Today’s tease is brought to you by Mac and Lil. 🙂


Mac waited for Lil to come out of her bathroom. She’d been in there less than a minute but that was sixty seconds too long as far as he was concerned. He wanted to know what that arsehole downstairs had done to her. Needed to know. The rage that had surged through him when he’d seen Lilli pinned beneath Aaron Watson had nearly crippled him. When he pulled the man off her and smelled the liquor emanating from the Armani clad jerk Mac’s gut had rolled. Numerous scenarios flashed through his mind between the time he dumped Watson’s celebrity arse on the floor and checked on Lil.

At first he’d thought the worst and he still wasn’t convinced he shouldn’t go down and beat the shit out of Australia’s favourite TV face. Mac smiled, the image of a busted up Aaron hosting his game show bringing him mild satisfaction. But the incident furthered his anger at Lil for having this stupid party in the first place. If she’d just stuck with what he wanted—

The door across the room opened and Lilli stepped out. The black dress had been replaced with a skin coloured one. But unlike the previous dress, this one didn’t coat her body like paint. This one flowed, skimming over her curves like hot fudge on ice cream. He licked his lips and shifted position so she wouldn’t see the hard-on that had sprung to life the second she moved into sight. Damn, she was sex on legs. Long, smooth, tan legs left bare by her thigh length hem.

She wandered over to where she’d kicked off her fuck-me heels and bent to slip them on. Her hem inched higher giving him a flash of the silky skin on her inner thighs. He knew how soft that area was. Knew how it slid beneath his fingertips with tantalizing ease. Mac swallowed, his throat going dry as he remembered having his hand on that supple flesh earlier. God, she was a distraction. He’d entered her room with the intention of finding out how her dress had been torn, not to think about stripping her out of it.

Giving himself a mental shake, he swung his legs over the side of the bed and sat forward, his elbows resting on his knees, Mac continued to watch her move. “Tell me what happened.”

She jerked, just a small jolt before her body went perfectly still. He studied her closely, didn’t want to miss any tell-tale twitch or tick that may indicate she wasn’t being honest with him. Mac had no doubt she would try to slip a pair of rose-coloured glasses over the encounter. She’d do everything she could to minimise what had happened. Her chest rose as she sucked in a breath and brought her gaze to meet his.

“We were talking but Aaron obviously has had too much to drink and he stumbled.” Her eyes skittered away for a second but her shoulders pulled back and she met his gaze once more. “Honestly, it was my own fault for trying to stop him from falling.”

Mac narrowed his eyes. She was lying. Angry at her for protecting that shallow prick he jumped to his feet and stormed across the room. He brought his face within a breath of hers. “Bullshit!”

Her eyes went wide and he watched as fear, guilt and finally anger slashed across their sparkling depths.

“Don’t lie to me,” he growled.

“You’re forgetting one thing, Mac. I don’t owe you anything, lie or not, I don’t have to explain myself to you.” She punctuated her final word with a finger poke to his chest.

With her shoes on they were eye to eye and the fire shooting from hers did some seriously weird shit to his equilibrium. He’d always liked a good battle, he wasn’t a brilliant lawyer for nothing and regardless of Lil’s earlier accusation, he hadn’t gotten where he was by riding his best friend’s coattails. He liked to fight and hated to lose. Blood rushed through his veins, the thrill of combat causing an effect he’d never dealt with in the courtroom or anywhere else for that matter. His pants grew snug over his throbbing erection. A grin pulled at the corner of his mouth but Mac refused to let it form completely. Heaven forbid Lilli work out he was getting off on their clash of wills.

“Yes. You do.” He wrapped his fingers around her nape. “And this is why.”

Mac slammed his mouth on hers. His tongue immediately thrust out to force its way between her lips. This wasn’t a kiss. It was a claim. He took advantage of her gasp and pushed his way inside. Heat. Slick molten pleasure waited in the dark and he plunge deeper. Lilli’s body held stiff in his arms and everything he had, everything he was, wanted her to yield. To hand herself over completely. Freely.

He gripped her neck tighter, his fingers digging in, bringing her closer. Mac’s other hand curled around her waist, scrunched silky fabric in his fist. She moaned, the soft sound vibrated across his tongue and slipped down his throat as he breathed it in—breathed her in. Want and need overtook him. He’d never get over the way she made him yearn with such intensity. No more than a look, a simple movement, and his body went up in flames, but touch her…. Touch her and he spontaneously combusted. From the hair on his head to the nails on his toes, Mac exploded in a raging inferno he had no hope of extinguishing without her.


Rhian Cahill