Please join me in welcoming a truly wonderful woman to the Divas today. Not only is Tracey O’ Hara a brilliant author, she is also one of the most generous people I have ever met.

Tracey, author of both urban fantasy fiction and erotic romance, took a year off from her own writing in order to work on a project to get new and unpublished authors published. And she was HUGELY successful, as you’ll see further on down in the interview.

I adore this author to bits, and you only need read on to see why.


1)    Who is Tracey O’ Hara?

I am still trying to work that out myself. I am a wife, mother and full time computer analyst/programmer working for the public service. But I am also an story teller. I love spinning tales. My work will never change the face of society or have some analytical/political literary meaning. All I want to do is entertain my readers with a good yarn for a few hours.

2)    There’s a world of fiction out there. Why romance? Why paranormal/urban fantasy?

Actually I write whatever story speaks to me. Currently I am working on a few different projects including an historical Australian Colonial saga and a post apocalyptic erotic romance. To me the story dictates what direction it goes in. That said – when growing up I loved action/adventure and horror so most of my stories have elements of those things. And Romance – well where would the world be without romance.

3)    Tell us about your first two Dark Brethren Novels (which I absofreakinlutely love BTW).

Night’s Cold Kiss was my first book and was published in 2009 with Harper Voyager (or Eos as it was then called). It followed the story of Antoinette and Christian and really got me started on my world and is the sexiest of all the stories as Antoinette was an extremely passionate character. Basically it is a vampire stories although in my world they are called Aeternus.

The second book Death’s Sweet Embrace came out in early 2011 and this story had 2 new protagonists – Kitt and Raven – who are shapeshifters. This book showed another race of my world. Kitt and Raven are ex-lovers with a very rocky past.

All the Dark Brethren books are part romance, part mystery thriller with horror elements.

4)    Now, you have a new release in the same series. (Rubs hands together.)  Details please! 

The third book which came out last month is called Sin’s Dark Caress. This is my favourite book of the series. Again we see another aspect of the world with two new protagonist. This time it is about witches. Here is the blurb.

An ancient darkness has risen from the ashes . . . and terror has been loosed upon an unsuspecting world.

Forensic witch Bianca Sin has never seen anything like it: homeless teenage girls torn to pieces by dark magic in the cold shadows of the city. More terrifying still is the symbol written in blood on an alley wall—the unmistakable seal of the Dark Brethren.

Teaming up with NYPD homicide detective Lancelot McManus and an elite task force headed by the shapeshifter Oberon DuPrie, Bianca knows her worst fears have finally come to pass. A new war of annihilation is looming that will plunge the worlds of vampire, shapeshifter, and human into chaos—and two adversarial tribes locked in uneasy truce will need to take up arms together to save the children. Trust will be essential for Sin and McManus, as the hunt forces them to confront their deepest terrors.

For the ultimate evil is no longer approaching.

It’s here.

5)    Are there any reviews we should know about? Like, oh, I dunno, 4 &1/2 star reviews from RT maybe?

LOL – yes I was very stoked to get a 4 ½ star review in the same RT review magazine as some of my favourite authors. And if I remember correctly – you also got a 4 ½ star review in the same mag. It was a great review. Mine said

The threat of the Dark Brethren rising hovers over O’Hara’s impressively compelling series with wonderfully chilling menace. This third installment explores witch clans and murder by deadly dark magic. None of O’Hara’s protagonists are without flaws, but all have guts and determination in the face of dangerous odds. O’Hara is on a roll!

And another great review from  Book’d Out

Sin’s Dark Caress is a fast paced read with plenty of action, exciting twists and strong characters. With its mix of murder, mayhem and magic I think its the strongest book of the three and though it could work as a stand alone, I would recommend reading the previous installments.

6)    Do you write any other books, apart from the Dark Brethren novels?

I totally do. I write erotic romance under the penname of Tracie Sommers. I have 2 shorts out with Harlequin Spice Briefs – Tonight My Love and Blame it on the Moonlight. And I have a new short story coming out in November.

7)    I believe you’ve been responsible for a very exciting project lately. One that helped a whole group of authors get published. Tell us about that.

I have been working hard on a project with a bunch of other Erotic Romance authors. It started off as an Anthology idea suggested by Cate Ellink and then Mel Teshco and I just ran with it turning it into a great exercise for getting published authors to mentor unpublished ones. After nearly a year we had several stories and they were picked up by the Pan Macmillan new Aussie digital imprint Momentum. They have been fantastic. The first of the Hot Down Under short story series come out this November.

And the Divas played a big part in it. Rhian and Lexxie each have a story in the series and Jess has been an enormous support of the project from the get go by reading and mentoring some of the stories.

You can find out more about the Hot Down Under series at

Fun Questions (Go on, be daring)

1) Name your fantasy manage combination (ie, who would you choose to have a ménage with?) (Yes, this is my all time favorite question)

Gosh – that is a hard one. Maybe Chris Hemsworth if he wore his Huntsman outfit and Antonio Banderas in anything – but also have a bit of a girl crush on Selma Hayek when she does her Santanica Pandamonium dance from Dusk til Dawn. Plus Antonio and Selma have great accents – so might have to go with them.

2) What five items would you take if you had to get out of your house in 5 mins or less.

My husband, my kids, my animals, my mobile and my laptop. They are all the important things.

3) Tell us about the worst day job you ever had.

Working for a fast food chain. I am not real good with customer service.

4) Describe your writing in 3 words.

Hot, violent and bloody. (tee hee(

5) If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you’d buy for yourself?

A new car – I have my eye on a nice Holden or BMW depending on how much I will I guess.

6) Favorite comic book superhero.

Wolverine – he has that animal attraction thing going on.

7) What food will you absolutely not eat?

Pumpkin – had to eat far too much of it growing up. Yuk.

8) As you’re typing the answers to these questions, what are you wearing? (That’s not a naughty question unless you have a dirty mind)

I would like to say nothing at all but since I am doing this in my lunch hour at work that might be a bit awkward. So unfortunately it is a skirt, top and jacket for the office.

9) Do you prefer a hairy or smooth chest?

Just a smattering of hair. Don’t like a lot of hair but enough to give an interesting texture to run my fingers over.

10) Tattoos—love or hate?

LOVE – have four and planning my fifth


FOr more information about Tracey, please visit her website.