So what to you all think of the new look? Sami did a great job. The rest of us Divas that her. Actually we’re all really grateful she decided to do it herself. 🙂 As Sami mentioned earlier in the week my schedule was a nightmare for blogging on Tuesday’s so we swapped. Of course it’s now Saturday and I swapped for Friday……..yeah, yeah, I know. I suck. 😆 But here’s the thing. I’ve got nothing to blog about. 😦

Oh wait! I’ve got a release date announcement!

Yep. My editor informed me that Spin The Bottle will release September 25. Yay! *happy dances* I don’t have office blurb or cover art or excerpt….but here’s the ‘unofficial’ blurb and an unedited ‘unofficial’ snippet. 🙂

Spin The Bottle: Party Games Book 4 – Available Sept. 25

Lillian McDermott has it all. Money, looks and a career most women would kill for. But the one thing she really wants doesn’t even know she exists—Mackenzie Harris. Her brother’s best friend, Mac sees her only as a surrogate little sister. After years of waiting Lil has had enough. She’s going to rock Mac’s world until he can’t ignore her ever again.

Mackenzie isn’t blind to Lilli and he never has been. But no best mate screws around with a little sister. No matter how hot she makes him. No matter how much he wants to be the man on her arm. This time she’s gone too far and he won’t back away from what she’s started.

With one spin of the bottle these two friends will become lovers and everything they ever believed about each other will change.


Lillian knew who it was the second he touched her. Mac. The familiar feel and scent of him were imbedded in every cell of her being, branded like the signature of a master painter, only no one else could see the mark. His arm slid around her waist from behind and yanked her back against him. Lil sucked in a breath as warm air rushed over her neck and his lips brushed the outer curve of her ear. She shivered. A delicate quake that shimmied from her head to her toes.

“You’re not getting away from me this time, Lilli.” He wrapped his other arm around her middle and spooned her body with his.

“Mac.” Lillian straightened her spine, tried to put space between them but Mac tightened his grip keeping their bodies pressed together.

“Watch the game. Things are about to get interesting.” His words, whispered against her ear, sent a shower of warmth down her back.

Heat radiated off him and soaked all the way through to her bones. She couldn’t stop her muscles from softening, couldn’t prevent herself from melting into his embrace. Lil focused on the game in front of her but she didn’t really see it. The room and people filling it faded out as her mind zeroed in on the pounding of Mac’s heart as it beat a steady tattoo along her back. Each thump hammered home the knowledge that this man could ask for anything and she’d be powerless to refuse.

He took a step backwards, tugging her with him as he moved to the rear of the crowded room. They could still see the game but Lil no longer paid attention. How could she when Mac’s fingers were stroking her flesh through the thin material of her dress? The silky cloth sliding over her skin added to his sensual caress and fired starbursts of sensation through every nerve ending. His hand slid higher until his fingers brushed the underside of her breast. Her nipples pebbled and goose bumps sprang up, like waves on sand, the tiny mounds of awareness rippled back and forth as Lil’s body flushed with arousal.

Mac dipped his other hand lower. He palmed her hip before inching his way to the hem of her little black dress and slipping questing fingers up the back of her thigh. Lil’s knees shook as he teased her with a barely-there touch. She sank her teeth into her bottom lip to stifle the moan bubbling in her throat. His fingertips skimmed over the seam between her arse and leg, the stroke light, her reaction anything but. Her hips bucked, drove her buttocks into the cradle of his pelvis and the hard ridge of his cock pressed between her cheeks, the material of their clothes not hiding the evidence of his desire.

Lillian whimpered when Mac thrust forward. He cupped her breast and tweaked her nipple, the hard pinch turning the nub into a throbbing point of need. The hand beneath her skirt pushed higher, his fingertips probing the crease between her legs from behind. Moisture soaked her underwear, the thin strip of her thong no barrier to the flood of arousal he was drawing from her core. Mac nuzzled the side of her neck, his lips and tongue dancing on the sensitive area below her ear.

His grip on her breast tightened and the hand beneath her dress grew more daring. With ease, Mac pulled aside her underwear and strummed the slick folds of her pussy. Lil gasped as her body jolted with the electric touch. He probed deeper and she shifted her feet to part her legs. Her hands came up to grip his forearm and her elbow jabbed the man beside them. The sudden reminder of where they were—that they weren’t alone—worked better than a bucket of cold water dumped over her head.

Rhian Cahill