Not sure if I mentioned here that Mr.C bought me an iPad and I’ve spent weeks learning how to use it. Well I just discovered a new app. It lets me blog from the iPad! How cool is that! Oh, and you’ll be pleased to know you guys get my virgin post. 🙂 Let’s see if this works.

We’ve got other new toys in the Cahill household. If you follow me on twitter or Facebook you may have seen some pix of the much anticipated pizza oven being built in our backyard. Well today was the big cementing day. We’ve already done quite a bit but today it was the dome’s turn.





So what do you think? Of course it’s not done yet but we’re getting there and Mr.C informs me that we’ll be ready to fire it up in two weeks! I can already taste the yummy homemade pizza, not to mention the roast I’m planning to try cooking in there.

Rhian Cahill