I read a book recently that kinda annoyed me. I’m not going to name it or the author. The book was well written and for the most part I enjoyed the read. Except for this one thing that stuck in my craw.


We have a female character who takes exception to the constant parade of ‘bimbos’ who throw themselves at the hero. He was famous so these are groupie types we’re talking about. Okay, fair enough. I was even okay with her badmouthing these other women because who wouldn’t be annoyed if while on a date with a man some random woman tried to flash him her boobs?

Move on to the story. This woman went on to sleep with the hero anywhere and everywhere from the first day they met and onwards. She later agrees—nay asks—to have a group thing with him and his two hot friends. She spends the weekend getting drunk on tequila and taking it six way til Sunday from these three guys. Okay, fair enough. In real life I probably wouldn’t go that far but I wouldn’t judge anyone else for doing it. Whatever makes you happy and all that.

Now here’s the annoying part. Our hero, who was admittedly a bit of a douchebag, compares our heroine to a groupie because of all she’s done with him and his buddies. She takes offense, and I mean major offense. How dare he compare her to those ho bags! I’m nothing like them!

Except that she slept with the hero within hours of meeting him and then proceeded to fuck every one of his friends. How is that not kinda groupie-ish? Even, dare I say, slutty?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a fan of labelling women for their behaviour. I hate words like skank or slut or ho. What annoyed me on this occasion is that the character spent the first two chapters of the book labelling these groupies with just those sorts of words because they wore short skirts and made no secret of their desire to have sex with the hero. Then she put on a figure hugging tank top and banged not only the hero but his two friends, repeatedly. How is she not the same as the very women she criticises? And how are those women so much worse than the hero, who in the past freely took them up on their offers of casual sex? How come she had no problem with him?

Ah, that old chestnut. If a woman plays she’s a skank. If a man does it, he’s a legend. Like I said, this issue tends to stick in my craw.

So tell me, have you ever been annoyed like this by a novel? What are your pet peeves?