Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to ARRC we go


We’ve been talking about it a fair bit lately. And preparing for it for months. Now the weekend has arrived. Tomorrow the Divas set off for Brisbane, for the Australian Romance Readers Convention, 2013.

(Well, Lexxie, Rhian and I set off for Brissie. Sami’s already there.)

It’s a time to catch up with old friends and meet new ones, time to appreciate the humungous effort the Australian Romance Readers Association team puts into these events, and most importantly, it’s an opportunity to discover new authors and new books. Get recommendations from the people who know these books best – the readers.

We’ll be busy with workshops, both our own which we’re presenting, and others – covering a whole range of delicious topics, all of them relating to romance.

We’ll be even more busy with parties. The first night welcome party and the second night ARRA Awards dinner.

But this conference will be a little different from others. See, I’ve gotten kind of used to having the rest of the divas to myself on conferences. I always see it as ‘our’ time. A chance to get together, the four of us, and gab and gossip and bitch and moan. To laugh and laugh some more, and then, well, laugh a little more. But this year, there’ll be a few extra people, some of whom I’ve never met before. Sami, Lexxie and RC are bringing their hubbies along. I hope these men are ready. Do they realize that when the divas get together, we talk about sex? A lot. Straight sex, gay sex, vanilla sex, kinky sex, couple sex, menage sex, toy sex, boy sex… yep we cover it all.

Think Mr Cahill, Mr Lee and Mr Couper will cope? Wish them luck.


Oh, and please, wish us luck as well. There are a few Diva books nominated for the ARRA awards. Even more importantly, if you see us there, come and say hello. This conference is all about meeting readers. Remember, we’re just like you. We love romance!


Valentine’s Winners

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It’s been a week since we posted our Valentine contest, and it’s now officially time to announce our winners.

I placed the names in a hat, and randomly drew out four:

MAI – you have won RC’s Valentine’s Dates

Z (Seawitch) – you win a choice of an ebook from Sami’s backlist

MARY P – you get an ebook of choice from Lex’s backlist

Kellie – you’re my winner. You get to choose an ebook from my backlist.


Please send your email addresses to:


and I’ll link you to the appropriate Diva to organize your prize.



Celebrating Valentine’s Day with prizes


It’s the 14th of February (yep, it is in Australia), which means…


Seeing as V-day is a time for lovers and romance all over the world, the Divas would like to celebrate. (Er, hello? We live for romance! Of course we wanna celebrate.)

And what better way to celebrate than with books? Even better…


Lexxie, Sami, Rhian and I are each giving away an ebook.

Rhian, has (appropriately) volunteered to give away a copy of her book, Valentine’s Dates, while the rest of the Divas are offering you an ebook of choice from our backlists.

So, how do you participate in the love?

It’s easy. Just tell us your most romantic (real-life) story…ever. Nope, it doesn’t have to be about Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t even have to be about you. Maybe it’s your sister or BFF who experienced it. But we wanna share in the romance and magic of falling love.

Post your story in the comments, and in a few days time we’ll pick four winners, each of whom will win a book.


And more importantly, have a wonderfully, happy, romantic day.


Some Surprising News


There’s nothing I love more on a chilly winter’s night than to rug up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate and watch one of my favorite classic movies. I love a good action movie almost as much as any guy, but I am a girl too. One of my favorites is the very cheesy, unbelievably plotted but funny and sweet movie While You Were Sleeping.

Yes, I confess. I love WYWS, all that cozy holiday sweetness, cut with just enough humor so it doesn’t give you a toothache. And Bill Pulman. Siiiiiigh.

Another one of my favorite movies is When Harry Met Sally. Who couldn’t fail to love the banter, the opposites attract, friends to lovers chemistry between those two characters? And then there’s the Audrey Hepburn classic Sabrina. I LOVE that movie. Who doesn’t adore a good brother switch? She loves one brother…. Oh now wait, turns out the other brother is better. What’s a girl to do?

There’s something these movies all have in common that might surprise you. Two words rarely written in the same sentence on this blog.

No. Sex.

That’s right. Aside from the very subtle, close the door scene in WHMS, there is no sex at all in any of these movies. But there’s plenty of romance.

What’s all this leading up to? This is my round about way of announcing that I have written (gasp!) a sweet romance. Yes, a book with no sex in it. A sweet little novel about one woman’s struggle to become a mother and one man’s quest to help her. A Man Like Mike will be released by Harlequin Escape Publishing on the 1st of March. And don’t you just love this cover?


Corporate professional Eve O’Brien needs a crash course in parenting when her dearest friend Jacinta and her husband die, naming her sole guardian of their baby son Bailey. As if bright orange goo on her business shirts and terminal exhaustion aren’t enough to deal with, Bailey’s uncle shows up, insisting on being part of his nephew’s life. Roguishly handsome with a devil-may-care attitude, Mike Wilcox is always first with a quip or a flirtatious smile. When he breezily suggests he move in with her temporarily, Eve sees no way to refuse, as the cottage in which she lives was left to Mike by his late brother.

On the surface, Mike seems like the perfect housemate. He’s a successful chef, so Eve’s diet goes from fast food to five star overnight, and he effortlessly takes on daytime care of his nephew, while working at a local restaurant in the evenings. But he wears muscle- hugging T-shirts and makes the cottage seem like a home, things that appeal to Eve more than she cares to admit.

A lonely, neglected child, Eve has learned to rely only on herself, but having Mike around soon makes her want to believe things can be different. How can she trust a man who’s lived life by the seat of his pants to stick around for the long haul?

Read and excerpt on my website. A Man Like Mike will be released by Escape Publishing on March 1st.

So how do you like my surprise?




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Get your attention? Cause it did, you naughty people, you. Now, why am I shouting 69? Because that’s all my latest Ellora’s Cave release, Melt With You, costs. Sixty-nine cents. .69c.

So essentially, you’re paying dirty money for dirtiness. Perfection, yes?

meltwithyou_msrDetermined to win a bet, Olympic skier Darci Watson is racing down a mountain, victory in sight, when the snowy earth opens beneath her. Crashing into a cavernous underground space, she finds herself face-to-face with a man. Gorgeous. Big. Otherworldly…


For Darci, all bets are off. Being stuck in an ice cavern has never been so hot.

An Exotika® paranormal erotica story from Ellora’s Cave

Publisher’s Note: This story was previously published elsewhere under the title Captive Heat,and has been significantly revised for Ellora’s Cave.



The run was perfect. Powdery-soft, lightly compacted snow, sky so blue it almost hurt to look at, air so crisp it could cut glass. Darci was in heaven. Her thighs, calves and butt burned like hell and her breath felt like shaved ice in her lungs—just the way she loved it.

Whizzing down the slope, trees and craggy outcrops mere smudges of blurring color in her peripheral vision, she couldn’t help but laugh, already picturing Crystal’s face. The American would spit chips when Darci swooshed into—

The slope opened below her, completely and abruptly, and swallowed Darci whole.


The word had barely left her lips when she smacked butt first against something that felt like frozen concrete.

Pain lashed through her body, making her cry out. “Fuck!” Eyes squeezed shut, she lay still a minute or twelve before planting her hands on the ground and slowly, hesitantly pushing herself into an upright position, waiting to be assaulted by fresh agony.

None came. “Oh, thank God!”

Her gushed exclamation bounced around a space that sounded huge, and Darci opened her eyes.

An ice cavern. She’d dropped into an ice cavern. Damn it.

Releasing her skis, now just two shattered strips of glass fiber, bamboo and titanium, she rose gingerly to her feet, taking in her predicament. A thick fog of dread rolled over her. The ice cavern was large, yet claustrophobia crept through Darci. Frowning, she looked up. The small hole she’d fallen through was far too high to reach. Her frown deepened. “How the hell am I going to get out?” she muttered.

“That didn’t look like fun.”

Starting, Darci whipped her head around.

A tall man stood behind her, several feet away, his long white hair falling around a face of cold beauty, blue eyes so brilliant she felt her skin tingle. His intense stare locked on her.

It took a few moments before Darci realized he was naked.


So there you go. What do you think? Worth .69c to find out what happens next?

Hee hee hee

You can buy Melt With You HERE


How Cool is This?


I’m so excited to announce that I finalled in the Menage Romances Fan’s Choice Awards! I’m listed in 3 categories for Erica’s Choice:

Best Contemporary Menage

Best Bisexual Menage

Best Cover (artist Angela Waters)

Thank you to everyone who voted for me and ensured I was nominated for this award, and thanks to review blog Mary’s Naughty Whispers for running the competition (Mary gave Erica’s Choice a truly wonderful review a while back)

If you read Erica’s Choice and enjoyed it, I’d really appreciate your support. Here’s the link to the voting form, or you can just click on the logo to your right. I’m up against some really stiff competition (no innuendo intended), so any and every vote counts.

Thanks everyone!