You might wonder what the title of this post has to do with our theme for this month but bare with me, it fits. 🙂

Let me start by saying way back all those years ago when I was young and can no longer remember I shared a house with a gay couple. They were openly gay (actually they were both bi) when it wasn’t in their best interests to be so. In fact I remember one night coming home late to find David on the back step looking the worse for wear because someone on the train had taken offence to him and his choice. It was a sad reality that he and his partner Jimmy lived with every day. I couldn’t and still don’t get the hate directed at someone for being who they are. I mean you don’t go round bashing people because they don’t like peanut butter or Vegemite or coffee do you? So why go there just because of someone’s sexual preference? Unfortunately we have this level of hatred in our world and it’s not just directed at those who we’re honoring this month. Living with David and Jim was an amazing experience for one very simple reason. THEY didn’t discriminate or hate anybody! It didn’t matter to them one way or another, they accepted everyone as a friend. It’s part of the reason I love LOVE so much. It knows no bounds. And that’s exactly how it should be.

Now when I write I write about love. Well, duh, I am a romance author. 🙂 But when I set out to write a story my characters are very much in the drivers seat. I’m in the back madly scribbling notes. 😉 So when I set out to write a novella set around Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach I had the title, Bondi Beach Boys and the vague idea that it would be a menage. A mfm menage. Oh boy, was I wrong about that. Nate and Sam made it pretty obvious from the beginning that I’d got their story wrong. By the end of the first chapter they’d set me straight (or not) and I was on my way to writing my first mmf menage. So I ‘accidentally’ went there. 🙂


What’s a girl to do with two sexy Aussie surfers? Ride the waves, of course…

After weeks of lusting over a couple of hot surfers, Piper Doyle has the opportunity to turn fantasy into reality. There’s just one problem—they’re her new clients. When the men offer a no-strings-attached affair, Piper has a decision to make, one her body made for her weeks ago when she first started watching “her boys.” She can’t risk the job that could make or break her career, but she sure as hell isn’t going to pass up this chance to live out her wildest dreams…

Sam Bridges and Nate Russo share everything, from their home to their business to the occasional woman. Even themselves. But they’ve never shared what they feel for Piper. What starts out as hot sex with a willing woman turns into something none of them expected—but what’s wrong with a few strings on a hot summer day at the beach…

Warnings: This book contains graphic sexual content that some readers may find objectionable (including ménage a trios with male/male sex, anal sex)



Warning! The following contains adult content. Scram if you’re not of legal age in your country.

Excerpt –

He tossed the wet towels in the laundry as he strolled past; he’d throw them in the washer after their meeting. He walked through the bedroom and headed straight for the bathroom. Stripping out of his shorts, he stepped into the large shower recess, the supersized area one of his biggest indulgences. Multiple jets angled to spray every part of the body with steaming water, and an alcove with a bench seat and a glass wall looked out over the ocean, all pleasure for the senses. Sam reached for the soap and lathered it in his hands.

“Need some help with that?” Nate asked.

“I’d love some, but we don’t have time for that right now.” Sam eyed the bulge in the front of Nate’s pants. “What’s got you all hot and bothered?”

“The brunette.”

Sam arched a brow. “Really?”

Nate laughed. “Like I don’t know you’ve been jerking off to the image of her in your head for the last few weeks.”

Sighing, Sam turned under the spray to rinse off. His friend was right; the little brunette had gotten under his skin in a big way. And considering he didn’t even know her name, never mind the color of her eyes, he was probably in big trouble.

“Don’t stress it. We’re in the same boat.” Nate held out a towel. “Tomorrow we get to know her.”

“Tomorrow,” Sam agreed, the word a promise and a prayer.


Nate made his way back to their office. He’d already rung Burt, their foreman, and knew the Baker Street job continued to be on schedule, he’d spoken to Emily at the bank about their overdraft, and he’d cleared the conference table ready for the meeting with the web designer. All that remained to do was to start the coffee. Sam walked in, his blond hair still damp from the shower, and Nate glanced at the clock to see if they had time for a quickie. They had thirty minutes until show time, plenty to get his rocks off and remove the raw edge he currently rode.

“Drop your pants.” He growled the words as he stalked across the room.

“Like that, is it?” Sam smiled with that know-it-all grin that always got Nate’s demanding nature riled up.

“Yes. Drop ’em.”

Sam turned his back, pushed his hips back, and wiggled his arse. “Make me.”

Nate almost crash-tackled him to the ground. In record time, he had the button and fly of Sam’s pants undone and the gorgeous cock hiding inside in his hand. He stroked hard, the way Sam liked it. A moan slipped from Sam’s throat and Nate ground his erection into the curve of his friend’s arse.

“I need…”

“I know.” Sam broke from his grasp and pushed his pants down. He always knew how to soothe the savage inside Nate. They’d been friends long before they’d become lovers, and Nate still thanked the woman who’d shown them this other side of themselves. Fumbling with his belt, he struggled to control his trembling fingers.

“Jeez, she’s really got you on edge.” Sam brushed Nate’s hands aside and dispensed with Nate’s trousers.


“Good. We’re in the same place then.”

“No offense, but I’m gonna pretend you’re her when I bury my cock in your arse.”

“None taken.” Sam slid a condom down his length, sending fire into Nate’s balls and a shudder up his spine. “I’ll be doing the same when I fuck you.”

Nate laughed as he shoved Sam over to the table. “Hold on.”


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