As a writer myself, I absolutely love meeting new authors and discovering new books. So you can imagine my delight in posting this blog today.

Andra Ashe is a new-to-me author, and when I browsed her website, I thought….mm, mm, mm she writes my kinda books. I’m doubly excited to start reading them as she’s an Aussie author. (Yeah, I confess, I have a very soft spot for Aussie authors. Especially those who write erotic, contemporary romance.)

So it gives me great pleasure to welcome Andra to the Down Under Divas…


Andra writes:

I’d never written BDSM erotic romance before so when my publisher put out a call for short stories with that theme I took up the challenge.  I have a good understanding of how BDSM works and how it can enhance a relationship so I enjoyed introducing my heroine to this ‘alternative’ lifestyle.  Needless to say she took to it in a big way . :)


Miss Blaine’s Misconduct: The Blurb

Temp personal assistant to some very wealthy and high-profile A-listers, Lily Blaine finds herself organizing a charity event for a sexy bachelor who seems too nice to be true. That he calls her Miss Blaine is a refreshingly old-fashioned but there’s nothing old-fashioned about the kinky bondage gear she finds in his office.

When Nick Gregory catches her wearing the black leather mask he has no option but to punish Lily.  Unsure whether her job is at risk, she plays along and discovers that a good spanking or two is exactly what she needs.  It’s all sexy fun which will come to an end when her job is done.

Or will it?

Miss Blaine’s Misconduct: An Excerpt

So was this a game?  Would Nick just wait to see if she co-operated and then call her bluff?  Lily still didn’t move.  She was conscious of her heart beating a rapid tattoo and a flutter of something in her stomach, but was it was anxiety or excitement?

What if it wasn’t a game.  Would someone of his high profile chance exposing his little sexual peccadillo?  Did he think the risk of losing her reputation for discretion was high enough to buy her compliance?  It wasn’t, but still she didn’t move to undo the mask.  A quiet click told her Nick had closed the door, and Lily felt moistness between her thighs.

‘Very good, Miss Blaine,’ he said, his voice moving closer.  ‘Perhaps you’re beginning to learn the basics of doing what’s expected of you.’  His voice was firm but not threatening.

Lily nodded.  She didn’t know whether it was it the confines of the mask, or some innate subservience, but her pulse quickened with the anticipation of not knowing what Nick would say or do next.

‘Give me your hands, Miss Blaine.’

Lily held out her hands and the warmth of Nicks fingers encircled her wrists as he drew her forward to stand up. His grip on her wrists tightened and Lily drew in a breath before he flattened her hands against his chest.  His now naked chest.  Rock hard under her fingers with the soft rasp of hair.  Nipples hard under her palms.

She flexed her fingers, wanting to feel more but her hands were pulled away. ‘Misbehaving doesn’t go unpunished.’  He let go of her hands.  ‘Pull your skirt up, Miss Blaine.’

Ok, it could still be a game and he was waiting to see how far she’d go.  Lily didn’t know how far, but the not knowing was unexpectedly arousing.  She reached for the hem of her skirt, sliding the fabric up her thighs.

She had no doubt his eyes were on her, following the rise of her skirt and a part of her wished she could see his face.  The other part of her found the anonymity of the mask liberating, allowing her to do something she wasn’t sure she could, or would, without it.

‘Keep going,’ Nick’s voice instructed and she continued lifting her skirt until it was bunched up around her waist.

‘Bend over the desk.


(You can find copies of Andra’s books and more info about her over at Pink Petal Books. Just CLICK HERE.)

Now for some fun. Sami welcomed Andra over to the Diva couch and asked her a few questions…

Diva Couch Questions:

Name your fantasy menage combination

I presume you meant with me as one of the participants?  As you weren’t specific about which sort of ménage I’ll cover both options : Me, George Clooney & Mikhail Barishnykov (yes I’m old and I like old guys) or Me, Angelina Jolie (she’s gorgeous and she likes girls) and my man (b/c he thinks Angie’s hot too).

If you were to design a bumper sticker or T-shirt slogan, what would it say?

It’s only kinky the first time! 🙂

What food will you absolutely not eat?

Offal, Mushrooms and Seafood – oh and can’t abide celery either

As you’re typing the answers to these questions, what are you wearing? (that’s not a naughty question unless you have a dirty mind)

Oh the usual glamorous duds of an erotic romance writer – paint stained grey ‘trackie dacks’ with an equally stained but not matching tracksuit top and ankle socks – but in the true spirit of the question I’m not wearing underwear lol

Describe your perfect romantic destination

A five star hotel at either Positano or Santorini – stunning views, delicious food and king size beds.

Do you prefer a hairy or smooth chest?

Oh I’m a chest hair woman all the way – preferably a nicely muscled chest.  I just don’t see the attraction of a ‘smooth as a baby’s bum’ chest, it’s way too adolescent for my liking.  There’s nothing like lying in someone’s arms and lazily running your fingers through nice soft chest hair.

Tattoos—love or hate?

Love’s a bit extreme, but like a lot (depending what and on who).  I have two of my own (a little black cat and my initial).  I think they’re a great way to express yourself.


Thank you to Andra for joining us.