I’ve been a long time fan of the James Bond films. I’m not in the minority. The Bond franchise has been going for 50 years. The most recent film, Skyfall (which I saw last week and yehah wowza, it was good), looks set to be one of the highest grossing films of all time. Yet the movies at their core are about the most base of concepts. Violence. Sex. Winning. Killing bad guys without remorse.  Bond is the typical alpha male and the movies are designed to appeal to men.

So I understand why men like these movies. But why do women like them? Why do I?

It doesn’t hurt that the actors playing Bond have historically been pretty darn hot. I’ve been fairly vocal in the past about the fact that Daniel Craig floats my boat. The sex appeal is a factor, but ultimately I wouldn’t sit through a movie I didn’t like just to perve on someone’s body when I could just go to the internet and download pictures. I like the movies themselves, even though they are almost entirely devoid of strong female characters (damsels in distress anyone?) and there’s very little exploration of deep emotion in the movies, which is what I like in a book.

And maybe that’s the crux of it. I want different things out of a movie than I want out of a book. When reading I want complete immersion, I want to be taken into the lives of the protagonists and experience events vicariously through them. When I watch a movie, I want to be entertained. I want to switch my brain to the ‘off’ position and simply receive input. I don’t want to think about how sexist the movies are or how that kind of violence in real life would be distressing, let alone why I find that kind of stylised violence entertaining (there’s probably grounds for a therapy session in there somehwere). And I definitely don’t want to worry about how the new Bond is really a pre-Connery Bond who living in the new milenium because that’s just a head spin. Going to the movies is not an interaction the way reading a book can be. It is a chance to let somebody else do all the thinking for me while I sit there and say ‘gimme gimme gimmie!’.

Skyfall was wicked entertainment. Rumour has it Daniel Craig has been contracted to play Bond in two more films. All I can say is—

Gimme gimmie gimmie!

Anyone else seen the movie? Do you love or hate action films?