This is a quote from Jason Alexander, the guy who played George Costanza on Seinfeld. I love it. In my opinion it sums up us Aussie perfectly.

george”Here is why I love the country. ‘Mate.’ No, it is spectacular.

”The notion that the guy who serves you your coffee is your mate. The notion that the guy who runs your bank account is your mate, the guy on your sporting team is your mate … and the prime minister of the country is your mate.

”The notion that you’re all mates, you’re all in it together, that there is a sense that ‘We’re Australians, we may have differences between us, but we’re all mates’. That sense only happens in America … when we have a crisis. But you guys propagate it every day by just going ‘Hey mate, g’day’. I love it. I love it. It is so welcoming, and so embracing, and so human, and, to me, that is the character of the country.”

In case you haven’t already guessed, I’m a pretty proud Aussie. And yeah, I call just about everyone mate.