My writing career started with erotic sci-fi and it’s a genre I keep coming back to time and again. Spaceport: Heartfelt Scoundrel is my latest dip in the sci-fi world. It’s got aliens, assassins and the sexiest space pirate since Han Solo appeared way back in 1997.

Heartfelt Scoundrel is available now from Changeling Press and if you’re in the mood for a very hot m/f/m menage this may help you out *grin*


Look up Smuggler in the Interplanetary Alliance Council’s database and you’ll find an image of Rikshor Dollavera. Research Rikshor Dollavera in the Nil-Raja Masterpleasurers’ Code Bible, and you’ll find a detailed description of his phenomenal sexual prowess.

Walk into the bar Haze, on Spaceport Adana and you’ll find the man himself, well and truly flirting his way into someone’s bed. You’ll likely find the mysterious Leatian, Eyn, at Rik’s side. Eyn’s a rival smuggler, and just as sexy.

So what happens when an AP cop comes looking for the best sex of her life and hunts Rikshor Dollavera down? A threesome beyond any of their wildest dreams. Yet everyone’s got a secret, some more dangerous than others.

And some far more erotic.




Rikshor Dollavera tossed a shot of Black Label Jamaican Rum, slammed the glass on the bar’s filthy counter, turned, and smashed his fist into the face of the irritating Mentuan slave trader waiting behind him.

The Mentuan staggered back a step, let out a gurgling yelp, and collapsed to the floor.

Silence fell over the hard partying crowd in Haze, Spaceport Adana’s most popular — and infamous — bar. As one, every life form in the bar studied the crumpled, bleeding Mentuan before sliding their collective stares to Rik.

He grinned back at them and shrugged. “He said C’Mer sounded like his tail was caught in a destabiliser.”

The kitali standing on the karaoke stage let out an indignant hiss, the Haze crowd let out a grumbled snort, the unconscious Mentuan let out a fart, and Rik turned back to his empty shot glass.

“Impressive,” a deep voice rumbled beside him.

Rik tossed back another shot. He knew that voice. Blyat, just what he needed to make his night complete. Another asshole space smuggler. “I always am, Eyn.”

The tall Leatian flipped a lock of his long silver hair over his shoulder and lifted a glass of something that looked like Raavelian gin to his lips. “Of course you are, Rikshor. Almost as impressive as me.”

Rik bit back a growl. “When did you get back on Port Adana? Ran out of life forms to piss off in the Outer Boundaries?”

Eyn took a drink from his gin before turning his ice blue eyes on Rik. “No. Just missed pissing off you.”

With a short, sharp laugh, Rik waved down the barkeeper and ordered another rum. “Gee, I’m touched. You flew all the way across deep space to see me.”

Eyn’s tall, slim body shifted, and Rik felt the man’s finely muscled arm drape around his shoulders. “I flew back to Port Adana with a cargo hull full of IAC sex toy contraband, which I just sold for a handsome number of chits. You, my friend, are just an added bonus.”

Rik shrugged off Eyn’s arm. The IAC had banned all sexual aids in its Purification Act. Getting caught with a cargo full of them was instant execution. Rik had smuggled his own fair share in his time. Eyn however, had smuggled more. And let Rik know it every chance he could.

With a nod at the barkeeper filling his glass, Rik turned to Eyn. “Any chance you’re going to fuck off and stop annoying me any time tonight?”

Eyn smiled, his lips curling with genuine mirth. “None at all.”

Rik chuckled. “Didn’t think so.”

The two smugglers drank in silence for a moment, the sounds of C’Mer singing Cat Scratch Fever in the background soothing Rik’s irritated nerves. It wasn’t that he didn’t like Eyn; it was just that the damn Leatian always seemed to know exactly what Rik was planning and beat him to it almost every fucking time. And whenever Eyn turned up on Port Adana, Rik ended up in the space station’s grimiest cell for at least twenty-four hours.

“So, save any Old Earth virgins of late?”

Eyn’s question made Rik laugh. The Old Earth virgin hadn’t been a virgin, and Rik had only partially saved her, but he wasn’t telling Eyn that. Throwing back the remainder of his rum, he ordered another and turned to face his rival, ready to tell him exactly how delectable the Old Earth virgin had been, when his stare fell on something far, far more delectable.

She stood at Haze’s entry way, her lushly curved body covered in skin-tight black leather, her eyes brilliant jade, her glossy violet hair pulled back in a severe, no-nonsense ponytail. She surveyed the crowd with a slow turn of her head and it wasn’t until she was looking at C’Mer on the karaoke stage, presenting Rik her side profile, that he saw the intricate tattoo of a serpent lacing up the column of her neck.

He let out a low groan. He knew that tat. It was the one favoured by Allied Planet Enforcers assigned to IAC Patrol, the AP cops who took down corrupt Inter Planetary Councilmen. If the goddess in leather with the sinfully wicked hair was a Disposer, it meant she had a brain just as sublimely sexy as her body.

Rik touched the tip of his tongue to the edge of his teeth. He had to have her. “She’s mine.”

Rik started at Eyn’s muttered statement, swinging his stare from the vision in the doorway to the Leatian beside him. “You claiming prior ownership? Or issuing a challenge?”

Eyn’s ice blue gaze raked over the AP Enforcer, his pale skin shimmering with the faint pearlescent blue that indicated his species was prime for mating. “Issuing a challenge.” He turned back to Rik and gave him a wide grin. “You accepting?”

Rik cocked an eyebrow. “I make her scream my name first, I get the credits you got from your sex toy job.”

Eyn raised his own eyebrow. “I get her to scream my name first, I get the credits from your last sex toy job. Over forty-two thousand credits, if my source is correct?”

Rik nodded. “Your source is. And I trust you know I’ll have your exact payment number in my “files” before the night is over?”

Eyn nodded back. “I do.”

Rik grinned. “We have a deal then.”

Eyn spat on the palm of his hand and held it out to Rik. “We do.”

Rik completed the age-old action and then pushed himself from the bar. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a cop to seduce.”




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