We’ve been talking about it a fair bit lately. And preparing for it for months. Now the weekend has arrived. Tomorrow the Divas set off for Brisbane, for the Australian Romance Readers Convention, 2013.

(Well, Lexxie, Rhian and I set off for Brissie. Sami’s already there.)

It’s a time to catch up with old friends and meet new ones, time to appreciate the humungous effort the Australian Romance Readers Association team puts into these events, and most importantly, it’s an opportunity to discover new authors and new books. Get recommendations from the people who know these books best – the readers.

We’ll be busy with workshops, both our own which we’re presenting, and others – covering a whole range of delicious topics, all of them relating to romance.

We’ll be even more busy with parties. The first night welcome party and the second night ARRA Awards dinner.

But this conference will be a little different from others. See, I’ve gotten kind of used to having the rest of the divas to myself on conferences. I always see it as ‘our’ time. A chance to get together, the four of us, and gab and gossip and bitch and moan. To laugh and laugh some more, and then, well, laugh a little more. But this year, there’ll be a few extra people, some of whom I’ve never met before. Sami, Lexxie and RC are bringing their hubbies along. I hope these men are ready. Do they realize that when the divas get together, we talk about sex? A lot. Straight sex, gay sex, vanilla sex, kinky sex, couple sex, menage sex, toy sex, boy sex… yep we cover it all.

Think Mr Cahill, Mr Lee and Mr Couper will cope? Wish them luck.


Oh, and please, wish us luck as well. There are a few Diva books nominated for the ARRA awards. Even more importantly, if you see us there, come and say hello. This conference is all about meeting readers. Remember, we’re just like you. We love romance!