I’ve been pondering heroes of late. I’ve written quite a few Alpha male heroes (Lachlan McDermott from Twister is a prime example) and more than one Omega hero, that “last of his kind, rebellious anti-hero as well (think Marshall Rourke from Savage Transformation or Torrin Kerridon from The Sun Sword), but I’m finding myself drawn more and more to the Geeky hero. I’m blaming Zachary Levi from Chuck, but it’s likely this attraction goes as far back as Spider-Man’s alias, Peter Parker (Spider-Man was my favourite comic superhero when I was a kid).

So what is it about the geek that is so sexy to me? A combination of things.

1/ Brains.

Yes, the geek is brainy. But unlike the nerd it’s a commonsense intelligence. A geek may not necessarily know how to pull apart and rebuild a supercomputer, but they will be able to tell you who which is the right computer for you, why it’s the right computer and – just out of interest – which of the Eleven Doctors used said computer to defeat the 14th Dalek attack. A geek will also be able to have a normal conversation without resorting to obscure science reference…or World of Warcraft references (although the latter may happen occasionally)

2/ Popular Culture.

Geeks know what the TARDIS stands for. Geeks know what Optimus Prime did with the Matrix. Geeks know the significance of every line uttered in Community. Geeks can talk for hours about the virtues of the new Star Trek timeline. Geeks prefer Patrick Stewart as Professor X or Picard, but are quite happy to watch him in Hamlet (Shakespeare is, after all, the Elizabethean version of popular culture gold). All this is very important. Why? Because today, more than ever, populare culture shapes this global village we live in. And you want to know your lover/boyfriend/mate/partner can respond to an insult with that most perfect line from Shaun of the Dead, F*ck-A-Doodle-Do!

3/ Physical strength

Most geeks aren’t shut-ins. They get out. They get fit. They get sun. It’s just that they also love BSG, know their Q from their Q (oooh, can get that reference?) and can quote The Dark Knight at any given time. Oh and they can look real good in a T-shirt 😉

4/ Glassess

Geeks know how to rock a pair of horn-rims. Case closed.


So, with all this in mind, I think I’m come to the realisation I will be writing a geek hero very very soon. In fact, soon enough I even know his name. World, get ready for Xavier Knight, the sexiest geek on the planet….