It’s Friday of a very long week for me as a mother. Actually, it’s been a really, really long month. *sigh* First both the Princesses developed nasty chest and throat infections and while suffering the illness of the damned both had to have wisdom teeth extracted. Princess One’s procedure was quite simple. One tooth. Princess & the Pea however had to have all four of hers removed so we chose to do it under a general but as she had a throat infection……yeah, that was put off until yesterday. Which went exceedingly well and today she’s in a little pain but honestly the girl either isn’t suffering that much or has one hell of a pain threshold. Mean while, not to be left out, The Kid was playing tug-of-war last week at school. With a stick. You know as parents we tell our kids not to play with sticks because they might poke an eye out but did you ever consider what other calamities may occur? I certainly hadn’t but leave it to The Kid to show me the possibilities. After a short game he took a trip to sick bay who of course rang me and I immediately took him to our doctor. Three stitches later……we went home. Seven days later the stitches were removed to find the finger hadn’t fallen off in spite of the disgusting smell of his bandage and the wound had in fact healed perfectly. The Kid of course is constantly ‘checking out’ his new scar. I swear, if The Kid had of been the first he’d have been the last. Lucky for the other three. 🙂

So today I’m exhausted. EXHAUSTED!! I can’t find the energy for anything. Including blogging. So I’m gonna give you some pix for the weekend instead.

Oh man. There’s something to be said for a good set of abs…….*fans self*

Rhian Cahill