If you’ve been reading the International Heat blog, you might have seen this post already. Yep, I popped it up on IH on Sunday.

And today I’m posting it again, because it’s one of those posts that needs to get as much exposure as possible.

It focuses on one of our most basic – and one of most precious – commodities…water!

Did you know that all around the world millions and millions of people do not have access to clean water? And if there’s no clean water, what do people drink?

It’s a complicated issue, one I will let Limecello explain to you. Why Limecello? Because she is the one who has created not only this post, but this brilliant charity drive as well.

She’ll show you how easy it is to make a difference. To do something about this problem.

Over to you Lime:


It’s my third annual Social Media for Social Good (SMSG) fundraising drive. Today is Make a Difference Day, and this is how I’m choosing to do it. Some of you might have heard of charity:water when Rachel Beckwith’s tragic story made the news. She was an amazing little nine year old, and you can read more of what happened here. I dare you not to cry.

I spent a lot of time researching reputable international charities, and I love that charity:water is so transparent. I think it’ll be fun to check what our little ALBTALBS drive does too.

Did you know that:

  • 100% of all public donations directly fund water projects, and they prove every dollar using photos and GPS coordinates on a map
  • 800 million people around the world don’t have access to clean, safe drinking water
  • That is one out of every nine people
  • More people die from lack of clean water and sanitation each year than are killed by all forms of violence, including war
  • 90% of the deaths that result from diarrheal disease occur in children under five
  • About every nineteen seconds a mother loses her child to a water related illness
  • In sub-Saharan Africa 16 million hours each day are spent by women collecting water. This takes time away from work, school, and family.
  • 10% of disease could be reduced with improved access to clean water, sanitation, hygiene education, and water resource management.
  • $1 invested in water becomes $4-12 dollars for the local economy
  • Communities choose a small group of people to oversee each completed charity: water project. Equal numbers of men and women are encouraged to be included. These Water Committees are often the first chance women have to take on elected leadership roles.
  • The WHO reports that over 3.6% of the global disease burden can be prevented simply by improving water supply, sanitation, and hygiene.
  • Feeding our world takes up to 90% of our freshwater withdrawals but many people in developing nations still don’t have access to enough water for irrigation.
  • Just $20 $65 can provide one person with a clean water project in his/her village

We can make a huge difference.

I know it’s difficult to give, but I’m asking everyone to do what they can. And if you can’t – help spread the word. This is a comment drive, so even just leaving a comment and having one friend do the same helps. Believe me – I know it’s hard out there. I know what it’s like to make well under the poverty rate. I still do. Which is why I’m doing something where everyone can get involved.

These people have already given:


  • I’m going to give $300 if we reach 1,000 comments.
  • Cecilia Grant will give $1 per comment up to 100 comments
  • The Romance Man will give $50 when we reach 250 comments will match my $300 if we get to 1,000 comments!!!
  • C2 will give $150 when we reach 500 comments
  • Farrah Rochon will give $10 for every 100 comments

I really hope I’ll be adding to this list. Don’t you think your name or organization would look good here?

*ETA new donors <3: (upon further reflection I’ve decided to list names alphabetically for a semblance of privacy etc. And yes, I chose to do it incorrectly, and by first name, because some people didn’t give full names, or prefer using twitter handles and so on.)

The Crazygranny – $25
EC S. – $25
Heather M. – $25
Isobel C. – $1 per comment up to 100 comments!
Jane C – $5
Jo L. – $20
Kame/McEckK – $20
Kat the Book Tart – $50
Kate P. – $50
Keziah H. – $20
Kim – $25
Liz T. – $25
Lori S – $25
Melanie S. – $10
SpazP – $25
Pat F. – $10
Patricia W. – $20
Rahab M. – $25
Romance Divas will give $70 when we hit 200 comments; $140 total if 50 of Jax’s friends donate
Shiloh W. – $50 for 50 comments
SonomaLass – $20
Stephanie M. – $10
Willaful, from Karen Knows Best – $30

We’ve got a few anonymous donors too, or who don’t wish to be credited, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

~ :P Vanessa Kelly donated $25, but accidentally did on the main page, but hey – it’s all going to the same great charity!

Won’t you join us?

And in the spirit of friendly competition … I’m asking – challenging – 50 bloggers to donate. Even if it’s $1. I think we can do it. (In fact – I’d love to see more bloggers donate than authors. How’s that for competition? But a concrete goal of 50.)
And if privacy is a concern, you can donate anonymously. *coughs* Someone *coughs* already donated $50 to check that out. :)

Let’s do this!

*ETA: I have a specific campaign created for the romance community: http://mycharitywater.org/p/campaign/?campaign_id=30312 if you’d like to donate. Also, if you’re donating, I would love to add you to the list, to let other people know (peer pressure! :D ) and to give you a shout out. Please feel free to email me with any questions, or to talk about whether or not you want your name/amount to be listed. Thank you!!!

Also, for clarification, my SMSG drives go on for a month. I figure that’s enough time for word to be spread and people to budget what they can to donate. For all of us in the states, it’s a tax deductible charitable donation! (For our international friends, I would look into that too.)


Thank you, Lime!

So, what now you ask?

It’s simple. Head on to Lime’s blog, and leave a comment. That’s all you need to do.

Please don’t comment here, speak out at Limecello’s Blog.

To help incentivize you, International Heat have donated a massive gift pack. You can win this, simply by leaving a comment there:

Lila Dubois: Choice of an ebook from her backlist
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