Aloha! Part of Tribe Cahill are currently on holiday. We arrived today or yesterday or sometime. I can never work out the time zone thing. 🙂 So far we’ve shopped, eaten, drank, shopped, shopped and eaten. Our hotel is across the road from the Cheesecake Factory and on the other side of that is Waikiki beach.


One of the shopping mall/hotels has a huge fountain inside –


While shopping today (which has been double for us as we left Sydney Thursday afternoon and arrived in Hawaii Thursday morning!) I spotted this cool pj’s set –


The pic is a bit wonky but is says ‘come to the dark side…….we have cookies’. 🙂

We’re off for more shopping tomorrow and sightseeing the next. That’s pretty much the plan for the whole eight days we’re here. 🙂 And once those days are up Mr.C and I are off to LA for a couple do days before heading on to the Romantic Times Convention in Kansas City. It’s going to be an amazing, busy, insane few weeks.

Rhian Cahill