This week we are sharing some of our amazing readers’ journeys to romance (and our books. Hee hee hee) and our first guest is Connie. I met Connie for the first time via another reader (Val Meglis, who is super awesome). Val introduced us and the rest is history. At RT in Kansas City this year, I got to meet Connie (and Val) in person! And let me say, she is bloody brilliant!!

Connie shares with us all today her journey to reading romance. (Hee, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Connie says she can’t write, but I tell you, I think she’s fooling herself. I love this blog post. Love it!)

Readers, I give you one of your own…Connie 🙂

Here we go.. Was I always an avid ready… HELL NO! Maybe when I was a kid growing up in Canada my mom, like all moms, bought me my first Anne of Green Gables by LM Montgomery and that was it, my first romance novel.  Go find a Canadian girl and ask them if they haven’t read the Anne of Green Gables series and I would find that strange.  I went and ready all the series books, including Anne’s children books and then like all young adults I just stopped reading and swapped it out for partying and having a good time.   Who am I? Connie or Concetta , which ever sounds more sexy and romantic! Yes I’d like to have both.
TwilightbookA few years ago I was stressed out with work and needed something, I didn’t know what but over the years I have read a few books but not many.  It was 1am in the morning one night and I happened to see this movie Twilight on and figured, who cares if I go to work tired, might as well watch it and see what all the hype it about.  At this time the Twilight series was getting close to releasing the third movie.  I don’t know if it was something in that daze of tired/stressed out mode that something in that movie affected me, I loved it and wanted to READ the book just to find out what happened, low and behold it was a series! Something just sparked and I ran out and had my MOM buy the books, yep I was a little embarrassed to be buying YA books, why would a GROWN woman want to read some teenage romance?! Right…Well WHY NOT?   I needed a good romance some sort of escape from the real world.  I do attribute the initial spark from my mom (for buying me Anne of Green Gables) and who reads ALL the time but something that night changed everything for me.

So here I am…beta reader for Lexxie Couper and loving every minute of it.  Do I get to read everything, no, wish I lack of time, I do need SOME sleep.  I have read at least ONE book of all the DUD and I keep trying to read them all… You women are fantastic you let me escape reality, although I have to say some of you the books are so real I can see myself in them! I love ALL romance novels, historical, contemporary, YA, erotic, paranormal, simple, detailed etc.   If it’s a romance it’s for me.  I actually have had some of the best dreams that I sometimes am unsure if it ISNT true! Haha I also have a recurring idea that I dream, day dream about often and wonder if maybe I should pick up the pen (not literally as I can just use my laptop) and jot down some notes.  Even if it’s only for me.

Ultimately it was one stressed out night 4 years ago that I decided it was time to change some things for the better and since then I have met some of the best women! Going to RT would have never entered into my head simply because I wouldn’t have known about it. It’s like one door opened and then another, then VAL introduced me to a teaser book from Mari (NYT Best Seller Mari Carr) and Lexxie each and nothing has been the same since and I honestly DON’T ever want it to be. I have a better life now for my family and friends because I take me time and read all those sexy books you ladies put out there.  There is this quote from the movie Eat, Pray, Love (the Italian part naturally being my favorite), “la dolce far niente” or simply put, “the great do nothing” and that speaks VOLUMES to me now.  Yes, take the time to smell the roses, when was the last time you did? I know I do all the time now. IMG_4161

Umm, ok did I even write about what I was supposed to for this? Hmmm well maybe not but I hope you enjoy my little bit about your fan – me!

Haiku (because Lexxie dared me).

Those muscles are so hard and defined,

I want to touch and lick every inch of him, and I do.                                         

Damn did I just wake up from a dream?!


Connie, THAT is my favourite haiku you’ve ever written *grin*

Thank you for being a guest of the Divas, and most especially, thanks for being a fan. For that, we Divas are YOUR biggest fans 🙂