Dirty and Dangerous


Well our tagline says it all. We are all of us flirty, dirty and dangerous. I just never thought that translated to dirty old woman.

I was browsing for pics of Bradley Cooper today… just coz. I heard he’s actually super smart and that’s kind of a turn on so now I’m swooning a little. But in my quest to find sexy pics of a man who’s a perfectly appropriate age for me (only 4yrs younger so yeah, appropriate. Now if I could just work out the geographical distance thing and the fact that he’s made out with Scarlett Johanson and named sexiest man of the year and, oh yeah, the fact I’m married, then we’d be sweeeeet. Me and Bradley would be ON it tells ya), I came across a lot of images of other guys too. What can I say my mouse just works without my consent a lot of the time. But after a while I started to realise all these cuties were sadly WAY TOO YOUNG for a 40yr old mother of 2 such as myself. I started to wonder if I was a dirty old perv. I mean when I was younger I was into guys like Harrison Ford (Han Solo and Indiana Jones, you know it) and Richard Gere, men older than me by quite a bit. And while I’d still give those silver foxes a run for their money (or at least a really spritely walk), more and more I’m finding the men I see and go WOW LOOK AT THOSE ABS are so YOUNG.  Argh.

I was perfectly fine with turning 40. Now I think getting older sucks. What do you think?

This boy was born in 1992. I’d been legally drinking in licensed establishments for 4 yrs by then.




















I mentioned this shot on twitter today because it had so thoroughly distracted me from my work. Jared Padalecki is a little closer to my age, but he was born the year before I started high school, so still not really in my bracket. But now I want to break something in my house so he can come and weld it for me.
















Aussie cutie Liam Hemsworth starred with Miley Cyrus in The Last Song. After that he began dating her. A man who’s in Hannah Montana’s age group, really isn’t in mine.












I have no idea who this guy is, but I bet you $100 he’s not a day over 25.

I think it’s official. I’m a dirty old woman. Perhaps Bradley, who started this whole thing, ought to make me feel better.


















Now he’s more my age, and he’s wearing a suit like a real grown up and all. There’s hope for me yet :).

Have a great weekend,


THE ARRA Awards: Coming this Saturday Night


(Just a little note before you start reading. Yes, I have cheated. I’ve copied this post directly from International Heat. Apologies, but I am lazy that way.)

We have a very exciting evening headed our way this Saturday.  It’s the Australian Romance Readers Association Award night. Which means a few things:

1) It’s time to dress up all fancy shmancy and bring out the bling. (Cool, I haven’t had a chance to do this for a while.)

2) We get to see heaps of old friends we haven’t seen since the last conference. There’ll be romance readers and writers alike, and even friends coming in from out of town for the event.

3) Our hearts will be pumping like crazy!

So, who am I referring to when I say “we” and why will our hearts be pumping? The we would be fellow Divas, Lexxie Couper, Rhian Cahill and myself. (Oh, and our hubbies.) And the reason our hearts will be racing? We’re all nominated for awards. (Although I think Lex may have been nominated for 25 or more.)

Here’s what we were nominated for:


1) Lexxie Couper – Agent

2) Lexxie Couper – Triple Dare

3) Lexxie Couper – Endless Lust

4) Rhian Cahill – All Of You

5) Jess Dee – See You In My Dreams


1) Rhian Cahill  – Coyote Hunger series


1) Lexxie Couper

So, think of us on Saturday night, and please, wish us luck.


In honor of the evening, I’m gonna post a little excerpt from my nominated book. See You In My Dreams is a hot, contemporary romance with just a hint of fantasy.  Rock star, Jamie Speed – AKA, Nathan Pace –  quite unexpectedly falls for the cleaning lady, Sophie Butler. Nathan doesn’t want Sophie to discover his alter ego, so he hides it from her, as long as he possibly can…

See You In my Dreams: An Excerpt

Sophie froze.

The breath left her lungs in a whoosh.

She stared at him, open-mouthed. God, he didn’t just look like Nathan, he could be Nathan!

No, impossible. He couldn’t.

Sophie chastised herself for being a fool. Of course he couldn’t be Nathan. They were two different people.

The last time she’d seen Nathan, he’d been naked, his longish blond hair mussed from their lovemaking, and the whiskers on his chin had scraped her cheek as he’d given her that one final kiss goodbye.

Jamie wore a pair of faded Levi’s and a trendy, white button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled halfway up his arms. His cheeks and chin were clean-shaven and his light brown hair neatly trimmed to frame his beautiful face. His mouth was half hidden by the microphone.

Sophie didn’t need a clear view to see his lips were delectably full and lusciously kissable. Just like Nathan’s.

Exactly like Nathan’s.

So much like Nathan’s that when Jamie dropped the mike from his face, Sophie’s heart smashed against her ribs. Her legs wobbled, her knees buckled and she collapsed back into her seat.

It’s not Nathan. You know it’s not.

Logic told her it couldn’t be. Instinct told her just the opposite.

The eyes were too different. Jamie’s were impossibly green, Nathan’s nut-brown.

She stared at Jamie, watched him dance and sing, watched him seduce the crowd, flirt, throw his head back. Watched him lift his head again, look straight at her and smile.

Dear God.

Jamie Speed had just smiled Nathan’s smile. At her.

Her heart skipped a beat. Or ten.

Impossible. He wasn’t smiling at her. He wasn’t even looking at her. And if he was, it had to be a coincidence. No way would he be able to pick her out from a crowd of forty thousand.

Then why did she feel his gaze all the way down to her toes? Why did his smile send a million shivers across her skin? Why did he…

…blow me a kiss?

No! He didn’t. Hadn’t. She was imagining it. Going crazy.

Tasha grabbed her arm. “Fuck, Soph. Jamie just blew you a kiss.”

“Nathan,” Sophie whispered.

“What?” Tasha asked.

Sophie just shook her head and stared at the stage, her heart pounding frantically.

Could it be?

Impossible! No way. Not in a million years. Nathan and Jamie? The same person? No.


Fuck, how did she reconcile what her body knew with what her brain told her?

Could the man up there possibly be the same one she’d shared an afternoon of decadent sex with?




Welcome Our Special Guest – Rachael Johns


Today I’d like to welcome to the Diva Couch a lady I met back in 2007 at my first ever Romance Writer’s of Australia conference. I’d just sold my first two books to Samhain Publishing and Rachael was an aspiring writer dreaming of the day she too could get that coveted ‘first sale’ ribbon. Well I’m so happy to say Rachael is now a Carina Press author! Please join me in welcoming Rachael today. 

Your first book One Perfect Night, was published by Carina Press in December 2011. Tell us what it’s been like transitioning from aspiring writer to published author.

BUSY!! Crazy busy in fact. One thing I thought about but didn’t completely grasp the hugeness of before selling was the work that comes AFTER a book gets accepted but prior to publication. I had planned on being 60k into a new book by the end of January, instead I’ll hit 30k if I’m lucky. Because in the time when I anticipated writing, I had rewrites for one book and edits on JILTED (which will be out in June – yes, tiny little plug)! In terms of transition, I’m not sure I still quite believe that I’ve actually achieved the first step in my dream (next step is to publish more books), so I have to keep talking to myself and telling myself that this is SERIOUS BUSINESS and it’s okay to be selfish about taking time out to do it.

 How many full manuscripts did you write before you finally hit paydirt with One Perfect Night?

Oh golly, now you’re asking! I wrote about four diabolical single titles and wrote five (I think) full novels aimed at Mills and Boon before FINALLY selling the sixth category-length attempt to Carina. I had a crazy belief that if I kept going, one day I’d make it.

Sami: and write you were (I do so love a pun)

Tell us a little about the book, and show us that gorgeous cover!

ONE PERFECT NIGHT is about Cameron and Peppa who are both wounded by their pasts. Cameron lost his beloved wife and Peppa is recovering from the most hellish of break-ups. But what I love most about the book is that Cameron  (a seemingly strong hero totally in control of his world) is so broken that he has night terrors and therefore is too scared to ever spend the whole night with a woman. When he finally wakes up at Peppa’s house, he’s freaked by the intimacy between them! And he backs away, until fate steps in and makes keeping his distance pretty much impossible!

(Sami: Here’s where you can buy One Perfect Night)

What are you working on right now?

I have two things on the go. A single title called MAN DROUGHT, about a city girl who buys a rundown country pub and ends up reviving the whole town as well as winning the heart of the frosty hero. And a shorter romance called HOLLYWOOD DREAMS, which is the second in a series I’m hoping to sell to Carina.

I’m fond of grouping my favourite things into groups of five, so I’m going to ask you do do the same

Top 5 Movies of all time:

Love Actually

Mary Poppins

How To Lose a Guy In Ten Days

The Sound of Music


*in no particular order*

Sami: Er, I’m with you on Love Actually but the others… not so much

Top 5 Foods you can’t live without:




This is really hard, can I say Chocolate again?


 Top 5 Authors:

Lisa Jewell

Jennifer Crusie

Sarah Mayberry

Susan Wiggs

Janet Evanovich

Sami: Now that’s a great list

Top Five drinks (can be alcoholic or not):

Diet Coke x FIVE! Seriously.

Okay, I like Milo and Moscato as well 🙂

Top 5 Celebrity free passes (famous hot dudes on your ‘infidelity wouldn’t count’ list, and yeah you know what that means :))

LOL!! Grant Denyer (Aussie weatherman for our international readers)

Prince William (it’s leftover from my teenage years)

Matthew McConaughey

Jude Law

Andrew Lincoln – particularly his character in Love Actually!

Sami: Wow. I really didn’t expect Grant Denyer!

Thanks for stopping by to see us today Rach!

If you want to find out more about Rachael and her books here are her contact stats:

Blog : Website: Twitter:

Who Wants A Hot, Sexy Aussie Firefighter? Or Twelve?


Cause we Divas want to give one lucky commentor just that: twelve hot, sexy, semi-nekkid Aussie firefighters. What do you have to do to be in the running for these twelve gorgeous heroes from Down Under?

Simple. Leave us a comment telling us your favourite Diva book, your favourite Diva hero and your favourite Diva cover. Three favourites. Twelve possibly firefighters just for you.

In two weeks time we’ll draw the name of the lucky winner and this…

…will be winging its way to them.


(Okay, yes, I’ll confess. I was meant to run this contest in January. But I lost the calendar and only just found it. Sorry ’bout that)

Back to school


This week, thousands of parents around New South Wales celebrated that long awaited day: First day of school. I confess, I was one of those delighted parents.

Yes, I love and adore my children. Yes, I love spending time with them, but is there a single parent out there who will argue with that old saying about too much of a good thing?

For me, the summer holidays become just that. Too much of a good thing. So you can well imagine my delight when on Tuesday morning, I pulled up outside the school, the car door opened, and Mr 7 and Mr 10 tumbled out, not to be seen again for 7 whole hours! Bliss, I tell you. Bliss.

However, back to school brought with it a couple of not so blissful issues. Issues one tends to forget about during holidays…

1) Waking up at the crack of dawn. Hate it. Always have, always will. I am not, I repeat, not, a morning person.

2) Waking the kids up half an hour after the crack of dawn. It’s an exercise in futility. Getting those two lumps out of bed on a school morning is impossible. Can someone please explain how two children who bound out of their rooms at 6am every morning in the holiday cannot get up when they have no choice?

3) Yelling like a mad woman…to get the kids dressed, their teeth cleaned, breakfasts in their bellies and the school bags packed and ready to go by 7.50. (Never happens, BTW. We have never left the house on time. Ever.)

4) School lunch. This one is possibly my pettiest pet hate of all. Those of you with a canteen in school may never experience the evils of preparing school lunch every single day of the week. Perhaps if it were just lunch, it wouldn’t be so bad. But there’s early morning nibble and mid morning snack as well. And perhaps, preparation would be easier if the two boys ate the same food. God forbid. No, there is nothing similar about the foods they eat. Nothing at all.

5) School zone speed traps. From 8 – 9.30am and from 2.30 to 4pm, these zones are enforced. Which means you have to slow down to a snail’s pace while racing to get to  school on time – or risk losing loads of points off your driver’s license.

6) Pick up. The school has a pretty cool system for picking the kids up. Instead of struggling to find a parking space in an area where there is absolutely no parking, you can line up, in your car, on the road along the side of the school. Kids are then called to your car one at a time. Which would be fantastic…if the road were long enough to fit all the cars. But it isn’t. Seriously, as soon as ten or fifteen cars have pulled up, the road is full, and you simply cannot get in line. Your only choice is to either arrive at school very early in hopes of getting a spot (and yeah, we all have time for that, don’t we?) or circle the school endlessly until the line finally diminishes and you can sneak into it.

I won’t even mention other issues, like getting the kids to bed by their bedtime, or fighting with them to do homework, or limiting their TV time during the week. Nope, I  won’t mention them at all. In fact, I might just stop talking about all these issues, because strangely, I find myself suddenly longing for the holidays again…and it’s only three days into the school term.


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