Dammit! I keep forgetting to blog. *sigh* In my defense we’re add a new addition to the extended family and everyone is too busy gushing over my new nephew to remember to do all the things they’re supposed to. Especially me! I love babies. They’re so small and perfect and smell so…..fresh. 🙂 Ben is the first bub in 10 years for our extra large extended family and let me say it’s been on hell of a dry spell but we’re certainly making up for it.

As Sami said earlier in the week we’re doing some things around the blog to entertain you guys more. (and yeah, I know how my forgetting to blog looks like I’m helping out. Not!) We’ll be having some fellow authors from Oz and OS dropping by and hopefully you’ll pick up a couple new books to add to that ever growing TBB list or TBR pile. Not that we’re book pimps at all……

Speaking of pimping, Spin The Bottle is now up for pre-order on Amazon. Yay! I love seeing my books go up for pre-order. It means we’re that much closer to release day. Check out Spin The Bottle on Amazon HERE! Oh, and while you’re there I’d appreciate it if you like the page and agree with the tags. 🙂 And just because I love the cover…..

Rhian Cahill