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Was that suitably poltergeisty? It’s been a teensy bit of a while since any of us blogged when we’re supposed to. This is all good news because we’ve been writing up a storm. At least I have. I can’t speak for the others maybe they’ve been goofing off.

That’s not true. Definitely not. In fact myself and Diva 1 and 2… or is that 2 and 3 or 1 and 4…? I don’t know, we’ve never bothered with numbers. Anyhoo, three of us have been working on a 3 book series that we’re going to announce here very very soon, as soon as we can share some cover love with you all.

For now I thought I’d post a few man pics, coz that’s one of my favorite things to do. A month or so back I discussed in great depth my concern that I’d turned into a dirty old woman because I was finding a lot of young guys sexy. Well, just to prove I’m not as lascivious as it might seem, I’ve decided to post a few pics of some silver foxes that make me drool… a little. Sometimes a lot.



And one more…

Tuesday’s Teaser – Spin The Bottle


Wow. Okay so you guys liked the tease I put up last time. Gonna have to dust that wip off and finish it sometime soon. 🙂

This week I’m offering a tease from my next Party Games book, Spin The Bottle. It’ll be out later in the year but for now, enjoy.


“Friends? You call those people downstairs friends?” Mac couldn’t believe she thought of that shallow bunch of celebrities as friends. “I hate to break it to you Lillian but your group of so called friends is here for one reason and one reason only.”

“Oh, and what might that be, Mackenzie?” One finely arched eyebrow rose and she crossed her arms, the skin-tight dress stretching over her breasts.

“What you can give them.” He pushed off the wall and walked towards her. “You don’t think they actually want to spend time with you, do you? They’re here to be seen. To hopefully get their photo in the Sunday paper or even better be photographed with either of the McDermott siblings.”

“That’s a very shallow view of the world I live in, Mac. But then perhaps you have intimate knowledge of the attitude.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” he spoke through clenched teeth, if she was implying he was one of those vultures who preyed on others for what they could give him he’d strangle her. Or better yet, turn her over his knee and spank her arse.

“Let’s face it, Mac, you wouldn’t be where you are today without tying yourself to Lachlan like you have all these years.”

“Why you fucking little…” Mac moved before he thought. He grabbed her upper arms and dragged her over to the bed where he sat down and pulled her over his knees.

“Let me go.” She struggled against him but he held firm. “Mac what the hell are you doing?”

“Teaching you a lesson.” He raised his hand and brought it down on her upturned arse.

“Hey!” Lilli stopped squirming.

Mac stared at his hand still resting against her. What the fuck did I just do? He looked at the curve of her hip, the slope of her backside and tried to understand what had happened. His grip loosened and she wiggled off his lap to the floor.

“I’m sorry.” He’d gone back to studying his hand as though the reason for his actions were written on his palm. “I don’t…I didn’t mean…” Mac shook his head. He had no idea what he was trying to say, what he should say other than sorry.

Lilli sat in front of him. She’d bent her knees and rested her chin on top of them. Her beautiful baby-blues looked at him with an understanding that obviously eluded him.

“Will it always be this way, Mac?”

Her question only added to his confusion. “What way?”

“Like a battle ground between us. It seems like we’re always at odds with each other.”

“All’s fair in love and war.” He tried to make a joke but it fell flat even to him.

Lilli laughed, the sound harsh and grating. “There’s never been any love where we’re concerned, only war.”

“Maybe that’s our problem.”

“What is?”

“We’ve been too busy concentrating on the war part.”

Lillian pushed to her feet and looked down at him with pity in her eyes. “I’ve never had that problem, Mackenzie.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

She turned away and strode to the door. “You’re an intelligent man, you work it out.”

The lock slid free with a click and Lilli left him sitting on the bed trying to piece together the conversation. Hell the whole last few minutes. He’d never raised a hand to anyone in his life before tonight. The occasional wrestling match with his brother or best mate didn’t count and other than that he’d never been in a fight. Not even in those rough years before his parents won all that money and sent him and Alec to private school.

Mac got up and walked over to the window. The sounds of the party raged on and the yard below seemed fuller than before. He couldn’t think straight with all this noise around him. He’d love nothing more than to jump in his car and go for a drive but he couldn’t even do that. There were at least four cars parked in front of the garage doors. Cars that belong to God knew who. With a sigh, Mac turned away and walked to the door. No point hiding out in his room, he may as well get a beer and find someone he wanted to talk to.

Lilli would be his first choice but she’d be back to avoiding him after what he’d done. Besides, they could both do with some distance. He needed to work out what she’d meant with her parting words. Maybe then he could figure out what the hell was going on other than a serious case of lust. Even now he had a hard-on thinking about her bent over his knee. Would her skin be red from his hand? His cock throbbed and his sac constricted, pulling his balls up. Jesus, what kind of sick fuck was he?


Mac and Lil have proven to be an interesting pair to write. It’s been fun getting to them as I’ve written their story.

Rhian Cahill


Endless Lust WINS for being Twisted and Scary!

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Hee. How did you like that header?

Yesterday I found out Endless Lust, my rather disturbing tale of psychotic obsession and sexual slavery, was awarded Best Horror Romance at the EPICon Awards dinner. The EPIC is the Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition and to win this award from them is, well, it’s pretty bloody incredible.

So, to celebrate, here’s a never-seen-before, unedited deleted scene. A scary one. Ready?


The stench of sex and sweat threaded through the subtle scent of linseed oil and acrylic paint hanging on the air in the room. An unnerving aroma that slipped into the body like fine mist, snaking into the pit of one’s belly to stir once deeply suppressed fantasies.

Xander Dupont didn’t suppress those fantasies any more. Not since Cate Sinclair refused his invitation for coffee. Not since he’d lost his job at Enigma.

Not since Asmodeus showed him how to experience those fantasies as if in the very flesh.

Now, thanks to the mysterious man who came to him in his home studio and called himself a Demon Form—“that is a title, thank you very much”—Xander submerged himself into his fantasies. Let them possess him. Own him.

And all it took was the stroke of his brushes on the eight-by-eight canvas Asmodeus had given him. The canvas now mounted on his old easel before him.

He glared at the thing, its virginal-white primed surface mocking the dark desires smoldering in his core.

She had always been his muse. Now, she was his subject. His movement. Van Gogh had his yellow period, XXXXX had his XXXXXX. He, Xander Dupont, would have his Cate Sinclair period.

As warned by Asmodeus, he’d started…small. An image of Cate bound naked to a whipping post, her legs splayed, granting his brushes…and then his tongue…uninterrupted access to her thighs, her cunt. A depiction of her laying stretched on his bed, her breasts flattened under his palms as he kissed her fuckable mouth. A close-up painting of his mouth on her perfect throat, sucking on her perfect flesh. A painting of her begging for more. Tonight, he’d painted her bound on a bed as he fucked her face, his dick buried to her chin, those soft full lips of hers stretched around the root of his cock. It had been his favorite work so far, his most detailed, but as he always did, once that painting was finished, once he’d “lived” the pleasure of his creation and watched his seed spurt from his hand-choked dick onto her painted likeness, he’d primed the canvas with virginal white paint ready to start again.

Cate may have denied him the fantasies he’d buried deeply in his lust for her, but now with Asmodeus’ canvas, where no one could control or cobble his imagination, she would submit to his every whim.

By Asmodeus’ insistence, he had yet to paint Cate impaled on his dick. By the man’s command, he’d yet to fully consummate his fantasy with Cate on canvas. Every time he painted her, Asmodeus told him, he captured more and more of Cate’s essence in the canvas. “It is the magic of the artwork,” the man proclaimed, black eyes burning black heat. “You draw her essence into the work and her captured essence feeds your pleasure. Eventually, when you have mastered the magic, you will be able to capture her completely and she will be yours forever. But heed me well, Xander Dupont, you cannot rush this or you will draw the attention of—”

Xander could not remember whose attention Asmodeus feared. Did it matter now? He’d been painting Cate almost non-stop since the man appeared in his studio and gave him the canvas, only once stopping to fall into an exhausted sleep. Surely if some benevolent force was going to stop him they would have done so by now?

Perhaps it is Asmodeus’ way of controlling you? Have you thought of that? Perhaps he wants Cate for himself and deigns to only weaken you until he can capture Cate for his own?

Xander stared at the white canvas before him, his cock throbbing between his thighs. Yes, that was it. How could someone give him such a gift and not want something in return? The man wanted Xander’s true love but be damned if Xander was going to let him have her. No. He wouldn’t. Besides, he couldn’t paint…small…for much longer. He wanted to feel Cate’s cunt slid over his dick and he wanted to feel it now. He needed to feel it.

Isn’t that what you gave you soul for, Xander?

The whispered question scratched at the edges of his mind but he ignored it. He didn’t need a soul when he would soon have Cate. He would own her soul. Her soul, her heart, her body…

His dick jerked at the thought. Her body. He wanted to fuck her body.

He knew exactly what he was going to paint next. A triptych of Cate Sinclair’s complete and utter enslavement. Three panels depicting his ownership of her body and soul. Three panels of her submission to his desire. Three panels of her surrender. And when the last stroke of his brush caressed her painted image, when the last drop of his seed mingled with the wet oil paint on the canvas’s wonderful surface, then she would be his. Confined forever in his painting.

He couldn’t wait any longer.

It was unfair of Asmodeus to expect him to do so.


Seven Deadly Daemons, Book Two


Cate Sinclair is ruled by lust. Day and night, awake and dreaming, an unseen force plies her with pleasure to the point of pain. Each orgasm wrenched from her exhausted body stealing her energy, her very essence, until insanity seems a sweet relief.


When Eamon enters her life, Cate’s uncertain if the gorgeous, enigmatic man is her salvation…or the cause of her worst nightmares.


Reader Advisory: Our heroine endures endless amounts of forced seduction. But how do you fight advances from an enemy you can’t see?



Love’s Rhythm Blog Tour Giveaway BEGINS Today!!

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The Nick Blackthorne World Blog Tour

Posted by Lexxie Couper on Thursday, March 15th, 2012

To celebrate Love’s Rhythm, my April 17 Samhain release I am taking Nick Blackthorne, the world’s biggest rock star and book’s hero, on a World Blog Tour.

There will be prizes aplenty along the way, as well as a GRAND PRIZE drawn on the 16th April which includes an ARC of Love’s Rhythm, as well as ecopies of Tropical Sin and Suck and Blow (the two other books Nick has made an appearance in) PLUS a Thomas Sabo black crystal charm bracelet and sterling silver guitar charm.

How do you join Nick on his World Tour? Read the Instructions below and get ready to feel the music…

***Rules and Information***

This contest runs from today (March 15) to April 15. The GRAND PRIZE will be drawn on the 16th April and announced on my blog. Individual blog prizes will be drawn on the day of the post or the next day.

Nick’s tour shall take in various blogs throughout the world and on each one, there will be a line from his Global Chart Topper, Night Whispers, revealed.

There are sixteen participating blogs. To be in the draw for the individual blog prizes (an ebook of the winner’s choice from my backlist) just leave a comment or ask me a question on the blogs.

The participating blogs are:

International Heat http://internationalheat.wordpress.com/

Smitten With Reading http://smittenwithreading.blogspot.com/ 16th March

Shelli Stevens http://www.shellistevens.com/blog/ 19th March

Cari Quinn http://cariquinn.blogspot.com.au/ 22nd March

Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews http://www.guiltypleasuresbookreviews.com 24th March

The Smutty Kitty http://thesmuttykitty.wordpress.com/ 26th March

Jess Dee http://jessdee.wordpress.com/ 29th March

Seductive Musings Book Reviews http://seductivemusings.blogspot.com.au/ 30th March

Vivian Arend http://www.vivianarend.com/blog/ 1st April

Day Drmzzz Blog http://daydrmzzz.blogspot.com.au/ 2nd April

Mari Carr http://maricarr.com/blog/ 4th April

Dee Carney http://www.deecarney.com/blog 5th April

The Smutketeers http://www.smutketeers.com/ 6-7th April

Nine Naughty Novelists http://ninenaughtynovelists.blogspot.com.au/ 9th April

Maldivian Book Reviews http://www.maldivianbookreviewer.com/ 10th April

Down Under Divas https://downunderdivas.wordpress.com/ 15th April

***To receive the GRAND PRIZE for the World Tour YOU MUST***

Comment on my blog, then go follow Nick on his tour to the other blogs and take note of the single line of lyric found somewhere on Nick’s post (remember to leave a comment if you want to go into the draw for the daily prize).

Once you’ve found at least six of the lines, email me at lexxie@lexxiecouper.com (with the subject header Nick’s World Tour) and tell me which line you found on which site.

On the 16th April I shall draw the winner from all correct entries and announce it on my blog.

Don’t know who Nick is? Here he is in a snippet from Tropical Sin

Nick Blackthorne weaved his way through the smattering of guests milling around the Bandicoot Resort’s massive reception area, a small smile curling at the corners of his mouth. It wasn’t the fact he was here, at the soft opening of the resort, that made him happy, nor the fact he was walking around without a minder or bodyguard or groupie to be seen. It was simply because the woman laughing behind him had a delightfully throaty, infectious laugh.

He stopped himself from shooting a look over his shoulder, concentrating instead on finding the correct passageway that would lead him to the Oasis Bar. He was a touch jetlagged and needed something more than coffee to wake up.

A touch? You’ve been on one plane or the other for the last three days. You’re more than jetlagged, you’re jet-freaking-dragged-through-the-turbines stoned. Besides, the need for something more than caffeine has nothing to do with jetlag. You just want to sit out in the sun and pretend you’re a normal person for a short while, don’t you?

He smiled wider. The truth was always less sensational. It had been a long time since he’d been able to sit at a bar and relax. When his agent had offered him the chance to attend the resort’s soft opening he’d jumped at it. Minimum number of guests, all hand-picked by the hotel’s manager, all—Frankie assured him—too discreet or important in their own rights to worry about him being in their presence. A nice change from where he’d just been, that was for sure.

The thought made his smile falter. A little. He wasn’t going to let his mind turn to where he’d just been. Not when he was walking through Eden.

Ah, so the romantic you used to be is still buried in that craven pit you call a soul, is he?

Behind him the woman laughed again, another low, throaty chuckle and, before he could help himself, Nick turned.


She was only a few feet behind, grinning up at a guy almost half again her height, her long, strawberry blonde hair a flaming halo in the sun’s warm rays, her pink lips stretched in a grin that said very clearly, “Yes, I am completely in charge of this situation.”

Nick let his gaze flick to her companion, noting with an experienced eye the man’s latent strength in his six-foot-plus form, his fluid, steady movements, and his utter adoration for the woman gripping his arm.

Christ, they were a sexy couple. Damn sexy.

His prick twitched in his jeans and he scowled, turning away from the young lovers. There was a time he’d have walked straight on up to them and suggested something far more depraved than either could probably imagine. Something very dirty and very enjoyable. That time had passed, however.

The woman laughed again, the delicious sound accompanied by a lower, deeper chuckle. The guy’s laugh. Relaxed. Easygoing. Coming up from his chest to slip past his lips in a humored rumble. Equally as infectious as hers.

Nick’s cock gave an eager spasm, rubbing with a certain amount of pleasant insistency against the denim of his favorite jeans.

He drove his nails into his palms and scanned the lush gardens on the other side of the glass wall. Where the hell was this bar? Somewhere outside beside a pool? He needed a drink.

No, not a drink. You need—

A face of an angel with filth on her mind,

I pray to burn in her fire.

I pray to die in her arms

The words—lyrics of a song he hadn’t written yet—whispered through Nick’s head and he raised his eyebrows, his heartbeat quickening. Just as it had been too long since he could relax in public, it had been even longer since words of music came to him. Whoever the redhead was, she stirred something in him.

Yet the arms of her lover reach out for more.

Like a sinner I will burn in his fire

I will die in his fire as she pleads for more.

Nick came to a halt, the unexpected lyrics floating through his head. It seemed they’d both stirred something in him he hadn’t felt for a long time, not just the woman.

The whisper of a rhythm teased him and he closed his eyes, a familiar sensation stirring in the pit of his gut. Carnal thoughts and lyrics? Coming to Bandicoot Cove really was a good—

“Excuse me, but can I ask you a question?”

The soft, husky voice speaking beside him could only belong to one person. Opening his eyes, Nick turned around, leaving his sunglasses firmly in place as he fixed his gaze on the flame-haired woman smiling up at him. This close she wasn’t just sexy, she was stunning. Stunning and gorgeous. As was the man standing next to her, his expression unreadable, that sleeping strength radiating from him in waves of…

Like a sinner I will burn in his fire

I will die in his fire and beg her for—

“You’re Nick Blackthorne, yes?”

The woman’s question took Nick by jarring surprise. It shouldn’t have, but with the words of a hidden song taunting him and the unexpected lick of sexual interest teasing him, he wasn’t prepared. Especially for what she said next.

“I’m McKenzie Wood from Goss Weekly.” Her clear blue eyes turned direct. Intent. “I’m wondering if you’d like to comment on your stay at the Vergnügen sex clinic in Germany?”


What do you think? Are you ready to go on tour with Nick? Head over to my blog and get ready to feel the music 🙂


Tuesday’s Teaser – WIP


I decided to pull a teaser from a wip this week. Now I began this particular story back in 2009 and never got around to finishing it so it’s obviously crap. 😆


Scott Bennett couldn’t believe he’d let Josh talk him into coming tonight. The place was jam-packed full of people, half of whom wore very little in the way of clothing, the music was attempting to break the sound barrier and the beer he’d been nursing for the last five minutes starting to go warm. What on earth could Josh have used to tempt him into coming?

A couple of dark rose spots danced in front of his eyes. Oh, yeah, he remembered now.


Easy sex.

Anonymous sex.

Hot, sweaty, no strings attached sex with a buckle bunny.

Oh, yeah!

He could do with some of that. There was just one problem. None of the buckle bunnies in the Bucking Bronc Bar looked old enough to know what sex was never mind old enough to do it legally. His cock twitched as two dark rose spots danced across his line of vision again. She might not look old enough to have sex but the big breasted blond certainly had the equipment for it. Mind you, with the way those mounds bounced they couldn’t be real. There was no give in them. Only one thing turned him off quicker than a girl, and that was a fake one.

Nope, Scott liked his women older and real. No silicon for him. The size didn’t worry him either, just so long as when you squeezed it was all woman. He liked them to be the way nature and genetics intended. He sighed and lifted his beer to his mouth, watched as the dancing rose spots got groped by some cowboy with large hands and scarred fingers. No doubt about it, he’d end up with a boner just from watching the boys and bunnies rubbing up against each other all over the room. Not exactly his idea of a good time.

Movement near the bar drew his eye and the mouthful of beer he’d just swallowed came charging back up his throat. Leaning on the bar, in the shortest, tightest denim mini he’d ever seen, was a woman. An honest to God woman. She had to be in her late twenties and her breasts were crushed into one of them singlet top things the waitresses at Hooters wore. He couldn’t quite read the writing on it but from where he sat it looked like the distinct brown owl and orange lettering made famous by the restaurant chain. No bra either. Damn, that was hot.

Her arms and legs were long and tan, smooth skin as far as the eyes could see. Hair the color of caramel swirled around her face and shoulders, feathered layers flying this way and that with every move she made. No other way to describe her other than sex on legs. Scott could easily picture those legs wrapped around his waist while he drove his cock into her wet cunt.

Pain lanced his groin. Damn. He was rock hard and hadn’t even touched her. He’d be lucky if he didn’t blow in his pants just sitting here watching her. The barman passed her a beer and she slapped some money on the bar top. Lifting the beer to her mouth, she turned to scan the room. He couldn’t make out the color of her eyes with the distance between them but he didn’t care, he wanted that steady gaze on him. He waited for her eyes to land on his side of the bar, she scanned quickly, cowboy after cowboy dismissed with just a look.

The closer her gaze got to him the tighter the tension in his body. He felt like his whole life rode on this one look. Josh stepped up to the table just as her eyes landed on it, Scott didn’t look away from her. He watched as she sized Josh up and found him lacking. Her gaze lowered and he saw the spark of interest. Her back stiffened, her shoulders pulled back and her orange splashed breasts pushed forward. He kept his eyes on hers as he raised his beer and toasted her with it. The corners of her eyes tipped up and he darted a look at her mouth.

Those red slicked lips were plump and kissable, and presently stretched in a grin that made him think he just might get lucky after all. But when she slid off the stool and started in his direction he knew he was getting lucky, because if she came over here and said one word to him there was no way he would let her walk out of this bar alone. If he had to, he’d throw her over his shoulder and carry her out of here. She didn’t know it yet but she was his. No if’s, ands or buts, he planned on spending the rest of tonight buried deep inside that tight little body until his dick refused to get hard anymore.

“Scott!” Josh yelled.


“Have you heard a word I’ve said?” Josh sighed. “Shit man, I’m going home with Stacey, just wanted to let you know in case you came looking for me.”

“Sure man, I’m fine. I think I’ll hang a bit longer.” Scott wanted Josh to go already, before sex on legs got to the table and he had to share her.

“Okay, catch ya later.” Josh turned and bumped into the guy next to him. The cowboy didn’t seem to notice, too busy with one hand up the skirt of the redhead he had in a death grip with the other arm.

Scott quickly turned back to see sex on legs take the last few steps toward him. She didn’t ask, just pulled out the chair next to him and scooted it closer to his before she perched on the edge and leaned into him.

“How ya doin’ cowboy?” Her voice slid through his veins like warm honey, heating his blood and hardening his cock.

He crowded in close, reduced the space between them to no more than a breath. “A hell of a lot better now that you’re here, Honey,” he drawled.

“I take it you’re glad to see me,” she purred.

“Oh, yeah. I’ll be even gladder when I’ve seen more of you.” Scott couldn’t believe he’d thrown it out there like that. Sure he wasn’t some smooth playboy but he usually had a little more tact and finesse to his moves.

Her eyes, the same caramel color as her hair, sparkled back at him. “I love a man that’s straight to the point.”

One finger ran alone his denim covered leg, from knee to crotch, and he thought this woman could make him come with a look. He ground his teeth together and drew in a deep breath. The smell of sweet woman and hot sex filled his nose and clouded his brain. He had to have her. Now.

“I aim to please,” he drawled.

“Well, cowboy, how about you and me get out of here and go somewhere we can get… a little more comfortable?” She’d leaned in so her lips brushed his ear as she spoke, her hair caressed the side of his neck and he had to tighten the grip on his beer until his knuckle went white. His other hand he’d wrapped around his chair in the hope of stopping himself from grabbing her and throwing her over the table, pushing that excuse for a skirt up and slamming his cock into her. It was a close call.

“Let’s go,” he growled.

Before she changed her mind he let go of his beer and chair, grabbed her hand and all but dragged her out of her seat and through the crowded bar. At the door he turned and she slammed into his chest, his arms slipped around her waist and pulled her closer.

“Do you need to tell anyone you’re going?” he asked.

She shook her head.

“Are you sure about this?” He didn’t want her to change her mind but he’d give her one more chance before they left the bar, because once they did leave there’d be no backing out.

She stood up on her toes, bringing her eye level with him, “I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life cowboy. Lead the way and I’ll follow.” Her lips brushed his with each word and trails of tingling heat followed her warm breath as it spread across his jaw.

Scott’s control snapped. He speared his tongue out and pushed at the seam of her lips, she opened for him. He plunged inside the warm, wet cavern and proceeded to taste and tease every inch of her mouth. A moan escaped one of them, which he couldn’t tell and didn’t care, she was on fire in his arms. Any second and they’d incinerate on the spot, leaving nothing but ashes. He needed to pull back, back out, slow down, there was no way he wanted to end this here. He wanted to end it with her beneath him, writhing in pleasure, screaming his name as she flew apart in his arms.

Reining back his raging blood had to be the hardest thing he’d ever done. This woman would be the death of him but hell, what a way to go. Scott watched as her eyelids fluttered open and her glazed eyes slowly came back into focus. Good, he wasn’t the only one blown away by that kiss.

“Come on, let’s get out of here.” He twined his fingers through hers and pulled her out the door.


So what do you think? Worth pulling back and finishing?

Rhian Cahill


Spaceport: Heartfelt Scoundrel

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My writing career started with erotic sci-fi and it’s a genre I keep coming back to time and again. Spaceport: Heartfelt Scoundrel is my latest dip in the sci-fi world. It’s got aliens, assassins and the sexiest space pirate since Han Solo appeared way back in 1997.

Heartfelt Scoundrel is available now from Changeling Press and if you’re in the mood for a very hot m/f/m menage this may help you out *grin*


Look up Smuggler in the Interplanetary Alliance Council’s database and you’ll find an image of Rikshor Dollavera. Research Rikshor Dollavera in the Nil-Raja Masterpleasurers’ Code Bible, and you’ll find a detailed description of his phenomenal sexual prowess.

Walk into the bar Haze, on Spaceport Adana and you’ll find the man himself, well and truly flirting his way into someone’s bed. You’ll likely find the mysterious Leatian, Eyn, at Rik’s side. Eyn’s a rival smuggler, and just as sexy.

So what happens when an AP cop comes looking for the best sex of her life and hunts Rikshor Dollavera down? A threesome beyond any of their wildest dreams. Yet everyone’s got a secret, some more dangerous than others.

And some far more erotic.




Rikshor Dollavera tossed a shot of Black Label Jamaican Rum, slammed the glass on the bar’s filthy counter, turned, and smashed his fist into the face of the irritating Mentuan slave trader waiting behind him.

The Mentuan staggered back a step, let out a gurgling yelp, and collapsed to the floor.

Silence fell over the hard partying crowd in Haze, Spaceport Adana’s most popular — and infamous — bar. As one, every life form in the bar studied the crumpled, bleeding Mentuan before sliding their collective stares to Rik.

He grinned back at them and shrugged. “He said C’Mer sounded like his tail was caught in a destabiliser.”

The kitali standing on the karaoke stage let out an indignant hiss, the Haze crowd let out a grumbled snort, the unconscious Mentuan let out a fart, and Rik turned back to his empty shot glass.

“Impressive,” a deep voice rumbled beside him.

Rik tossed back another shot. He knew that voice. Blyat, just what he needed to make his night complete. Another asshole space smuggler. “I always am, Eyn.”

The tall Leatian flipped a lock of his long silver hair over his shoulder and lifted a glass of something that looked like Raavelian gin to his lips. “Of course you are, Rikshor. Almost as impressive as me.”

Rik bit back a growl. “When did you get back on Port Adana? Ran out of life forms to piss off in the Outer Boundaries?”

Eyn took a drink from his gin before turning his ice blue eyes on Rik. “No. Just missed pissing off you.”

With a short, sharp laugh, Rik waved down the barkeeper and ordered another rum. “Gee, I’m touched. You flew all the way across deep space to see me.”

Eyn’s tall, slim body shifted, and Rik felt the man’s finely muscled arm drape around his shoulders. “I flew back to Port Adana with a cargo hull full of IAC sex toy contraband, which I just sold for a handsome number of chits. You, my friend, are just an added bonus.”

Rik shrugged off Eyn’s arm. The IAC had banned all sexual aids in its Purification Act. Getting caught with a cargo full of them was instant execution. Rik had smuggled his own fair share in his time. Eyn however, had smuggled more. And let Rik know it every chance he could.

With a nod at the barkeeper filling his glass, Rik turned to Eyn. “Any chance you’re going to fuck off and stop annoying me any time tonight?”

Eyn smiled, his lips curling with genuine mirth. “None at all.”

Rik chuckled. “Didn’t think so.”

The two smugglers drank in silence for a moment, the sounds of C’Mer singing Cat Scratch Fever in the background soothing Rik’s irritated nerves. It wasn’t that he didn’t like Eyn; it was just that the damn Leatian always seemed to know exactly what Rik was planning and beat him to it almost every fucking time. And whenever Eyn turned up on Port Adana, Rik ended up in the space station’s grimiest cell for at least twenty-four hours.

“So, save any Old Earth virgins of late?”

Eyn’s question made Rik laugh. The Old Earth virgin hadn’t been a virgin, and Rik had only partially saved her, but he wasn’t telling Eyn that. Throwing back the remainder of his rum, he ordered another and turned to face his rival, ready to tell him exactly how delectable the Old Earth virgin had been, when his stare fell on something far, far more delectable.

She stood at Haze’s entry way, her lushly curved body covered in skin-tight black leather, her eyes brilliant jade, her glossy violet hair pulled back in a severe, no-nonsense ponytail. She surveyed the crowd with a slow turn of her head and it wasn’t until she was looking at C’Mer on the karaoke stage, presenting Rik her side profile, that he saw the intricate tattoo of a serpent lacing up the column of her neck.

He let out a low groan. He knew that tat. It was the one favoured by Allied Planet Enforcers assigned to IAC Patrol, the AP cops who took down corrupt Inter Planetary Councilmen. If the goddess in leather with the sinfully wicked hair was a Disposer, it meant she had a brain just as sublimely sexy as her body.

Rik touched the tip of his tongue to the edge of his teeth. He had to have her. “She’s mine.”

Rik started at Eyn’s muttered statement, swinging his stare from the vision in the doorway to the Leatian beside him. “You claiming prior ownership? Or issuing a challenge?”

Eyn’s ice blue gaze raked over the AP Enforcer, his pale skin shimmering with the faint pearlescent blue that indicated his species was prime for mating. “Issuing a challenge.” He turned back to Rik and gave him a wide grin. “You accepting?”

Rik cocked an eyebrow. “I make her scream my name first, I get the credits you got from your sex toy job.”

Eyn raised his own eyebrow. “I get her to scream my name first, I get the credits from your last sex toy job. Over forty-two thousand credits, if my source is correct?”

Rik nodded. “Your source is. And I trust you know I’ll have your exact payment number in my “files” before the night is over?”

Eyn nodded back. “I do.”

Rik grinned. “We have a deal then.”

Eyn spat on the palm of his hand and held it out to Rik. “We do.”

Rik completed the age-old action and then pushed himself from the bar. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a cop to seduce.”




You can buy Heartfelt Scoundrel here at Changeling Press

Lovin’ e books


I first discovered e books way back in about 1999. Back then there were only a few publishers selling in digital format and the product wasn’t exactly high tech. I remember saving the ebooks I bought onto a floppy disk (ha!), they were word documents that had not been edited as well as they should have. While I enjoyed discovering this new range of stories, finding a gem amongst the rough was as time consuming as… well, finding a gem amongst rocks. I kind of dismissed this new book format as a fad. No way would it ever be as popular as good old fashioned paper books.

That was before technology took off in ways I hadn’t expected. In the old milenium, I would never have guessed by 2012 personal reading devices would be small enough to fit in the average handbag, or that you’d be able to download books direct to the device without the middle man of the hard drive to slow things up. Did I envisage the ipad? No way. But Steve Jobs did and now everyone is in love with all things i… technology that can, amongst other things, enable people to carry their entire bookshelf around with them wherever they go.

In 2006 I has a baby at home who slept a couple of hours a day (oh, those where the days), and I decided to check out this e publishing thing again. I had a book that hadn’t found a home anywhere else because of a variety of reasons. Hero not alpha enough (aka not rich or Greek enough :)), setting not urban, and my personal favorite NOT SUITABLE FOR ANY OF OUR LINES. So that took traditional print publishing this book right off the table. And you know what? I’m glad because it made me take another look at e publishing, and boy had it changed. Publishers were looking a lot more professional, the product was professionally edited, it was easier than ever to download and save the stories. In short, I fell in love with the idea and when I went to Samhain Publishing’s site I fell in love with them too. Their tagline “It’s all about the story” gave me hope that my hero, my setting, my voice, might get a fair hearing. So I revised Born Again Virgin once again and sent it in.

The rest, as they say, is history. I love being part of the e publishing revolution and the freedom it has given me to try different storylines and character types has made my writing expand as I never would have dreamed. This week is e book appreciation week in the Samhain Cafe and I’m heading over there now to celebrate with readers who love e books as much as I do.

For nostalgia’s sake, here’s an excerpt from my first ever e published novel, Born Again Virgin:

She turned as he entered the kitchen. His expression taut, his shoulders tense with restraint, he asked, “Have you ever heard the expression, might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb?”

“Ah, yes.”

“Well, I figure this is one of those situations.” He took a few, seemingly casual steps. But there was nothing casual in his heated expression as he drew near. Kelsey’s knees weakened and she clutched the solid steel of the kitchen sink for support. “You hate me enough to slap me right about now, so making you hate me a little bit more isn’t gonna make much difference, is it?”

She recognized the intent in his eyes a moment before he acted. It wasn’t enough time to stop him. Before she could even gasp, KD hauled her into his arms, crushing her already aching breasts against the hard wall of his chest and covering her mouth with his.

The first few moments were pure shock, adrenaline coursing through her. She had a too-fleeting thought of resisting, but couldn’t for the life of her remember all her sensible reasons for doing so. His lips, after taking their initial, indelicate, possession of hers, softened, turning warm and persuasive. Kelsey found herself sighing involuntarily and, darn it, letting him kiss her.

His tongue brushed across her bottom lip with a feathery caress. Heat erupted with a volcanic rush from the pit of her stomach, bursting through her blood and turning her to liquid fire. There was no possible way she could extract herself from the tender prison formed by the arm that moved to draw her closer to his body and the hand that splayed, gently massaging, through the hair at her nape. Her mind wouldn’t let her think of how to do it.

Might as well be hung for a sheep, Kelsey thought in capitulation and stood on tiptoes so she could wind her arms around KD’s neck and leaned into the kiss.

He made a deep, guttural sound that sent a vibration through her. His arm tightened around her, his hand moving to the small of her back. It slipped beneath the cotton of her tank top, the warmth of his palm searing her skin.

Their tongues moved to greet each other. He tasted faintly like pepper and Chardonnay—or was that her? Kelsey felt drunk again, her head swimming with the all-consuming awareness of being kissed like she’d never been kissed, by a man who knew just how to do it.

His fingers found their way to the back hook of her bra and toyed with it almost absently, alternatively slipping beneath the strap and moving away, as though he were of two minds about what to do with the so easily attained access to her underclothes. Kelsey felt the imprint of KD’s arousal against the softness of her stomach and knew his hesitation had nothing to do with a lack of desire. The knowledge of his state of need had Kelsey pressing against him, her breasts crushed to his chest, their peaks firm and tingling as she whimpered into his mouth.

Abruptly KD pulled back, drawing in great gulps of air as he looked down. The look of bright amazement in his eyes seemed to hold a mirror to her feelings. “Kelsey,” he said. Just that, just her name, but the thick emotion of his voice seemed to say a thousand things that every cell in her body understood implicitly.

 “…emotionally intense, light-hearted action which was attention-grabbing and sensual at the same time. Her main characters were so real it was as if I knew them personally… I could not put the book down.”

4.5 hearts, Brenda, TRS, for Born Again Virgin




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