A few days ago I received a jolly exciting email in my inbox.

My editor had just accepted two more of my books for publication, turning the previous book I’d sent her into the start of an all new series called More Than.

You may have heard me talk about the first book. I wrote it in 8 days. Which is not only a record for me, it’s also completely insane. I just don’t write that fast. But after 3 months of writer’s block, of not being able to put a single sentence together, I guess those words were sitting there, just ready to escape. And escape they did. Into a whole new friends-to-lovers book which I tentatively titled Forever Friends.

Samhain tossed that title right into the garbage. Their reasoning? It sounded way to sweet for the book I’d written. And yeah, there may may be some sweet aspects to the story, but ‘sweet’ wouldn’t be my first choice to describe it.

Hot, erotic, sexy…yep, yep, yep. Sweet, nope.

And so the book was renamed More Than Friends.

But lets be honest. You can’t have a book name More Than…Something, and not have more than one of it. And so the series was born, with More Than Lovers becoming the second book, and More Than Words the third.

There’s a fourth book in the pipeline too, More Than Ever, but that’s just in a glimmer in my eye for now.

More Than Friends is in the final editing stages, and I’ve just received the blurb for it. Wanna know more?



He was her best friend…until he became her fantasy.

A More Than story.

Lucy Lawson’s got it bad. Bad as in stunned speechless by the situation she’s in, by the feelings sitting on her chest, ready to explode. She’s in love…with her best friend.

Problem is, telling Sebastian Blackford could destroy the best thing in her life, but the longer she keeps her feelings under wraps, the stronger the need to spill her secret.

The last thing Seb suspects is that his best mate is madly, wildly in love with him, or that he’s the star of her seriously dirty fantasies. Worse, he’s just started seeing someone he’d like to see again—and Lucy knows it.

So why does her confession hit him like a runaway train? And why can’t he get her explicit description of her fantasies out of his mind? They’ve never been more than friends, but now that he knows how Lucy feels, everything is out of whack.

Seb figures it’s up to him to get their relationship back on track. He’ll do it too, just as soon as he establishes which track is the right one.

Warning:  After reading this, you may just be tempted to jump your best friend. It’s recommended you keep your partner on speed dial or a toy with fresh batteries on standby.

More Than Friends releases at Samhain on the 28th of May, and the next two books release towards the end of the year.