There’s nothing I love more on a chilly winter’s night than to rug up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate and watch one of my favorite classic movies. I love a good action movie almost as much as any guy, but I am a girl too. One of my favorites is the very cheesy, unbelievably plotted but funny and sweet movie While You Were Sleeping.

Yes, I confess. I love WYWS, all that cozy holiday sweetness, cut with just enough humor so it doesn’t give you a toothache. And Bill Pulman. Siiiiiigh.

Another one of my favorite movies is When Harry Met Sally. Who couldn’t fail to love the banter, the opposites attract, friends to lovers chemistry between those two characters? And then there’s the Audrey Hepburn classic Sabrina. I LOVE that movie. Who doesn’t adore a good brother switch? She loves one brother…. Oh now wait, turns out the other brother is better. What’s a girl to do?

There’s something these movies all have in common that might surprise you. Two words rarely written in the same sentence on this blog.

No. Sex.

That’s right. Aside from the very subtle, close the door scene in WHMS, there is no sex at all in any of these movies. But there’s plenty of romance.

What’s all this leading up to? This is my round about way of announcing that I have written (gasp!) a sweet romance. Yes, a book with no sex in it. A sweet little novel about one woman’s struggle to become a mother and one man’s quest to help her. A Man Like Mike will be released by Harlequin Escape Publishing on the 1st of March. And don’t you just love this cover?


Corporate professional Eve O’Brien needs a crash course in parenting when her dearest friend Jacinta and her husband die, naming her sole guardian of their baby son Bailey. As if bright orange goo on her business shirts and terminal exhaustion aren’t enough to deal with, Bailey’s uncle shows up, insisting on being part of his nephew’s life. Roguishly handsome with a devil-may-care attitude, Mike Wilcox is always first with a quip or a flirtatious smile. When he breezily suggests he move in with her temporarily, Eve sees no way to refuse, as the cottage in which she lives was left to Mike by his late brother.

On the surface, Mike seems like the perfect housemate. He’s a successful chef, so Eve’s diet goes from fast food to five star overnight, and he effortlessly takes on daytime care of his nephew, while working at a local restaurant in the evenings. But he wears muscle- hugging T-shirts and makes the cottage seem like a home, things that appeal to Eve more than she cares to admit.

A lonely, neglected child, Eve has learned to rely only on herself, but having Mike around soon makes her want to believe things can be different. How can she trust a man who’s lived life by the seat of his pants to stick around for the long haul?

Read and excerpt on my website. A Man Like Mike will be released by Escape Publishing on March 1st.

So how do you like my surprise?