Wow. I really didn’t expect Grant Denyer!

Thanks for stopping by to see us today Rach!

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