So I was going to blog yesterday, Friday’s my day after all, but I kinda got sidetracked. By this guy –

Let me introduce Lucas Wilhelm. For those that have read Lexxie’s Twister the name might ring a bell or two. 🙂 For those that haven’t he’s the head of McDermott Media Corp Security and at 6’5″ he’s certainly a head above most. 😆

Now you might be asking why I got distracted by a character out of the Party Games series when the 4th book is already done and dusted, and you know I’d be asking the same thing but I’ve got an inside scoop so I know that as of this week there will definitely be more Party Games books. Lexxie and I have tossed the idea around some but nothing concrete was ever put down until this guy distracted me. I know, tough job but someone’s gotta do it. *sigh* It’s okay, I’ll take one for the team. 😆

Anyway, exclusive to our Diva fans, a snippet of the wip Party Games #5 –

(Unedited of course)

Lucas watched Cassandra Moreland walk away. The word ran slid through his mind but Cassie wasn’t the type of woman to run from anything or anyone. Hell, if he didn’t know better he’d think she actually had a set of balls in those sexy black pants of hers. A smile tugged at his mouth and it took more than the usual effort to keep his face impassive. He was going to enjoy tangling with little miss in-charge. Surveying the crowd Lucas doubted she’d be getting anyone out of here anytime soon. Not without pulling the fire alarm and starting the sprinkler system. Eyeing the couple in the far corner he wondered if a drenching wasn’t exactly what this party needed.

There were sweaty half naked bodies all over the house. All gyrating to the pounding beat of the music thumping through the wireless speakers in a very adult bump and grind that was more sex than dance. Lucas shook his head and moved through the room towards the front of the house. Spotting two of his men he motioned them over so he could give them orders.

“Where do you want us boss?”

“I need the backyard and deck cleared. Herd everyone into the house and shut the doors.” If they could slowly push everyone out the front door it would help Cassie, not that he expected her to be happy with him lending a hand. His lips curled. He looked forward to the argument they would surely be having in the next little while. “And when you’re done out there start moving everyone into the front rooms.”

“On it, Mr. Wilhelm.”

Lucas hated it when his men called him Mr. Wilhelm. He always had the urge to look over his shoulder for his father. Stifling the action, he nodded at the two men and continued through to the front door. Two more of his men stood either side of the wide open double doors as though they were centuries stopping anyone from escaping except he wanted them gone.

“You two, upstairs, clear out all the rooms and check the closets.” Lord knows what games people were playing up there. So far he’d seen more than one he’d played himself back when getting a hot piece of ass was all he was about. Of course those days were long gone. In fact he couldn’t remember the last time he’d wanted to get his hands on any ass. Well, not before one pint-sized brunette went toe to toe with him, anyway. Another smile tugged at his lips and Lucas marvelled at the emotion one small woman could drag out of him when men twice her size couldn’t get him to flinch.

He glanced at his watch. Two minutes after two. Time to put shut-down into overdrive. Stalking through the downstairs rooms Lucas found each of his men and sent them out to move the crowd along. It was almost like herding sheep. En masse they surged into the front of the house, filling the areas to breathing room only. In twos and threes, sometimes more, they began to disappear out the front door and into the night. By the time Lachlan barrelled into the living room, steam bursting from his ears, the place was down to half the number of occupants there’d been when Lucas arrived.

The boss wasn’t happy. And the silence that filled the house when Lachlan yanked out the DJ’s power hurt Lucas’s ears and he swiftly made his way over to the man who personally signed his pay cheque.

“Where’s Lucas?”

“Right behind you boss.”

Lachlan spun around to face him. “Where’s Mac?”

“He took Ms. McDermott off site about an hour ago. Maybe more.” Lucas steeled himself. Lachlan would not be happy neither Mac nor Lil were here.

“Off site? During a party Lil is responsible for?”

Lucas nodded and kept his expression bland. He didn’t want to give Lachlan McDermott any reason to stop signing his checks. “Mr. Harris arranged for my team to take charge. I’ve been monitoring the situation.”

Numerous emotions flashed across Lachlan’s face before he glanced around the room. Bringing his gaze back to Lucas he said, “Get ’em out. All of them.”

Inclining his head once more Lucas gave the only reply he could. “Consider it done, boss.”

The fact Lachlan turned and strode from the room without a backward glance told Lucas that not only was his job safe but he was trusted to do the job given him. Breathing a little easier, he turned to the man on his right. “You heard the boss. Get ’em out.”

His employee spun into action and Lucas headed in search of Cassie. She would not be pleased when he informed her they were shutting down effective immediately. He’d be I liar if he said the swirling in his gut wasn’t excitement. But going toe to toe with Cassandra Moreland had more than his stomach churning. The tightness in his pants hadn’t escaped his notice either. And wasn’t that an interesting development. He didn’t usual go for bossy, confrontational females. Or ones that didn’t come up to his chin. Lucas scrubbed a hand over his stubbled chin. This evening was far more entertaining than he’d ever expected.


So what ya think? Wanna party some more? 🙂

Rhian Cahill