Well our tagline says it all. We are all of us flirty, dirty and dangerous. I just never thought that translated to dirty old woman.

I was browsing for pics of Bradley Cooper today… just coz. I heard he’s actually super smart and that’s kind of a turn on so now I’m swooning a little. But in my quest to find sexy pics of a man who’s a perfectly appropriate age for me (only 4yrs younger so yeah, appropriate. Now if I could just work out the geographical distance thing and the fact that he’s made out with Scarlett Johanson and named sexiest man of the year and, oh yeah, the fact I’m married, then we’d be sweeeeet. Me and Bradley would be ON it tells ya), I came across a lot of images of other guys too. What can I say my mouse just works without my consent a lot of the time. But after a while I started to realise all these cuties were sadly WAY TOO YOUNG for a 40yr old mother of 2 such as myself. I started to wonder if I was a dirty old perv. I mean when I was younger I was into guys like Harrison Ford (Han Solo and Indiana Jones, you know it) and Richard Gere, men older than me by quite a bit. And while I’d still give those silver foxes a run for their money (or at least a really spritely walk), more and more I’m finding the men I see and go WOW LOOK AT THOSE ABS are so YOUNG.  Argh.

I was perfectly fine with turning 40. Now I think getting older sucks. What do you think?

This boy was born in 1992. I’d been legally drinking in licensed establishments for 4 yrs by then.




















I mentioned this shot on twitter today because it had so thoroughly distracted me from my work. Jared Padalecki is a little closer to my age, but he was born the year before I started high school, so still not really in my bracket. But now I want to break something in my house so he can come and weld it for me.
















Aussie cutie Liam Hemsworth starred with Miley Cyrus in The Last Song. After that he began dating her. A man who’s in Hannah Montana’s age group, really isn’t in mine.












I have no idea who this guy is, but I bet you $100 he’s not a day over 25.

I think it’s official. I’m a dirty old woman. Perhaps Bradley, who started this whole thing, ought to make me feel better.


















Now he’s more my age, and he’s wearing a suit like a real grown up and all. There’s hope for me yet :).

Have a great weekend,