Bonjour everyone, I’m Kate Belle. I’m a debut author of erotic fiction and creator of the Ecstasy Files blog. I live in the leafyKateBelle-glamfrontlores outskirts of Melbourne, but was born and bred in country Victoria. I’ve been writing all my life, more seriously for six years. 2013 is a big year for me with two e-books and a novel being released.

Today I’d like to tell you all about the release of my first two e-books in a series featuring the mouth-watering Ramon Mendez, a handsome and charismatic lover of women. Of Spanish extraction, Ramon has more animal magnetism than most women can handle. He’s a masterful lover, having studied sacred sexual practices, and understands how to unlock hidden pleasures in a woman’s body.

The women in my stories are everyday people who have hit a trouble spot in their love lives. Ramon seduces them and takes them on a journey of sexual awakening. Once he has his object of desire in his arms he holds nothing back, driving his lovers into a state of ecstatic bliss.

But there is a mystery about him. He makes it clear to his lovers that he isn’t interested in relationships. He helps them move on while he remains happily single. One can’t help but wonder why? And will there be a lover one day who captures Ramon’s elusive heart?

You can find out more about Kate and her work through her blog/website:

Breaking the Rules by Kate Belle - loresBreaking the Rules: Grace is a beautiful woman in complete control of her world. A long time ago she chose an academic career over children and marriage, and has never regretted it. Then Ramon Mendez walks into her office.

Ramon is about to commence his PhD, a work on erotic literature, and from the outset there is something about him that makes Grace’s blood run hot. Aware of the need to maintain her professional reputation, she rejects his advances, but he persists. And during their intimate supervision sessions, her defences start to crumble, for Ramon’s work is exposing desires within Grace she never knew existed.


Ramon stood silently regarding her, as if weighing up his next move.

‘Will you please unlock the door?’ she asked again, unable to look him in the eye.


His voice was gentle. Grace fiddled with pens on her desk, rearranging them, and then finally throwing them into the top drawer. She needed to make her agitated hands busy. She heard him take two steps toward her and stop. She refused to look up into those eyes she knew would make her come undone at the seams.

‘I have something for you.’

His voice was husky, filled with heat. Grace laughed. It came out too loud and echoed off the walls of her office.

‘Really? What could you have that I could possibly want, Mr Mendez?’

Out of the corner of her eye she saw a hand disappear into his pocket. When she turned to face him he was standing with a tiny scrap of lace and satin dangling from his forefinger. Grace clutched at her throat. Was that a g-string? She felt blood rushing to her face. She feigned outrage.

‘And what do you expect me to do with that?’ She couldn’t stop the shrillness in her voice.

Ramon moved languidly toward her, his eyes never leaving her face. Grace didn’t know where to look. She shifted to sit on the corner of her desk and folded her arms over her chest. Ward him off. Breathe deep, take control, force the uncertainty back.

One step away from her he halted. He folded the creamy satin underwear into his hand.

‘Wear it,’ he breathed.

A ripple of want ran over her skin. Grace clung to the edge of the desk with both hands to steady herself. She inhaled the musky smell of him, all spicy aftershave and shampoo.  Robbed of speech, she could only shake her head.

‘You have a beautiful body, Grace. It deserves to be dressed in beautiful things.’

It was only when he touched her she realised she had closed her eyes. She felt the warmth of his hand slide from her hip to the small of her back, the strength in his limbs as he pressed his body gently against hers. His other hand picked out a wavy strand of her hair and rubbed it reverently between his forefinger and thumb.

‘I like your hair like this. You should wear it out always.’

His face was dangerously close to her own, his breath warm against her ear. He lifted the underwear and stroked her cheek with it. Smooth, cool satin.

‘Wear it,’ he whispered. ‘Please.’

Grace quivered as her resistance crumbled. She placed her hands flat against his chest and pushed at him weakly, giving a tiny shake of her head. Beneath his shirt he was a wall of muscle. She thought of the picture of the Marie Claire model and desire flowed through her. Having read his book, knowing what he knew about sex, about women, what he may be capable of, how could she resist him now?

His hands drifted to her skirt zipper as he dusted her jawline with kisses light as butterfly wings. Grace struggled with her racing heart. She shouldn’t be allowing this, she should push him away, but it felt so good to be caressed.

‘Let me show you how beautiful you are,’ he murmured into her throat.

Unwillingly she tipped her head back. The sensation of his lips on her skin was exquisite. How had she lived so long without this? The fingers of his left hand tugged at her skirt zipper. It slid open without a hitch. His hands, deft and confident, tugged the skirt down over her hips until it slithered to the floor.

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Bloom: Thirty-six-year-old Emma’s life is perfect. She loves her solid, straight-laced husband Gary, who has givenBloom by Kate Belle - lores her three beautiful, if spoilt, children and a secure life. But something is missing. Gary hardly notices her anymore and she feels frumpy and invisible. Her friend, Lisa, talks her into joining a social boot camp class at the local gym. Emma immediately recognises their instructor as the gorgeous runner she sees each evening while walking her dog in the park. He introduces himself as Ramon Mendez. In spite of herself Emma is besotted.

Before long her mind is filled with guilty fantasies of him. One evening, when things at home have become too much to bear,  she bumps into him alone in the park. An opportunity presents itself and no one need ever know. Ramon promises and delivers everything that’s missing from her marriage – passion, romance and excitement – but Emma must discover if they are the things she really wants.

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Now for Diva Couch question time:

If you won the lottery what would be the first thing you’d buy for yourself?

A tattoo. Wait – I HAVE won the lottery. I have 3 books releasing in the next 4 months (Breaking the Rules, Bloom and The Yearning). And to celebrate I’m gonna get myself inked – again (see last question).

What food will you absolutely not eat?

Meat. I’m a vegaquarian (I eat fish) of over 20 years.

What is your worst vice or habit?

Biting my nails. Been doing it since I was 12 and can’t seem to kick it.

If you could kiss any fictional hero from history, who would it be?

Recent history? Can I choose Ramon? Because he’s my one and only you know. I can’t go past him. But, if I can’t choose my own fictional character, it would have to be Don Juan (of course) – although I think the jury’s still out as to whether he’s fictional or not.

Name your fantasy menage combination.

Johnny Depp (oh, be still my beating heart – I love a man with a brain – and he READS) and Antonio Banderas (because I have a thing for Latino men and I’m a sucker for a Spanish accent). If I could have those two dishes in my bed for a week (not greedy!) I’d die a deliriously happy woman.

Tattoos – love or hate?

LOVE LOVE LOVE. I got a tattoo for my mid-life crisis. My beloved gave me a voucher for one for Christmas three years ago because I wanted one and refused to spend the housekeeping on one. Now I’ve got one, I plan to get another (see first question).

Thanks for visiting with us today Kate!