It’s been a long time since I investigated characters intended not to be sexy by their creators but in some way are. Are you all ready to check out who has been tickling my fancy of late who probably shouldn’t?

1/ Bender

The sarcastic, crooked, selfish, self-centred robot from Futurama has always played around with certain buttons of mine. I’m going to put it down to the fact I believe Bender is what Mr. Darcy would be like if he was a robot. Yeah. That’s why.

2/ Fargo

It’s the geek thing I mentioned last post of mine. Fargo, the lovable, sometimes bumbling head of Global Dynamic in Eureka ticks three out of my four Sexy Geek boxes: brains, popular culture and glasses. Shame he doesn’t quite fill a T-shirt like Chuck does.

3/ Harold Finch

Hmmm, here’s the geek thing again. Harold Finch fulfils the same three boxes as Fargo. But he also has the arrogance of Mr. Darcy and a mystery that makes me go a little shivery inside. There’s two very good reasons I have a Person of Interest image as my laptop’s desktop 😉

4/ Paul Rudd

Okay, I know Paul Rudd isn’t a character created by anyone, but I have always found every character he plays damn sexy, no matter how much of a doofus (hmmm, this list is beginning to worry me…)

5/ King Fergus

The Scottish king of Brave was, I’m sure, never meant to be considered a sexy character. But how could he not? He’s massive, an amazing father, incredibly strong, courageous, loves his wife with boundless passion and knows how to wear a kilt. That right there, ladies and gentlemen, is a sexy sexy man.


Now, you’re turn. Who do you find sexy you know you really shouldn’t? C’mon, fess up. You’re amongst friends here (and seriously, could it get any more messed up than my list? Hee hee hee)