We’ve been working on getting a few more guest bloggers in to visit us at Divaland Downunder so we’ll hopefully be filling up our guest post Wednesdays a bit more regularly from now on. Today I just have to give you a sneak peek of who we are having over next week, because I’m really excited.

Yep, the fabulous Erin Nicholas will be joining us to talk about her NEXT book which is the latest installment of her Bradford siblings series. If you’re not familiar with the series yet, now’s the time to grab them. All three of the first books in the series are temporarily discounted at Samhain so you can start at the beginning AND pick up a bonus free read that will lead in to the next two books in her series. What a great idea! Erin’s contemporary books are sweet, sexy and fun and we’re looking forward to having her on our Diva Couch next week.

PS while you’re over at Samhain, don’t forget you can still download your free copy of Chasing Sunset. It’d be really fun to jostle Erin out of that No 1 spot on the sales list, mwhahahaha!