Was that suitably poltergeisty? It’s been a teensy bit of a while since any of us blogged when we’re supposed to. This is all good news because we’ve been writing up a storm. At least I have. I can’t speak for the others maybe they’ve been goofing off.

That’s not true. Definitely not. In fact myself and Diva 1 and 2… or is that 2 and 3 or 1 and 4…? I don’t know, we’ve never bothered with numbers. Anyhoo, three of us have been working on a 3 book series that we’re going to announce here very very soon, as soon as we can share some cover love with you all.

For now I thought I’d post a few man pics, coz that’s one of my favorite things to do. A month or so back I discussed in great depth my concern that I’d turned into a dirty old woman because I was finding a lot of young guys sexy. Well, just to prove I’m not as lascivious as it might seem, I’ve decided to post a few pics of some silver foxes that make me drool… a little. Sometimes a lot.



And one more…