Meg, with me (Lexxie) and Mari Carr

When Lexxie asked if I would like to write about what I loved about reading romance, I was truly shocked. I swear I read that email 3 times.  Then the shock wore off, and thought to myself, how in the world am I going to put in writing what I loved about reading romance. Out came the laptop, and I started typing.

Sweet-Valley-High-Double-LoveMy journey into the worId of romance started with the Sweet Valley High series.  And no, I was not in high school. I was (gasp) much younger! It was like an American teenage soap opera, and I was addicted. It was fascinating to read about the trials and tribulations of young love and high school life in general. Obviously the next step in my romance adventure was stepping it up a notch into adult romance. I would have to credit my teacher Mr Brown and my much older cousin who to this day does not know that I sneaked a peak at her 300 page plus romance book about a heroine growing up in the rural South. I remember thinking there is no way a male and female could do those things in the back of a truck and in a barn. Hence, my shocking introduction into open door and then some.  Back to Mr Brown. He was a highly respected teacher and truly devoted to his ailing wife. I would occasionally see Mr Brown at the library returning a bag full of books. We would exchange pleasantries when we saw each other. Finally I got the nerve to ask him why he had so many books. He said the books were for his wife who was bed-ridden at the time and she liked romance books. He also said he would occasionally read them to his wife. I was like wow. You’re an awesome husband, Mr Brown. Not very many men would admit that. All Mr Brown said is that he loved his wife very much. I remember thinking if I ever get married, I want to marry someone who truly loves me like that. And I did!!! J I was curious to know what type of books Mr and Mrs Brown read together.  So I walked over to the group of shelves I always saw him at.  And there was my intro to Harlequin romance books. I recall thinking to myself should I even be at this section of the library. There was no sign stating adults only, and I was definitely not an adult. Heck I was barely a teenager! But curiosity got the best of me, so I started looking at book covers and blurbs at the back of the books. There was the glitz and glamour in the Presents line. There was the passion found in the Desire books. I was in awe. Going down the aisles and shelves, I found even more romance books. The world of historical romance, suspense and paranormals. And oh boy did the paranormals catch my attention. This was a whole new fantasy world for me. And there it is. The number one reason I read romance. The sub-genres of romance provide so many options. Depending on one’s preference, you have your pick from sweet to erotic, inspirational to rom-com, YA to NA, m/f to m/m and every combo in between, contemps to paranormals.

Thank you Divas for giving this week to your readers. You are a fabulous group of Down Under authors. Lexxie your talent of writing across the romance genre takes courage. As a reader, thank you for taking those courageous leaps for you are one of the few that does each sub-genre damn well. Rhian your Coyotes is what drew me to your writing, but you down right shocked me with New Year’s Kisses. Brilliant idea behind New Year’s Kisses. Jess, you have a knack of writing about real people and make your readers feel the emotions of the situation. Although Office Affair is my favorite, your More Than series is absolutely wonderful. Sami, the fact that you gave us Erica’s Choice and then turned around and wrote A Man Like Mike, sheer awesomeness.  The Down Under Divas is why I read romance. Talented authors who give their readers endless possibilities of different worlds.



Okay, guys. Me again. Lexxie. I’m at a loss for words. Actually, no, I do have words. I think I want to marry Mr. Brown.

Val, thank you for sharing your romance reading journey with us. The Divas think you are bloody brilliant. Seriously. Now, I think I have to write me a new hero. Think he’ll be a teacher. Think I may have to call him Mr. Brown…