Mr Dee and I have been involved in a long standing argument about Mr 11 and Mr 8.

See, years ago, I told them that when they get money (for presents or for pocket money) instead of spending it on any old thing, they should put it away and save it for something special. Which they did. It’s taken Mr 11 a while to come to terms with not spending impulsively, but he’s been doing pretty well of late.

Mr 8 clicked on to the idea immediately, and since he was four, he’s been saving for a Boeing 747. (He’s always wanted to be a pilot.)

When he was about six, he told us if he carries on saving every year, he reckons by the time he’s 55 he’ll be able to buy his plane. Although we found his plan too adorable for words, we finally told Mr 8 that if he were ever to become a commercial pilot, he won’t actually have to buy his own plane. He’ll fly one of the airlines’ 747s. Both surprised and delighted, Mr 8 immediately came up with a better goal. Save enough to buy an iPad. Mr 11 loved that idea.

I was fine with it – it was the kids’ money after all. Mr Dee was not. He’s of the strong belief that kids shouldn’t have such expensive toys. We argued for a long time.

As luck would have it, just after the iPad3 launched, both boys had saved enough money to buy themselves each one. And then the discussions began in earnest, with the kids joining in and putting forward their cases quite passionately. It took a while, but Mr Dee finally came around. The boys – to their great joy and delight – got their iPads.

But we did put restrictions on them. The iPads aren’t allowed to leave the house. The time spent playing games is limited. They have to use the iPads to read and not just to play. (This was my stipulation.)  Of course the boys agreed.

Not a week later, I was away at conference, and Mr 11 was sleeping over at a friend. Thus began a series of text messages that I just had to blog about:

Mr 11: Mom, can I take my iPad to my friend tonight, as it has my book in it so if I don’t take it I can’t read, and if I lose it I know where it is because it’ll be at my friend. So can I take it pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?

Me: You are a big fat brat for even asking. But…if dad said yes, then yes, But…only IF. PS – if you lose or break your iPad I don’t want to hear about it. Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay?

Mr 11: Dad said to ask you. NOW, get off your ass and type 3 letters in this order, Y-E-S. Easy. Now you try.

Me. Hmmmm. I’m trying, but my autocorrect keeps changing the word to no.

Mr 11: Then make them capitals and put spaces in between. Like this: Y E S

Me: N O. Damn, see that darn autocorrect.

Mr 11: Please mom

Me: Yes

Mr 11: So I can bring my iPad?

Me: You can take the iPad. Treat it like gold.

Mr 11: YAY!

Me: Ahem. What about: “thanks mom. I love you”?

Mr 11: Thank dad, love you.

Mr 11: Damn autocorrect

Mr 11: Dad

Mr 11: F*** that autocorrect.


Next time I’m gonna have to argue against the damn iPad!