You might read this title and think the reason I love Barnes and Noble is because last year, while in the States, my family and I spent a wonderful fall afternoon whiling away the hours in the B&N on 5th Ave in New York. We hadn’t intended to spend the afternoon there. We just popped in to look around and find a few books for the kids to read, and three hours later we found ourselves sitting in the coffee shop, all of us reading and enjoying a drink, with no thought about leaving anytime soon. Perhaps the afternoon was so enjoyable because we just don’t have book stores like that in Sydney anymore Not since Borders closed down. Now when I book shop I do it on the net. So an afternoon in my favorite kind of store, doing my favorite things was indeed a treat. Anyway, you may think that’s my reason for declaring my undying love for B&N, but you’d be wrong.

You also may think I appreciate this major bookstore because it provides competition for Amazon. Yep, I’m pretty unimpressed with Amazon at the moment. Now that they have all those millions of readers using Kindle, they seem to be having NO problem putting up the prices of their ebooks. Seriously, I never thought I’d say this, but it’s becoming too damn expensive to buy an ebook there. So yay B&N for having consistently lower prices. Now, if you could just import your Nooks and books here to Australia, I’d be ecstatic. However… no matter how ecstatic I’d be, this isn’t the reason I’ve fallen hopelessly in love with B&N.

No, the real reason I love this bookshop is because…Office Affair is flying out of their doors. Last week a miracle of kinds happened. Office Affair hit the B&N Nook bestseller list. Much to my stunned surprised, it crept into the Top 100. Hello? The top 100? That is freaking awesome. Some of my books have hit bestseller lists on Amazon, but I have never had a Top 100 on Nook.

Then something even more amazing happened. Office Affair hit the Top 25 at Nook. Um, hello? My book in the top 25? Not possible. Then…the IMPOSSIBLE happened. It hit the Top 15. May I just state that at this time I was unable to breath. In fact, since the book hit the Top 100, my lungs have been acting funny. I haven’t gotten an adequate breath of oxygen in a week.

Here’s the astounding part. Not only did Office Affair hit a high of No 12 on the site, it was also featured on the Nook Home Page…UNDER FREAKING BESTSELLERS!!! And that just blows my mind.

As I write this post, Office Affair is spending (what I suspect) is its last day (maybe even hour) on the home page. It’s fallen now to now 26. (Yeah, I refresh the darn page every hour. I am that obsessed.) But may I just say, this has been the ride of my life. I’m okay with not breathing properly, especially if this is the cause.

Thank you to Barnes And Noble Nook Books and thank you to all you readers who have bought the book. You have made me a very happy, albeit very teary, writer.