So, I had to get inventive for this book. After all, the games that are played in the Party Games series all have an adult twist to them. For Spin The Bottle I had to come up with a way to turn a simple spin’n’kiss game into something else entirely. I think I nailed it. 😉


Mac had searched every room in the house twice and was on his third circuit when he finally spotted Lillian. Two brawny guys had her sandwiched between them, their sides pressed against hers, which was totally unnecessary as far as he was concerned, there was ample room around the table. His jaw clenched. They leaned towards her, crowding into her personal space as she laughed at something one of them said. He wanted to walk over, shove them both aside and pull her out of her seat, away from the game.

Spin The Bottle.

His hands fisted, fingers curled into his palm until the sting of his nails gave him a focal point other than the murderous thoughts he currently had. Mac kept his distance, he didn’t want to tip Lilli off to his presence yet. Eight players circled the table, two of whom were at present engaged in a game of tonsil hockey. The bottle sat in a round container that had dividing lines dissecting the base in equal eighths. A pile of cards were passed from one of the tonsil hockey participants to the guy on Lil’s left. Mr. Muscles flipped over the top card and grinned. With a twist of his wrist, he sent the bottle spinning.

Everyone quietened down as the guy read out the card in his hand. “Round and round the bottle goes, where it stops nobody knows. When your turn is done it’s time for fun. Before it ends, kiss arse or you won’t be friends.”

What the fuck? Mac remembered Spin The Bottle as a simple spin and kiss game, this adult adaptation didn’t remotely resemble anything in his memory. He stood straighter and angled himself for a better view of that spinning glass vial. Each rotation knotted his gut muscles tighter. The thought of it coming to a halt with the neck pointing in Lilli’s direction had him grinding his teeth. There was no way he would let that creep get his mouth anywhere near her rear end.

A gust of air burst from his lungs as the bottle slowed and finally came to a stop facing away from Lil. The blond woman across the table pushed back her chair and stood. With a grin that appeared alcohol assisted she jumped up on the seat and thrust her mini-skirt covered arse out.

“Come on, Daryl, pucker up.” Giggling, she wobbled on the chair but gained her balance by grabbing the shoulders of the guy next to her.

“Careful, Jessica.”

He was pretty sure it was Australia’s notoriously famous texting cricket star stopping Jessica from taking a tumble. Mac wasn’t at all surprise to see the athlete leaning over to get a good look up the woman’s super-short skirt, or that he managed to cop a feel of her boobs while holding her steady.

Daryl made it around the table in an instant and wasted no time with the arse kissing. Mac’s mouth dropped open when Daryl grabbed the hem of Jessica’s skirt and pushed it up to reveal bare skin. Shocked to find himself unable to turn away, he watched as Daryl did far more than kiss-arse. Jesus, the guy buried his face in the woman’s crotch and proceeded to eat her out with everyone looking on. Neither of them seemed to recall where they were as they became engrossed in their foreplay. And that’s what it was. Mac had watched plenty of porn in his life, even been to a sex show or two but this wasn’t about the audience, it was about the participants. He’d never been so turned on and disgusted at the same time in his life.

Mac jerked his gaze away from the carnal display and focused on Lilli. She looked everywhere but at the couple across the table. Somehow the fact she wasn’t watching like the rest of the party goers unfurled a few of the ribbons of tension in his gut. Cheers and whistles filled the air, the roar of approval competing with the music pounding through the speakers placed in each corner. From the corner of his eye, Mac saw the couple break apart and Daryl help the woman retake her seat before coming back to reclaim the one next to Lilli. He was pleased to see her shift her chair away as the guy sat beside her.

Damn. Lilli was up next.


Not bad huh? So who wants to play?

Rhian Cahill