My family and I spent the last week on a holiday at the Gold Coast (for all you American readers, think Orlando with less Aligators). We had a wonderful time. My husband and I promised each other it would be a completely work-free trip and, with the exception of the odd two minute phone call or quick peek at Twitter, it was. Our girls had an absolute ball. We went to all the major theme parks, took a deep-sea whale-watching cruise, ate way too much, explored rain forests, lazed around the resort pool, swam every day and relaxed in the ajoining spa.

I think we took over a hundred photos. Here are some of the best (and by best, I mean, worst *grin*)

This is a photo of my husband and my eldest daughter, Peanut, riding her very first rollercoaster. Yes. It is. Well, it would be, if I’d clicked earlier.

This is NOT a photo of either of my daughters.

Neither is this. They were both ON the ride, but apparently in the stealth seats.

This is a photo of the tiger in mid jump, catching the chicken wings thrown by the two brave guys in khaki. Honest.

This is a photo of my husband.

As is this. Sexy bastard, isn’t he?

This is me and Peanut on a rollercoaster together. Or at least, it should be. We never made it into frame as you can see.

This is a Southern Humpback whale surfacing during our whale watching cruise. Or a fish farting underwater. I can’t really tell.

A smiling dolphin about to be stroked by the Demon Princess. Trust me on this, ‘k?

Me and the Demon Princess waiting to enter Dreamworld. Can you see how excited we are?

And last, but not least…

My husband and I. And some other people. And a rollercoaster. Ahhh, good times captured in digital perfection.

Don’t you just love holiday photos? Hee hee hee.