What Do You Say To Two Hot Aussie Stockmen?

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If you’re American teacher, Harper Shaw, you might say something like this…


Or, you might say something like this…

“H-hello.” Damn it, her voice was still croaky. “It’s nice to meet you.”

Of course, after you greet them, and get to know them for a few minutes, you might go on to do this…

“So who’s going to try to kiss me first?”

This, in turn, may be followed by some of this…

Harper whimpered, her pussy constricting. The sensation of being pressed between the two men was intoxicating. There was no definition for her mind to comprehend. Pleasure surrounded her. Hard, sculpted pleasure.

Her fantasy hadn’t even come close.

Keith’s erection nudged the curve of her mons, his thighs brushing hers in the water. His tongue swept into her mouth, a gentle exploration that belied the urgent want she felt in his cock.

Marc’s fingers played with her nipples, pinching, flicking, twisting. His lips traveled her throat, his teeth nipping her flushed skin. She groaned with each bite, rolling her hips between them. The stiff length of Marc’s desire stroked between her butt cheeks, Keith’s equally hard pole rubbing against her belly.

God help her, she’d never felt so…so…

Keith’s lips left hers, dragging down her throat, over her collarbone. He skimmed the tip of his tongue into the shallow dip at the base of her neck, lowering deeper into the water as he worked his way down her body.

Without a word, Marc scooped up her breasts, holding them in his palms as if offering them to his best friend. Keith took one nipple into his mouth, sucking fast.

Harper bucked in Marc’s arms, her cry loud in the quiet afternoon. “Christ, yes!”

Marc sucked on her neck, brushing his thumb over her other nipple as Keith continued to feast on her breast.

Ribbons of pleasure unfurled through the pit of her belly. Tingles of heat shot to every limb. Radiating from her breasts down to her very core. She squirmed, her pussy prickling with sudden heat. Her clit ached. She tried to push her thighs together but Keith’s hands stopped her.

He flattened his palms to her upper thighs, his thumbs tracing circles over her flesh. His tongue and teeth and mouth tormented her nipple, each suckling pressure growing fiercer. Behind her, Marc kneaded her breasts, his mouth exploring the side of her neck, her jaw. His tongue swiped into the shell of her ear before he captured her lobe with his teeth.

She hissed at the shard of pleasurable pain the bite awoke, bucking her hips forward.

Keith took advantage of her shift, his thumb grazing the seam of her sex.

“Oh,” she panted, rolling her head. The sun beat against her closed eyelids. The water lapped against her skin. Her senses were in overdrive, her body more aware of every caress, every touch, than she could fathom.

When Keith dipped his thumb into her pussy, she gasped.

When Marc pinched her nipple she begged for more.


Want to find out more of what Harper says? And does?

Misplaced Hands, the fourth book in the Foreign Affairs series written by the most amazing New York Times Bestselling author, Mari Carr and myself, releases on the 24th of this month. TWO DAYS!! You can read more about it at the Foreign Affairs blog (click here), as well as see how you can enter the Foreign Affairs contest 🙂


Sooo, what would you would say to two hot Aussie stockmen?

Aloha from Hawaii!


Aloha! Part of Tribe Cahill are currently on holiday. We arrived today or yesterday or sometime. I can never work out the time zone thing. 🙂 So far we’ve shopped, eaten, drank, shopped, shopped and eaten. Our hotel is across the road from the Cheesecake Factory and on the other side of that is Waikiki beach.


One of the shopping mall/hotels has a huge fountain inside –


While shopping today (which has been double for us as we left Sydney Thursday afternoon and arrived in Hawaii Thursday morning!) I spotted this cool pj’s set –


The pic is a bit wonky but is says ‘come to the dark side…….we have cookies’. 🙂

We’re off for more shopping tomorrow and sightseeing the next. That’s pretty much the plan for the whole eight days we’re here. 🙂 And once those days are up Mr.C and I are off to LA for a couple do days before heading on to the Romantic Times Convention in Kansas City. It’s going to be an amazing, busy, insane few weeks.

Rhian Cahill

What I’m Working On


Oh, there’s always more than one thing it seems, but I’m most occupied this week with finishing first round edits for Unforgettable Summer. I love going through a book again after it’s been a while and rediscovering what I did. Sometimes it’s a bit surreal, like ‘did I write that?’ By the time a book has gotten past an editor and is well on its way to publication, it’s pretty much as good as it can get. I can’t help recalling previous versions of this scene or that scene and being a little proud I spent the time to make the words sing (although at the time it felt like beating my head against a stone wall, of course).

Thought I’d share with you a little snippet from the book. This is not FINAL final, but I don’t think it’s going to change much. if at all, from here. This shows Summer Campbell about to give professional surfer Ty Butler, her long lost first love, a massage ten years after they broke broke each other’s hearts. Talk about awkward!


“Take a seat and fill this out.” Summer handed him a clipboard with a single sheet of paper attached. “Standard procedure for all new clients.”

Sitting on a rattan chair beside what was obviously Summer’s desk, Ty filled out the form quickly, spending a bit of time at the “list previous injuries” section before handing it back.

Summer raised an eyebrow as she read the form. “Your body’s been through a lot. Your shoulder, your knee. You have a nasty scar there.”

Ty touched the jagged pink line that curved around his kneecap. “A nasty collision with some coral a while back.”

“Does it give you trouble as well?”

“Not today. But it’s more of a help, seeing as it aches when it’s about to rain. I can pretty accurately predict the weather.”

“A skill usually only possessed by elderly men and meteorologists.”

He grimaced at her quip, uncomfortably aware as he occasionally was these days that he was getting old. Not old old, but professional-athlete old. His thirtieth birthday was around the corner, which meant if he kept going at the pace he had been the past ten years he could look forward to another ten collecting more injuries and aches than most men in their sixties had.

“I apologize, that was a rude thing to say.”

“No worries.” He didn’t want her to think she could impact his mood so easily. “The body’s not going to hold up forever, I know that.”

“So you are thinking of quitting surfing and moving back here?”

“Which rumor mill churned that one out?”

“I’m not in the habit of listening to rumors,” she said stiffly. “I saw you looking at real estate at AJ Sanderson’s.”

Ty’s lips twitched. “So you’re only in the habit of spying then.”

“I wasn’t spying.”

The twitch turned to a grin at her indignant denial. Summer looked up from the clipboard and saw the expression on his face. She let out a breath. “I forgot what it was like to be teased by you.”

“Missed it, have you?”

Summer’s gaze darted away once more. Ty instantly regretted the taunt, wondering why he had the urge to taunt her at all. He wasn’t nineteen and tied up in knots about her anymore. He wasn’t interested and she wasn’t available anyway, end of story.


Unforgettable Summer is a follow up to Moonlight Mirage, where I first met Ty Butler. I’m looking forward to it coming out in November :). How about you?


A Little Help From Ryan


I posted this on my own blog yesterday but I had such fun making it… and looking at it… that I thought it was worth X posting 🙂
Research Meme

You are welcome.


Next stop… Panic Station


I had intended to blog today about the release of my newest print book, Office Affair. I am truly delighted that this book that sold so beautifully in e-format is now available in print.

However, today put me way out of celebration mode, and straight into status panic.

What happened, you ask? Well, sit down, have a drink (I sure did) and let me fill you in.

It began early this morning as I walked into my office to check my emails. My usually twinkling computer was unexpectedly…Not twinkling. I mean it was dead. Seriously, my trusted Mac had checked out on me.

Pretending everything was fine, I simply rebooted it and waited for that screen to flicker happily to life. Which it did. For all of one minute, and then it checked out again. So I stopped, took a deep breath, and repeated the process. Several times. As did my hubby. He continued to do so as I dropped the kids at school. But even heroes cannot achieve the impossible, and heroic as Mr Dee is, he finally admitted defeat, and phoned the Apple store.

Two hours later I sat at that genius bar, pouring out my sad tale of woe to the guy helping me. Along with my woefully dead computer, I had our back up time machine. We thought I could take it along just to make sure I had my most recent back ups from the day before.

So, Mr Helpful at Apple gets us all plugged in, switches on my computer, does a thorough check on it, and proclaims it is still alive and functioning beautifully. (Cue my grateful tears of relief.) Then he checks our time machine, and informs me, in a very solemn voice, that while Mr Dee’s computer backed up yesterday, the last time mine backed up was in August. Of 2011. (Cue more tears, this time, not grateful ones.)

He closed down the computer and sent me home to back up everything.

Bless Mr Dee. He did just that, then a few hours later, returned to check it had all backed up. And guess what happened as he tried? You got it. My beautiful, faithful computer checked out once more. And guess what else? It hasn’t checked back in again. So now I have no idea what was backed up today and what wasn’t.

Okay, I’m trying breathe regularly. Seriously I am. But let me fill you in about another few details of my life.
1) I have a book due to my editor on 1st of May, of which I have written one fifth.
2) Next week, school breaks up til the end of April. I have to look after two kids full time for the duration of the holiday.
3) two days after school breaks up, Mr Dee heads overseas for a business trip for a week.
4) I leave for RT on the 26th of April. (Yes, this is wonderful. But remember the deadline? It means that the book I owe my editor needs to be finished beforehand, so my deadline moves up to April 25.)
5) as I checked my emails earlier (thank God for my iPad, giving me Internet access) I found a lovely email from that very same editor, with a first set of edits for More Than Lovers.)

Make no mistake, I love my editor very, very dearly, and thank the powers that be almost everyday that she is my editor.
But all of this, on top of my now defunct computer means only one thing for me:

So forgive me if I neglect to talk about Office Affair.
Forgive me for pouring out my tale of woe to you here, and forgive me if you don’t hear from me again for a while.
I am currently drinking a very lot of alcohol and doing my best to hold my life together as panic slams me straight between the eyes.


Welcome Guest Blogger Ros Baxter


Today I’d like you to welcome a brilliant new Escape Publishing author by the name of Ros Baxter. Ros has beenRos B writing since she was eight and penned a whimsical series of short stories about a race of tiny people who lived on a rainbow. While a few things intervened – a career in social policy, four children – Ros started writing again in earnest three years ago. In that time, Ros secured a two-book deal with Harper Collins Australia, published Sister Pact (a romantic comedy co-written with her sister Ali), been a contributing author to the e-anthology URL Love, and finaled in the STALI competition. Ros writes transporting stories about love, family, friendship and women in all their glorious strength and contrariness. She loves to turn up the sizzle, throwing heroes and heroines into screwy and sometimes fantastical situations and watching how they take the heat. Ros lives in Brisbane’s North with her husband Blair, four noisy children under eight, a neurotic dog and nine billion germs.

Ros’s April release about a mermaid cop (yes you read that right), is perfect for those who like quirky, capable heroines and zany situations and…. oh well, why don’t I let her tell you about it?

Ros, what made you write a book about a mermaid cop?

For me, it was time to write a book about someone totally different from me.  I’m kind of geeky, wussy and unfit.  I often walk away thinking “I should have said…”  My mermaid cop is cool, smart-mouthed and hard-as-nails (despite a few whopper hidden vulnerabilities). 

 I’d also been reading the Norse legends of Aegir, God of the boundless seas, and his magical daughters, the billow maidens.  I think it was the nine daughters that really captured my imagination.  Each has a sea-name (like Eistla (Foamer) and Atla (Fury).  I fell in love with these magnificent sisters, children of a God. In my story, they’re cursed by a jealous sorcerer and become the Queens of the underwater kingdom of Aegira (think Atlantis on steroids).

 But most of all, I wanted to write about being torn between two worlds (as many of us are).  Land and sea became the vehicle for this.  My mermaid is very grounded (she’s a cop, a lover, a misbehaver).  But she’s also a child of the sea.  She swims, sings and thinks like a mermaid.  And of course, it wouldn’t be any fun unless she was also torn between two men who represent those worlds – her solider-of-fortune ex and a sexy, wolfish merman with secrets of his own.

 I loved intertwining romance, Norse legend, gumshoe mystery and modern pop culture to create this quirky, layered tale.  I hope you love it too.

 Here’s the blurb for Fish Out of Water:

Fish Out of WaterDirtwater’s straight-talking Deputy Sheriff has a lot on her plate: a nicotine addiction that’s a serious liability for a mermaid, a solider-of-fortune ex who’s hooked on her Mom’s brownies, a gorgeous, naked stranger in her shower, and a mysterious dead blonde with a fish tattoo on Main Street.

Oh, and one other thing.

She’s scheduled to die on her thirtieth birthday – in three weeks – unless she can ‘change the course of destiny and save the world entire’. Throw in a Mom who’s the local Mayor and a Dad who’s been locked in the county jail for twelve years, and that’s all the trouble she needs without her mermaid roots coming back to haunt her.

Rania’s heading home to Aegira for a family wedding but she’s starting to have a sinking feeling that’s got nothing to do with hydroporting seven miles under the sea and everything to do with some weird connections that seem to be emerging between her, the dead blonde, her Mom’s shady past and a ten thousand year old prophesy. Now if she can just steal a corpse, get a crazy Aegirian priest off her case, work out who the hell’s trying to kill her and stop sleeping with the fishes, she might be able to unravel the prophesy, the mystery of the missing choirgirls and the secrets hidden in her Mom’s past. And maybe even save her own ass while she’s at it.


Mermaids don’t wear nicotine patches.  They don’t drink Southern Comfort from a hip flask, inhale twinkies or watch Dr Phil.  Mermaids don’t pack heat.  And mermaids definitely don’t get their hearts broken by tattooed guys who look like pirates.  In fact, mermaids have always been kinda down on pirates… but that’s another story.  The cardinal rule is this: mermaids don’t live in bone-dry frontier towns. Ever. 

But here’s the thing.  Me, I don’t leave home without my patches, hip flask and Glock.  My last moment of true moderation was back in kindergarten, when I stopped myself from using my awesome strength to rip Jamie Kennedy’s pecker off when he waved it at Julie Casey in the bathroom and made her cry.  And don’t even start me on my penchant for pirates. 

But I am, in fact, a mermaid. So go figure.

Well, technically, Mom’s folks call themselves Aegirans, and they don’t sprout tails, but they’re the closest thing to mermaids under the sea.  And, as much as it used to hurt, I’m what they call a dirt-dweller, seeing as Mom was a runaway, Dad’s Sicilian and we live on The Land. 

But not for long.  You see, I’ve only got three weeks to live.  Give or take. 

Fish Out of Water is available from Escape Publishing, or Amazon.
Find out more at www.rosbaxterink.com

Now Ros, I’d like to invite you to the Diva Couch for the grilling… I mean interview.

Name your celebrity free pass

It’s got to be Joe Manganiello.  Okay, it’s gratuitous, but here he is.  Need I say more?

S: Don’t think you can have him without fighting me

 If you knew your next meal would be your last, what would you have?

 Anything cooked by someone else (I’d have better things to do)!

Describe your writing in 3 words

Hip.  Quirky.  Sexy.

Imagine you had a time machine—oh let’s just call it a Tardis. What time period would you travel to and why?

2070.  So I can harass my kids from the grave.

What super power would you like to have and why?

Easy.  The power to suspend time, without ageing or Back-to-the-Future-esque storyline complications, while I get some stuff done.  And sleep for fifteen hours.

If you were to design a bumper sticker or T-shirt slogan, what would it say?

Caution: driver plotting constantly.

As you’re typing the answers to these questions, what are you wearing? (that’s not a naughty question unless you have a dirty mind)

Other people’s dinner!

S: That answer was actually dirtier than I thought. LOL.

Thanks Ros for visiting with the Divas today!



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Is Julia Mills who left THIS comment…

Mar 26, 2013 @ 03:01:19 [Edit]

Laughed out loud when Fred said she had become a Peeping Tom!! LOL!!! That was the best!!! LOVED it!


Julia, can you send me an email with what sie t-shirt you’d like and what email to send your ARC of Dark Embrace.

Thank you everyone, for joining me in my impromptuness 🙂

I hope you all enjoy Dark Embrace when it is released.





The Newcastle Writers Festival – Words, Waves and Wonder

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Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 12.04.12 PMThis Friday evening marks the beginning of the inaugural Newcastle Writers Festival. I’m speaking on the Saturday evening session, What Women Want: A Discussion about Desire, with Anita Heiss and Marion Halligan. Dr. Anita Heiss is an Indigenous Literacy Day Ambassador and a proud member of the Wiradjuri nation of central New South Wales and Marion Halligan is one of Australia’s most prolific and awarded authors. (I know, I’m still stunned I’m on a panel with them both.) I can’t wait to meet these amazing writers and look forward to seeing what women really do want during our session.

You can find out more about the Newcastle Writer’s Festival at the official website (click here). The festival runs for three days with some amazing sessions and I’m absolutely chuffed to be a part of it.


I moved to Newcastle in 1993. I grew up in Tamworth, a rural city with a country town feel. Moving to Newcastle to study at university, I was a tad nervous. I am a country girl at heart and the idea of life in the big city scared me.


But Newcastle turned out to be just a country town in big city clothes. It’s a wonderful place to live, with friendly people, a rich multi-cultural heritage and beaches so beautiful you could just sit and watch the waves breaking on the sand all day (if you didn’t have to worry about deadlines. Grrr).


If you’re within driving distance of Newey, I’d love to see you Saturday night. 🙂