This year a began a new trend on my Jess Dee blog. I decided to blog every Friday, using the blog theme: “Currently Loving.”

All it is is posting something I’m currently loving so much, I just wanna talk about it.

Well, that lasted maybe a month, and then, like the slacker I am, I completely forgot about it, and stopped blogging every Friday. But in the car the other day, I heard a song that made me stop and listen. It was absolutely gorgeous. A few days later I heard the song again, and was once again struck but how insanely beautiful it was. And the voice of the singer? WOW! He could be a character in one of my Speed books.

So, I felt it only right to post the song here, at the Divas, on my regular Thursday spot, and title the post “Currently Loving.” I bet after hearing James Morrison sing, you’ll love the song too!

(Please ignore the annoying advert before the song begins:)

Stunning, huh?