Today we’re thrilled to have as our guest the totally awesome New York Times bestselling novelist Shelli Stevens. She writes fantastic romance in multiple genres, because apparently she can do anything. And she’s also very nice and looks like a blonde bombshell. I’m serious on both counts!

Today Shelli is offering a book from her backlist to one lucky commenter–I thoroughly recommend anything from the Seattle Steam series. Check it and all her other books out here.

Without further ado, here’s Shelli to tell you about her latest release, Savage Hunger:

Savage Hunger is the first full length paranormal in my new Savage series. I loved discovering the shapeshifter world, writing hot alpha guys who work as federal agents, and discovering the chemistry between Sienna and Warrick.   

I for one am totally in love with this book cover. Here’s the blurb:             

Being the daughter of a world-renowned scientist, Sienna Peters has struggled to carve out her own career in the field. But her world is sent spinning when she discovers a secret species being held in the lab where she works, and the horrible things being done to them. Compelled to do more than hand off an information-packed jump drive to her father, she sets out to free the creatures.

The minute his team enters the compound, federal agent Warrick Donovan knows their mission will have more trouble than they bargained on. Unfortunately, trouble comes in the form of Sienna Peters, the younger sister of his close friend. Now not only does he need to save her pretty ass, he needs to discover just how involved she is with the imprisonment of the shifters.

Sienna knows she should trust no one—not even the man she might still love. But as the danger escalates and past passion ignites, her heart has other ideas. Even when the shroud of mystery is ripped off more than one stunning truth…

And the excerpt…

Heavy footsteps fell outside the door. Spinning around she faced the door, her heart almost stopping as she saw the handle turn.

           The door eased open and Sienna watched one black-leather shoe step inside. Her gaze traveled upward as the rest of Warrick’s body appeared. His muscles rippled beneath his black shirt as he stepped confidently into the room, looking every bit the federal agent he’d claimed to be. God. He really was insanely hot. Even more so now as a fully grown man.

            Her mouth dried and she ran her tongue over her lips. Warrick’s gaze homed in on the movement as he shut the door firmly behind him.

            “You haven’t changed out of your dress.”

            His low, sensual voice sent her senses spinning and she had to focus on what he’d just said. Her dress. Right.

            “I…there’s a zipper in the back that I can’t quite reach.” She knew it was the wrong thing to say when his gaze narrowed with heat like she’d just thrown down the gauntlet of seduction. But really, it was the first thing that had popped into her head. She couldn’t exactly confess to calling her father.

            “Is that so?” he murmured softly, taking a step toward her. “Turn around.”

            Her pulse tripped at the rough command, but Sienna moved to obey, knowing she’d walked right into this one. She’d have to be very careful not to expose the goods she was hiding in the bodice.

            His footsteps sounded on the wood floor as he closed the distance between them. The heat of his hard body registered before his hip brushed the curve of her bottom. The familiar, sexy smell of him teased her senses and tingles raced through her blood. She silently let out the breath she’d been holding, repeating the mantra he doesn’t affect me, he doesn’t affect me in her head.

            Warrick caught the length of her hair and pushed it forward over her shoulder. His long, rough fingers brushed against her bare skin and she trembled, letting her eyes drift shut, knowing her mantra was crap.

            He found the tab of her zipper and slowly tugged it down; the sound of the teeth separating seemed extraordinarily loud in the room. Cool air greeted her naked back with each inch he exposed.

            “No bra?”

            Her cheeks warmed with color at his husky question. She didn’t really need a bra with the way the bodice was cut, and her breasts weren’t overly big anyway .

            Clutching the dress at her breasts so it didn’t fall down or drop the hidden items, she muttered, “You know, you could try to act like a gentleman and not point these kinds of things out.”

            He paused in his movement of unzipping, each breath he exhaled teasingly hot on her neck. “There was a time when you wouldn’t have wanted me to.”

            Her heart clenched at the reminder of how foolish she’d been six years ago. “Times have changed, Warrick.”

            He was silent for a moment, then muttered a terse, “Good.”

            It was almost like he’d kicked her in the stomach. Sienna jerked away from him, glad her back was to him so he wouldn’t see the hurt in her eyes.

            “I can handle it from here, thanks.”

That excerpt has me interested in Warrick and what Sienna has hiding in her dress. Hmm….

Savage Hunger can be purchased at Samhain, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or look for it at your preferred e book retailer. And now for a bit of fun on the Diva Couch before Shelli has to go:

Shelli, can you describe your writing for us in 3 words: Sexy, Quirky, Emotional

Imagine you had a time machine—oh let’s just call it a Tardis. What time period would you travel to and why?: I think I’d like to check out the medieval period…for like a day or two. Then get the heck back out in my Tardis and get some Starbucks and a shower.

Name your favorite comic book superhero: I’ve never really read comics, but with all the superhero movies out lately I’ve developed quite a crush on Thor. He’s so alpha. So universal. So gifted in the abdominal department (okay I know I’ve just referenced Chris Hemsworth who plays him in the movie, but yeah).

What super power would you like to have and why?: The power to heal the sick. You just feel so helpless watching those you love struggle to even just survive some days.

Describe your favorite outfit: Any dress I own from I love to look feminine and flirty. And I’ve discovered dresses are more comfortable than jeans to me.

Do you prefer a hairy or smooth chest?: I kind of like chest hair on a guy. I do. It’s manly.

Best writing advice ever received: Keep on writing. Whether you’re stuck in a book, or you’re waiting on a submission, keep on writing.

Shelli, we’re so thrilled you were able to join us today!

Don’t forget Shelli’s contest. Comment on this post and you go in the draw to win an e book from her backlist–winner’s choice! So why don’t you tell us something, anything you want–do you prefer a hairy or smooth chest? What superpower would you choose?