The divas are on their way back to Australia. Lex should be home sometime today (I think) and will be sleeping off her big week I’m sure. Rhian hung back in KC an extra day, and poor Jess missed her connecting flight in LA so she was stuck there for 24hrs! ARGH!

Meanwhile, back at the homestead, I am so close achieving my goal of 10,000 words while the girls are at RT. I’ve gotten to 9000, and thought I’d reach 10 this morning, but for some ungodly reason hubs decided to get up at 5am too. Now, let me just say this: when I get up early I sneak around the house, afraid to open the fridge to even get myself a drink so as not to wake up the kids, caaaarefully turning the knob on the office door so it doesn’t squeak and trying to type super quiet. When hubs gets up, all the lights go on, breakfast is made, he clacks around in his work shoes. Yeah, the kids were up a lot earlier than usual. So my writing time disappeared into thin air. Kind of pissed I got up for nothing, actually.

So I’m still hanging on 9k and am stuck at a point in the ms where I feel like a wall has come up. The scene I wrote this morning?

She hears Jake on the radio and he says something that makes her change her mind.

Think I can just leave it like that?

Perhaps not.

Best pic from RT ever!

Best pic from RT ever!