Keziah left her career in the criminal justice system to live in the beautiful Blue Mountains and spend as much time as she can crafting her evocative, erotic stories. Please join me in welcoming her to the blog today.

Keziah, I love your name. Can you tell me what it means?

Keziah was the second beautiful daughter of Job in the Book of Job. It’s a bit of a family name since it’s my Great-Great-Grandmother’s name. Our family didn’t know the correct spelling until I did some research so one of my cousins has Cassia as her second name, which is rather lovely too.

You live in the Blue Mountains, a beautiful part of the country just west of Sydney. Do you find the area inspiring?

I do indeed. The Blue Mountains has seasons which having been born and bred in Sydney I really appreciate. I hate hot, humid weather so the cold agrees with me. I’m a keen gardener so being able to grow a lot of cold climate plants is a great joy. But I have to admit I don’t walk enough which is one of the best things about living in the mountains.

Do you have a day to day writing schedule or do you fit in the words wherever you can (like so many of us!)

I get up every week day at about 5.45am and stare at the computer with varying degrees of productivity. Perversely, I find myself more productive on the three days I have to go to work. The other two days can disappear because they lack structure. I’m thinking of finding a nice quiet place away from my house with no internet connection. I’ve spent so much of my life going to work so I think I have to create that for my writing days.

You’ve written books for Cobblestone Press in the past and now you’ve turned your hand to self publishing (we’re going to talk a little about what you write in a minute). How do the two experiences compare from an author’s perspective?

Self-publishing is great because you have control over your product. There is a great sense of achievement knowing you’ve done all the work. But the promotion is hard work and I’m still worried about publishing a manuscript that hasn’t had a professional editor go over it. That can be quite an investment. Okay for short pieces but for a complex single title professional editing is a must.

Being published by a publishing company has definite benefits in relation to promotion but you still have to do a fair bit anyway.

You’ve written a lot, from short stories to novels. What’s your favourite book or story from all that you’ve written?

That’s a difficult question. I like my latest, Chains of Revenge a lot because the hero is so tortured. But one of my favorites is a short story called Laying Down the Law because it’s very tongue in cheek. Stolen sex toys and cops. You can find the link to it on my website.

So your latest is called Chains of Revenge. Tell us a little about it.

Here’s the blurb.

Lissa, Princess of Horvald, loved and lost her slave in chains ten long years ago. Then she was spoiled and selfish, thinking she could bend a warrior of Catiscal to her will. But time and adversity has changed her into a leader, prepared to give herself to the Warlord Death in order to save her people.

 Will he accept her sacrifice? Or will his need for revenge blind him to the insidious chains of love wrapping around him? Chains even a powerful Warlord can’t resist. Or can he?

 I had a lot of fun writing this. Lissa and Devadas struggled but got their HEA in the end.

Chains of Revenge is available at Amazon and at Smashwords. I just love that cover!

Just for Fun:

Five favourite foods: Chocolate (of course), roast pork with crackling, raspberries, beef rendang (preferably made by my brother-in-law), prawns. Hmm. There’s a serious absence of vegetables here.

Five authors you are totally jealous of: Loretta Chase, Harlan Coban, Shana Abe, JD Robb and my obsession of the moment Tana French an Irish crime writer.

Top 5 movies of all time: Don’t know about all time, but ones that spring to mind are To Kill a Mockingbird; Burnt by the Sun; Grosse Point Blank; North by North West and a German film called Farewell, Stranger about a couple who had an intense affair while not sharing a language.

A fellow Grosse Point Blank fan. Yay!

5 musicians whose work inspires you (or just makes you dance): Bruce Springsteen (yeah, OK I’m a woman of a certain age :)), Adele, Ellen McIlwaine, kd lang, Ella Fitzgerald.

Top 5 men you’d give it all up for: George Clooney (in a heart beat!), Sean Penn, Barack Obama, Paul Newman (if he was still alive), Bruce Springsteen (there’s a theme here). I’d seriously give it all up to kd too. And Catherine Zeta Jones. And then there’s Christina Hendricks…

Thanks for joining us today Keziah!