The blog has been super quiet…

Animated Gifs

…maybe it’s because almost everyone I know is off at the Romantic Times Convention. Yes EVERYONE I tell you, except me.  My bright idea was to have all the other divas email me with anecdotes of their time in Kansas City so I could post them on here, but have a guess how many emails I have in my inbox? That’s right. A big fat zero. I guess the world travellers have forgotten all about me, stuck back here in suburban Australia. Sniff sniff. From the twitter feed it seems they are all too busy drinking and doing lunch to have time for much else. Bitches.

Oops, I was meant to whisper that.

On the good news front, I’ve been writing up a storm this week. I decided I would try for 10,000 words in the time I would ordinarily have been away at RT getting no words down so I feel a little better about not being there. I am after all a writer and writing is what I must do, I tellsya! So far I’m at just over 4,000 since Monday, with another five days to go. I think I’m going to make it, and I might even go over my admittedly conservative goal.