It’s my Princess’s birthday today—she has graduated from being Princess 6 to Princess 7. My oh my how they grow up fast. I was writing a post the other day about how motherhood has changed me and it ended up getting all deep and meaningful, with some sad stuff in there because sometimes motherhood can be oh let’s just say trying, shall we? But as it’s my eldest baby’s special day, I thought I’d turn my focus to the good, the great and the beautiful.

5 things about being a mother that rock:

  1. Being able to go to the cinema to see an animated movie without being looked at like you’re weird (this holidays Ice Age 4 and Brave, here we come)
  2. It’s taught me tolerance—tolerance for other people’s children when they’re throwing a tantrum in the middle of the supermarket, tolerance for pain (before my root canal it was described to me by someone I work with [note: a male someone] as the worst pain he’d ever experienced. I had my root canal and… meh. It wasn’t pleasant but, dude, I was in labor for 17hrs then I had to have my uterus cut open and a small human being dragged out of it. I then had to try and breastfeed that human until my nipples bled, all without anything stronger than mild Panadol so I didn’t drug my newborn. Your root canal? Gimmie a break)
  3. Having your 7yr old ask you stuff like this, with complete ingenuousness: “Mummy, if my wobbly tooth falls out on my birthday, will I get an extra super special surprise?” So cute 🙂
  4. Getting to make up the tooth fairy’s rules to suit your situation. “Maybe, sweetie, but don’t try and pull it out. I’m pretty sure the super special surprise wouldn’t count unless the tooth falls out by itself.”  [The tooth fairy is dealing with a super special birthday cake bake-a-thon and a fairy themed afternoon tea for 10 7yr olds this week. She does not need the added pressure of a super special surprise to deal with]
  5. Having your gorgeous daughters make little crafty things for you that say things like ‘you are the best mum in the whole wide world’. I’m pretty sure she’s biased, but I’ll take it.